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  • Help! Want a Box of Freebies? on Sat,Jan 2014

  • Still a few boxes left. My name is Tina and I’m the mama behind Free Stuff Finder. I thought to pop in and say hello, and to confess to a problem I have. Perhaps you can help me. I have WAY too many free samples and other freebies sent to my house.
  • Straying from the straight and narrow on Sat,Mar 2006

  • They're prefinished and precision fit so they interlock quickly, making installation the stuff of do-it-yourselfers ... which is a key to remodeling success. The Style Finder on the site is an aid to finding the consumer's preferred design style.
  • Where are some good veins for injecting meth if you've ruined all the usual spots? on Mon,Feb 2015

  • No one gets away from groin injecting scot-free, so keep an eye ... 5) there are other ways of ingesting Tina, but I have tried them all and each produces a different high in my book, with one exception. I hate snorting the stuff dry because it stings ...
  • What was your favorite cartoon of all time? on Sun,Feb 2007

  • reddie, my daughter is always making me feel old by asking who Tina Turner was, or what was Gilligans Island ... anyways the real player thing can be downloaded for free and isn't too large of a file... maybe 16 or 18 mb... worth a try, babe...
  • Knowledge is good on Sun,Jun 2001

  • If you're into natural healing stuff, Mother Nature's General Store could do it for you. Mother Nature's General Store's Complete Library CD-ROM is a comprehensive library of herbs, minerals, vitamins, and natural healing techniques. This "Free" web site ...
  • For Utah couples seeking children, embryo donation is a mix of adoption, pregnancy on Mon,Oct 2015

  • During Tina Nelson's four pregnancies, she'd often tell people the baby wasn't her husband's. And "it's not mine, either," she'd say. It was a joke, but it was also true. Tina and her husband, Shayne Nelson, aren't genetically related to any of the four ...
  • 10 Chrome Extensions You Should Uninstall Right Now on Thu,Nov 2016

  • It’s a reasonable assumption. But all it does it change your home page to FindMeFreebies.com, which advertises a free-stuff finder. It looks like it installs a toolbar, too. This company has a ton of apps like this, and they integrate with third-party ...
  • 'We may be hairy like men... but we will always be queens': Woman shares photo of herself shaving her face to show how Polycystic ovary syndrome has impacted her life on Sun,Sep 2016

  • Tina-Marie Beznec, a blogger from Perth, has penned a powerful post on Facebook to share what life is like with Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The brave 26-year-old also shared a snap of herself shaving her face to raise awareness for the disorder ...
  • Is your new RV a good one? How about service? on Wed,Sep 2016

  • Would you please leave a comment if your experiences with the new RV were good, not bad? Has your new RV been largely problem free? How about service? Have you had satisfactory or even superb service? Please take a minute to leave a comment.
  • Assistive devices and where you can get them on Fri,Feb 2016

  • The center loans out assistive devices – free – for up to two months so folks can see if ... Retired registered nurse Tina Ziemba reached out to the center while Leising, 65, who had suffered a setback with multiple sclerosis, convalesced in rehab.
  • Outsiders Star Tina Alexis Allen Talks Unique Role on Fri,May 2016

  • In today's rising industry it is ambitious to be a die-hard television fan. Understanding the choices people working in Entertainment make in order to tell a story is a huge part of why I love what I do. I believe in the power of stories to delight, to ...