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  2. Friend wants to buy a gaming laptop under 1k

    Looking at Newegg Canada, this is the one that stands out. https://newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834154734
  3. These situations weren't so much predicted but included in the story line because they had a higher probability of eventuating.
  4. Well it's about damn time, after they ended BC2 on a cliffhanger.
  5. Hey guys! There are some expensive laptops and tech from the 90's, but a lot of mass produced tech is available dirt cheap on eBay these days. Does anyone know of a good value, performance and reliability wise, for a Windows 98 laptop? I'd like to spend $20-$50, but really this is just a fun little thing I want to fool around with, I don't have any particular goal like gaming or old school Internet Explorer... Thanks!
  6. OS for Old Computers

    I like Linux Mint personally, but there are very very many that serve the same function. Linux Mint feels like Windows and the transition wasn’t too hard
  7. WD and Crucial

    Just got a MX300 during black friday and there's been no problems yet. Just don't use the migration software that they push, it kinda sucks.
  8. Getting HD 650's for Christmas, I'm actually really excited about that.

  9. Building a Budget Gaming PC for a family member

    both CPUs will keep up with the 1050ti, but don't bother with the 1300x. just overclock the 1200 and you'll get the same performance.
  10. Well hey, if you get interesting results please add them to the thread! People deserve delicious lazy noodles. 😂
  11. Slow Download Speed

    when you're downloading it will be measured in megaBYTEs per second. so you 114 megaBIT per second speed equates to roughly 15 megaBYTES. what are you using as your download "test" files
  12. 8700k extreme bottlenecking

    Thanks!, you will be suprised to hear this but the 8700K is cheaper where I am currently (mind you it is only cheaper by £20) Can I get the same and / or similar results from a 8700k? Or will I encounter this 'bottleneck hell' ?(as people in the forums have described it) Thanks for the help!
  13. I think the 1200 would handle the 1050ti just fine... But if it's in the budget, go for the 1300x!! Faster is always better.
  14. M.2 vs SSD

    Yeah, but you don’t notice it in everyday use unless you have some arbitrary use for your PC. There’ll be a much bigger difference if you get a bigger SATA SSD for the price of the smaller NVME. Or you just save the money
  15. if he were to later upgrade to a 1050ti would it still keep up? I'm thinking maybe the 1300x since we have a little extra money left.
  16. @TrigrH I see what you're saying now, sorry - this part is where the sleeving will be beneath to allow for a cleaner aesthetic, nice and tidy!
  17. The Ryzen 1200 smacks the G4560 quite well. I wouldn't have any issues gaming on one with a 750ti. He'll be able to play just about anything at 720p on high/ultra, or 1080p on medium. I was running a slower CPU (Athlon x4 860k) with a GTX-750 (non ti), and was happy with it until I upgraded last month. I was able to play No Man's Sky, GTA5, Fallout 4, and it was enjoyable. It wasn't a 1080 ultra or 4k machine, but it played them http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Pentium-G4560-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-1200/3892vs3931
  18. 8700k extreme bottlenecking

    Get an 8700 non K with an asus mobo, run MCE (multi cor enhancement) and have 24/7 4.6ghz. It won't bottleneck the 1080 ti
  19. @zombienerd we will have more photos to include later.
  20. Slow Download Speed

    Well, I've used at least 4 different file download tests and none reach higher than 30 Mbps. I'm using chrome and a 850 pro SSD.
  21. RX 580 8GB vs GTX 1060 6GB

    RX 580, especially if you are likely to get a new monitor with Freesync.
  22. Primochill rigid tubing any good?

    Sweet, tthey were more or less my only option and I'm glad I won't need to paint another brand or something
  23. My PC is running low fps and cant find out why

    my monitor is plugged into my gpu and im using either what the benchmark says and when im in game i use task manager, im pretty sure im using my graphics card too because for gpu it says gtx 1050ti in settings but im not 100% sure, that could just mean thats whats plugged in instead of whats being used
  24. Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? – Book One Review

    My only complaint for this video is the poop colour background in the ending of the video. Loved everything else. Laptop seems sick I can never get into laptop gaming. If I didn't have my blade stealth I would buy this. I have Gaming desktop at home and would use my porsche laptop to use on the go and show off.
  25. Which crpyto

    Just a heads up, you cannot buy cryptocurrency with USD on Bittrex.
  26. Slow Download Speed

    Depends what server you're downloading from, what type of files you're downloading, and the speed of your drives.
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