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  • What Is the Difference Between Ringtones & Ringback Tones? on Tue,May 2014

  • Ringback tones offer a personalized sound that ... Third-party websites, such as and, offer an online catalog of ringtones that are either free or require a small fee. Preview the ringtones and enter your cellphone number to receive ...
  • What is the most downloaded ringtone in history? on Fri,Nov 1999

  • ... in D Minor [The world's very first ringtone & ringback] (1994)---50,000,000 downloads of November 13,1999 and counting One can download free iPhone ringtones at sites like or Myxer. iTunes also carries some free iPhone ringtones.
  • How do you get a ringback tone on an iPhone? on Sun,Jul 2015

  • Ringback ... ringtone to your iPhone, that would allow you to hear your favorite song through your phone speakers when you get a phone call, this can still be done. You can buy ringtones from iTunes for $1.29, or you can make ringtones yourself for free.
  • How to Buy a Ringback Tone on Fri,Feb 2017

  • Preview ringback tones before buying them to make sure you know what you are getting. It's free to preview the tone. Buy the ringtones you like by clicking the "Buy" or "Add to Cart" buttons. Typically, you will be charged a small fee per ringtone and an ...
  • What is a Sprint ringback tone? on Wed,Feb 2017

  • A ringback tone, as offered by Sprint and other cell phone carriers, is a tune played for the person calling another person, and it is easily installed on most mobile phones. Instead of the "ringing" sound commonly heard when making a call, callers instead ...
  • MyxerTones Reported Record Website Traffic on Thu,Apr 2007

  • Fans can easily communicate to their favorite artists and download wallpapers and ringtones from the websites fast, easy and of course, free. "Myxer Tones is experiencing such rapid popularity because our website makes delivering ringtones and other ...
  • How can i download a ringback tone to my samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket? on Fri,Feb 2017

  • That service is thru your cell phone provider. I`m with Verizon, and they offer the ringback tones on their website, around $2.79 each, I b ... read more This would be possible if you can check the website services of your provider if they are offering ...

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  • The V CAST Encore Channel is a continuation of Verizon Wireless' focus on delivering music to its customers, which began with ringtones and then evolved to Ringback Tones. The V CAST launch earlier this year offered customers full-length music videos.
  • A Ring & a Prayer on Mon,Feb 2008

  • As ringtone sales flatten, service providers and their partners are looking more aggressively at ringback tones. But if people aren ... A quick Web search reveals numerous offers for free ringtones. Of course, a subscription may be involved, in which ...
  • 12 Popular Sites Like Bongotones on Wed,Feb 2017

  • on Google Audiko Search. Turn on Native Audiko Search. Today's popular ... Free ringtones, MP3's, free iPhone ringtones, free wallpapers, free videos and more for your cell phone from Make ringtones from music you already have on