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  • How To Get a Ringback Tone on an iPhone on Mon,Feb 2017

  • Purchase T-Mobile ringback tones from the My T-Mobile website (see Resources for link). Sign in or create an account, click “CallerTunes” and choose “Manage CallerTunes.” Browse the ringback categories or enter a title or artist in the Search box.
  • How to Get Ringback Tones For AT&T on Wed,Aug 2016

  • go to 'Manage Ringback Tones' link and then go to 'Callers and Groups' section. Add callers to specific answer tones by listing their numbers. With that, your job is done. Just save changes and log out. Visit anytime, to buy more or change your ringback tones.
  • How Can I Put a Ringback on My Droid? on Tue,Feb 2017

  • ... account so it doesn't take up space on your Droid. After setting a default ringback tone, the song plays over the Verizon network when you receive calls. Choose a default ringback by tapping “Manage Ringback Tones” and choosing “My Ringback Tones.”
  • VZW Tones will not run on Droid. on Thu,Nov 2010

  • I have my Droid 1 running Lithium Mod (current version) Froyo. I wanted to use VZW Tones as that's the only mobile way to buy and manage my Ringback tones. I tried to run and even reinstall but get this error. Funny thing is I've used this app before.
  • How can you change your Verizon ringback tone? on Mon,Feb 2017

  • If you have decided to buy the content, tap the Buy button. Navigate to Manage Ringback Tones, and select My Ringback Tones. Tap which Tone you want as your default, and select Set as Default. If you purchased a tone online, go to the Media Store homepage ...
  • My Ringback Tone Won't Work on Sat,Feb 2017

  • Find the ringback-tone portion of your provider's online store or account-management system. Manage your downloaded tones or songs from here; change defaults and assigned songs. For example, with Verizon, you can select the "My Settings" tab on the home ...
  • Verizon Wireless Brings Ringback Tones To Tyler, Texas on Sat,Apr 2005

  • Customers can also sign up to receive a TXT Alert whenever their selected artists release new Ringback Tones by visiting the My Alerts section of the site ... Customers can manage who gets to hear their Ringback Tone, purchase more tones and manage their ...
  • Verizon Wireless Launches Ringback Tones for Business Users on Mon,Mar 2009

  • Ringback tones, a mainstay for savvy consumers to customize their mobile phones, have made their way to business culture after US network, Verizon Wireless announced the ... Corporate account administrators who manage the business' wireless service can ...
  • How do i stop the ringback when someone calls my iphone on Thu,Feb 2017

  • Verizon offers you the facility to assign 25 personalized tones to your favorite callers. To set them, sign into the Verizon Media Store and visit the `Manage Ringbacks` link. You may also change the ringback tone according to the time of day, using ...
  • Ringback Tones on Mon,Dec 2013

  • The purchased tones will be displayed in 'My Playlist' on the Web and Wap interfaces only. You will not be able to manage your Colour Tones Profiles from the USSD menu browser. You will only pay 12 sen per minute (1 second block) for the IVR service.
  • Verizon's V CAST Music app updated, adds ringtones and ringback tones on Mon,Feb 2011

  • So, while you could pay about $4 for a single MP3 and its ringtone, you could decide to save a little money and make a ringtone or notification sound yourself from any MP3 right on your phone ... and manage Jukeboxes of ringback tones that will rotate ...