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  • These former research chimps survived wars, hunger and abandonment. This is their story. on Thu,Feb 2017

  • As in the past, the baby chimps get colds, but these animals—less stressed and ... The Desmonds and Thomas visit a piece of land Jim has found for sale near the islands. They get off the boat and walk along a trail locals use for fishing.
  • Baby Chimpanzee Trafficking Network Discovered in West Africa on Wed,Feb 2017

  • For years, videos of the notorious “blue room” filled with captive baby chimps for sale circulated, but no one knew exactly where the operation’s headquarters were. Buying a baby chimpanzee comes at a cost of at least $12,500. Capturing infant chimps ...
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  • Chained up baby monkeys 'sold illegally in Bali market' on Wed,Feb 2017

  • Footage has been posted online showing baby monkeys allegedly on sale illegally in a marketplace in Bali. According to Scorpion, the wildlife trade monitoring group that filmed the footage, the young long-tailed macaques were being held without access to ...
  • Baby pygmy marmoset monkeys for sale on Tue,Nov 2016

  • Cute baby pygmy marmoset monkeys for sale to any pet loving and caring home no matter where ever they might be. Our baby monkeys are home raised, babies are diaper trained, litter trained, use clothes and likes to lay around, watch TV and take snaps with you.
  • Chimps slaughtered for £10,000 babies on Wed,Feb 2017

  • after an undercover investigation found endangered apes for sale along with crudely forged travel documents. Smugglers in west Africa tried to sell a baby chimp to undercover investigators for $12,500 (£9,950), even though the animals are listed as ...
  • Monkeys for sale in USA on Mon,Jun 2016

  • Bottle Baby Cinnamon Capuchin for sale.. UPER LOVING AND SWEET BABY CAPUCHIN ... We have an outstanding Capuchin Monkeys for Adoption. Home grown and raised with love and compassion. Well socialized, health guarantee, rigid vaccination program (recommended ...
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  • This distinct logo design features the well-known wise monkeys in a unique way ... toy store, toy manufacturer, baby clothes store, etc.
  • The secret trade in baby chimps on Sat,Feb 2017

  • The baby chimp, ripped away from his family in the wild ... For years, when dealers had circulated videos showing captive baby chimpanzees ready for sale, the same distinctive blue tiles were visible. Understood to be in West Africa, no-one knew which ...
  • Baby marmoset monkeys for adoption (302) 5833337. on Fri,Jan 2017

  • Our baby marmoset monkeys are just 2 left and are some few weeks old now ... hello there,good everyone i have some good healthy friendly siberian husky puppies for sale here.they are all vaccinated.Interested persons should contact me for further details.