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  • Wildlife crime study finds 33,000 items worth £7m for sale online on Tue,Nov 2014

  • Biggest ever survey in 16 countries finds adverts for live tigers, orangutans and chimps – plus a ‘toilet-trained’ gorilla The world’s endangered wildlife is for sale on the world wide web: live tigers, bears, orangutans and chimpanzees are all ...
  • Tanjung Puting Journal; In Vast Forest Fires of Asia, Scant Mercy for Orangutans on Mon,Dec 1997

  • Terrified orangutans have been ... who have locked them in cages, for sale or to be kept as pets. Most of these are juveniles who have not yet learned to live on their own in the jungle. It will take years of training to teach many of them the lessons ...
  • Thai animal activists try shame on Mon,Sep 2004

  • Ahead of the convention, Thai police have cracked down on zoos that are suspected of animal smuggling and abuses such as training orangutans to kickbox ... the urban areas who see endangered animals for sale and appeal to them not to buy wildlife ...
  • Buy online: Live tigers, chimps - and a ‘toilet-trained’ gorilla on Wed,Nov 2014

  • The Russian adverts included orangutans and chimpanzees for sale, starting at $45,000, as well as tigers, leopards, jaguars and a “toilet-trained” gorilla. The Ukraine sites offered live crocodiles, Asian black bears and an extremely rare bridled nail ...
  • Orangutan trade on Tue,Jan 2015

  • They also had a site with animals offered for sale but it's currently shut down ... pair of obviously imported baby orangs in 2012. There are 3 adult orangutans in Russian circus (trained by Aziz Askaryan, Armenian - he also works with chimps).
  • Animal Odd Couple: Orangutan and Dog Are Best Buds on Thu,May 2009

  • Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick Coonhound met in a sanctuary ... "Ich Bin Ujian" ("I Am Ujian") will go on sale at the zoo in June, Germany's Der Spiegel reported earlier this week. The fun, pop-rock song with a bit of a reggae influence ...
  • Wauchula Center a Sanctuary for Chimpanzees, Orangutans on Sat,Jan 2009

  • They are endangered, their wild population of roughly 150,000 declining because of habitat loss, hunting for meat and harvesting for sale as pets and use in entertainment and breeding facilities. Orangutans ... "It takes a lot of training."
  • Hand Over Hand Humans Reach Out to Save the Great Apes on Tue,Sep 2001

  • NAIROBI, Kenya, September 26, 2001 (ENS) - Support for an international effort to save the Earth's remaining great apes ... and the capture of live specimens for sale. "Rescuing the great apes is not just about saving these important and special creatures.
  • Australian species including cockatoos and wallabies sold on European black market on Sat,Dec 2014

  • Advertisements for live animals accounted for more than half of all wildlife listings and included orangutans and chimpanzees as well as tigers, leopards, jaguars and a “toilet-trained” gorilla for sale in Russia. “Many (animals) will have been ...
  • Brangelina's breath sold online! on Sat,Nov 2014

  • As per a report by IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), close to a staggering $11 million worth of the world's endangered wildlife and illicitly acquired wildlife products is up for sale ... toilet trained gorilla, cheetahs, bears, orangutans ...
  • Resurgent ape center looks to expand, allow visitors on Wed,Feb 2015

  • The chimps would live in a building that previously housed orangutans ... sale at the Des Moines Farmers Market. Two or three graduate students will work with a staff of two full-time and one part-time caretakers, a research coordinator, and 20 trained ...