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  2. Windows Virus and Threat protection will not turn on

    The reason I installed it is because by brother recommended it to me and I trust him when it comes this kind of stuff, he still uses it, also the software is completely free so I doubt that the company cared much if I kept it on my system. The thing that confuses me is that when 360 security was installed I didn't get any of these alerts, so windows virus protection knows there is no antivirus installed now but if I am understanding what you are saying it can't start because it detects another antivirus, even though it knows there isn't one, that's why it's sending the alerts. Do you know where such remnants might be because my computer doesn't contain any file that is named '360 security' or anything like that so I'm not sure how I would find them.
  3. 144Hz W/ FreeSync or Ultrawide IPS?

    Oh and they both have a 5ms response time. I'm leaning heavily towards the ultrawide TBH.
  4. I don't see the link. It knows what it has to ask. Why would it try to mimic an exaggerated type of phrasing.
  5. SUPER nope. Neither of those CPUs make any sense atm. The 2700x performs virtually the same as the 8700 non k in gaming while having more room to grow in the future due to the 2 cores and 4 threads that are barely being used by current games, and the 8600k would perform about as well as your current 6700. Wait for 8 core coffee lake, go Ryzen 2700x, or bust. Nothing else is remotely worth the $$$ for the motherboard and CPU.
  6. 144Hz W/ FreeSync or Ultrawide IPS?

    If you play CS and other competitive titles, 144hz is likely the way to go IF your laptop can actually display that. Not only is it powerful enough, but can it actually display 144hz? I think max refresh rate on the newest HDMI standard is [email protected] You would usually need a DisplayPort output to take advantage of 144Hz. If you're more into chill stuff, IPS is much easier on the eye and while it's not as fast as a TN panel can be (response time not refresh rate), I'd say it's a better choice. With a 2560 pixel width you can comfortably view two document side by side or a website and a document, etc. This is very useful for school. Edit: According to the product page it can display 144Hz over HDMI
  7. 144Hz W/ FreeSync or Ultrawide IPS?

    What kind of laptop do you have?
  8. I've been running with an i7 6700 for over 2 years. In some games like Watch Dogs 2, BF1 MP and Ghost Recon: Wildlands I've seen some CPU bottlenecking. I'd also like to buy AC Origin which has some CPU issues and I'm worried about future open world -games. I also play ETS2 and ATS which only use two CPU cores and need higher CPU frequency. Is it worth upgrading to a something like i5 8600K or i7 8700? i7 8700 309€ ASRock Z370M PRO4 124,90€ (To OC my current 2133Mhz DDR4 memory) Gift card -90€ Selling old mobo and CPU -200€(?) = total 143€ i5 8600K 249€ Crucial Ballistix Sports 2x8GB 2666Mhz 189€ MSI Z370M Gaming Pro 169€ Thermalright HR-02 Macho rev.b 52,90€ Gift card -90€ Selling old mobo, CPU, memory and cooler = 320€(?) = total 249,90€ i7 8700 seems to be a better choice. I don't want ryzen since ETS2 and ATS require high core frequency.
  9. So I was curious and downloaded the Ryzen Master program for overclocking. I bumped up the clock to 3800, then 3900 and then I tried 4000. At 4000 my system frozen and I had to restart. Then everytime the Ryzen Master program started, it would cause the computer to instantly freeze as it knocks the CPU up to 4.0ghz. To get it to stop I had to uninstall the Ryzen Master software. I run benchmarks after every system modification so I can calculate the cost vs performance gain or time spent vs performance gain. Well running benchmarks I've found that my CPU is consistently running slower. I have an idea of what may be going on but not sure how to fix it. So the CPU is measurably slower and I think it is due to it no longer having XFR working. The normal boost to cores that the system would do, I THINK, is no longer occurring. Reasons I think this: 1. The speeds are closer to what the 1700x was with a crapper cooler. This would effect the thermals and prevent the system from boosting the cores. I currently have an NH-D15 and the results were dramatically noticeable when running benchmarks. 2. I have heard when overclocking the ryzen cores, that it causes XFR to stop, as all the set cores will work at the set overclocked speed. So perhaps having played around with overclocking with this program, I have disabled xfr but not gotten it back. Could this be the case or is there another culprit? What can I do to fix this and get my CPU back to how it was a week ago? Benchmarks I use are: Cinebench R15, Unigen Valley, Unigen Heaven, Unigen Superposition, 3DMark Time Spy, 3DMark Firestrike, GTA V, and other games. The CPU is significantly slower on all of these.
  10. But it doesn't mean they told that the caller isn't human...
  11. I have no idea, but I'd like to think it's because of the following PNY says on their home page:
  12. Maybe, but then again it's basically staging the thing. They could've easily given a script too. The way they demoed it, we are led to believe it's totally a random call and Duplex can handle any situation.
  13. MFW I recognise avatars but not the display names and I'm compulsively wrecking my mind trying to recall who the hell was that


    1. Mr.Meerkat


      Hehe, I'm partially the same. I remember display names I get to see a lot of but for others, its easier to remember their profile pictures. 

  14. I'm rocking one ITX Ryzen build on Enthoo Evolv ITX TG, its quite nice of a case in around same size as FD Nano S (or maybe tiny bit bigger). I have been also eyeing Lian Li PC-O5X but its costing alot, it would be nice looking build tough if i watercooled it. Running ROG STRIX X470-I and R7 2700 on it alongside of GTX 1070 Ti. CPU + Mainboard : R5 1600 is really good enough but if you are switching to ITX i would sell it along with motherboard and buy R5 2600 and Strix X470-I, or you could just sell current mainboard and just buy X470 ITX mainboard as it will be copatible with R5 1600 and would give you room to upgrade if you wanted faster cpu later. Cooler : Depending on what case you go with you might be able to still have this cooler even tough i would switch to AIO liquid cooler if you go ITX. Evolv ITX TG would have room enough for Mugen 5 tough if you deside to go with it. Case : I would recommend based on my own experience Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX TG, plenty of room inside even for tallest CPU coolers or 240mm AIO, its maybe tiny bit bigger than Nano S (wider). Power : Your current PSU would fit into Evolv ITX TG so no changing psu would be needed. Biggest question tough.. what is the use case for the pc? Gaming? Work use? Just browsing internet?
  15. I fixed... I removed hdd, and i left only 120ssd.. Now i have to learn, how to boot windows from usb! Thanks for replying!
  16. If I think that Hair Salon call only, Google may have had to call beforehand and ask could they please answer the next call (from number xxxx) without telling their business name, because they are going to record the call and play it to a big audience if that's ok with them. Doesn't have to be fake. Not saying it isn't, but there's ways to do it.
  17. You can take your drive to a computer shop and have them move your data to a separate drive, or use a different PC to copy your data somewhere else while you reinstall windows. Another alternative is to buy a new drive, install windows on that, and then plug in your old one to get your data back (assuming it hasn't been wiped) https://howtogeek.com/224342/how-to-clean-install-windows-10/
  18. why is PNY preferred by Nvidia?
  19. Best Cheapish Mechanical RGB Keyboard

    I'm using FanTech Pantheon MK881 RGB and it's dust and waterproof.I'm happy with it so far. Got it for 75$
  20. Hey! I'm thinking of getting my laptop connected to a monitor! I'm not sure which one to get... SO I'm asking the community of LTT! I am a 50/50 gamer and school work wizz. I'm looking at these 2 budget monitors... 144Hz Freesync: https://kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-24-led-144hz-gaming-freesync-monitor/ Ultrawide IPS: https://kogan.com/au/buy/lg-25-219-2560x1080-full-hd-ultrawide-ips-led-gaming-monitor-25um58-p-lg/ Which one should I get and why? Thanks!
  21. https://howtogeek.com/224342/how-to-clean-install-windows-10/
  22. Are chipset drivers necessary?

    You don't need to install or download any drivers. Go to windows update and check for updates and let it install whatever it needs.
  23. looking for something in the £40-£100 range
  24. Ehm nevermind that. Is your GPU placed correctly? Do you get any post code?
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