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  2. diff between BIOS and CMOS?

    To expand on what Dylan said: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonvolatile_BIOS_memory
  3. gaming/streaming pc

    Ryzen just doesn't offer as much performance as Coffee Lake, so for this I'd recommend going with a i5 8400 (cheaper CPU) and get a stronger GPU like a 1070/1070ti
  4. Folding Week (Event Ended)

    Who knows maybe your PPD wont drop that much then. That would be cool. Yeah I know I'm not helping now though I had to stop on my 1080ti since temps are in like the 80's now. we definitely got to bring this back up though for fall and winter when that rolls back around because there is no reason our ppd should be less than it was before gpus are getting more efficient every year not less.
  5. 4k youtube bottleneck

    Actual internet speed is 99Mbit/s (i am getting about 12MB/s) download. Hardware acceleration is activated, i am using chrome. For now i want to be able to play 4k movies and videos which then are downscaled to my tv (upgrading tv later on). I guess an i3 550 (also laying around) couldn't do any better right? I know :D. It has served me well over the years. I am currently using a 1080p TV but i want to be able to downscale the content i watch. Since chrome and therefore youtube is hardware accelerated, i thought slapping a more powerful gpu in there could solve the issue. I can't test my old Gtx 650 right now due to p.su limitations. i am aware that i would need a Gtx 950 or better for 4k60HZ
  6. Perhaps I should point out that gambling IS legal in belgium, but there are regulations in place to try and prevent people from getting addicted and to make sure minors aren't exposed to it (due to how easy it is for a child/teenager to get addicted to something). These games do fall under the "gambling" banner due to their implementation of lootboxes. If the devs and publishers want to sell them in Belgium, they either need to follow the gambling regulations or adapt the game so that it doesn't need to fall under these regulations anymore. They could indeed just pull them from the shelves in Belgium, which is also fine with me TBH. This is one of the few cases where the famous "think of the children" quote makes sense.
  7. Best Windows 7 Rig

    5820K or 5930K? But these are both great, the first more than the latter; since the latter really only has some more PCI lanes, which would be a good thing in 3 or 4 way SLI (wow, things that don't exist anymore! /s) Installing Windows 7 on newer boards is already a big deal, since some motherboards wont pick it up, but Microsoft also tells people with Kaby Lake or Ryzen systems (or newer, probably) that their systems are not supported and won't receive updates until they are on Windows 10. So while yes, Windows 7 is supported until 2020, not on all platforms.
  8. Quoting the article: Basically goes back to Ian's overclocking roots and trying to ensure that individual motherboards are not creating an issue... Definitely encourage reading the whole article as there are a lot of details discussed that may not be considered. It would also be relevant to consider this issue when looking at other reviewers results, especially if a reviewer has an OC software that they've run on the system as that may have forced HPET on the system.
  9. Windows 8.1 with Kaby Lake

    No, it doesn't seem so, R.I.P. me, only disks I've got is Windows 8.1 and an OEM Windows 7.
  10. They've published their results. Results that are reproducible. They're not wrong but they may not be representative either. Anandtech should not withhold benchmarks because they subjectively dislike the results. I'm sure Ian was far too busy to collude with other reviewers to get the "right" results that you desire. I laugh at the notion of Anandtech being biased. They're practically one of the few who does deep dives. You certainly have a preconceived notion of how things should be and what reviewer does what. I'm sure Anandtech has conspired for several years to make Intel look like the only game in town until 2017. That makes sense. Sarcasm aside. Intel has issues with HPET and they need to address that. Their engineers seem to be unaware since they didn't tell reviewers to disable it - in fact they were indifferent to whatever settings reviewers use.
  11. Fry's attempted to screw my friend.

    Fry's quality varies from store to store. The two Fry's in the Phoenix, AZ area, and especially the one in Tempe, are pathetic. I've ordered items to pulled and held for pickup and they take the order, then email back to say they don't have it despite what their inventory shows, they pull the wrong item, or they pull the wrong quantity. The Tempe store always looks like it's going out of business because of the large number of stockouts in the store. If I order online to be shipped directly to me, it comes from their warehouse, takes several days to pull the order, then ship it by the slowest method possible (dog sled?). Fry's has been notorious in the past for putting returns back on the shelf without determining if they were in good condition or not and selling them as new. After catching flack for it, they now indicate that they are returns (putting strapping around the packaging) and sell them at a reduced price. I still don't trust buying returned products but, at least, they are identifiable in the store now. I often visit friends in San Marcos, CA and the Fry's there is always well stocked and their employees have their heads screwed on straight, unlike Phoenix and Tempe.
  12. Far from true. Have a friend who buys them. I have friends who yes, use their parents money but they aren't spending hundreds of dollars on this stuff. The only kids with their parents credit cards sinking hundreds into loot crates are the same people who can ask their parents for a $1,500 PC without questions. At most I'd say the average amount underage kids spend are loot crates are less than $20-$40 every 2-4 weeks. Which, what makes that so much different from buy a new $60 game on console every 2-4 weeks? The same people who sink $300 into the yearly NBA, Madden, MLB, COD ect.
  13. 4k youtube bottleneck

    I don't think the HD5450 supports 4k playback. [email protected] requires HDMI 2.0 or higher, or DisplayPort 1.2 or higher. The GTX650 might support [email protected] though. Check what HDMI and DisplayPort revisions are on your models of cards. CPU is almost 9 years old (2009 release) so it's probably struggling pretty hard to keep up.
  14. will this work?

    Not really. No matter what will the mobo come before cpu
  15. Best Windows 7 Rig

    Wait, why is Intel ending it's support of Windows 7? Microsoft said it's still got a few years left in it?
  16. i actually look at their sales, occasionally they have something worthwhile
  17. Thought about that, but I do still want order related emails
  18. is your computer always listening?

    Oh wow
  19. Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    What about the ones that dont give a fuck, in terms of the video stating the sides.
  20. gaming/streaming pc

    after suggestions i have made a pc part list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/HrZwzY please put suggestions
  21. Until the entirety of the USA, Canada or EU follow suite, nothing will happen. The money that Belgium produces to these game companies isn't enough to make them do anything other than completely disable these portions of the games in that country. They can still sell the game in the country, making money and the revenue produces by other countries more than makes up for the slight loss from a few small countries. What happens is these countries get fucked by have no access at all to any cosmetics and other countries keep it. I hope it comes down to in the future of earning skins and buying them directly but it games with already thriving markets outside the games it is going to end very bad or very good. What stops Valve from charging $500 for an item like Dragon Lore? Or $100-$500 for a knife? Adding 50% onto skins you want with stat track? Games like Fortnite already make far more money than any of these games with loot boxes. It was shown that they make 1.6 million daily on iOS alone and this was 2 months ago with the game still growing. You could likely almost double that. I have friends who have dropped over $300 on Fortnite skins. But "because it's free" It's ok for them to charge $20-$30 for a set of items? In games that you already bought it's going to be hard to convince the majority that charging more for 1 skin than the game you bought will be ok. In Rocket League, not many items are actually worth more than the game but they have paint finishes. Purple, Pink, Red, Blue, Yellow ect. White and Red for example are worth more, but it's unfair to charge more for red items because someone likes red. Someone who likes Yellow isn't going to care, what he wants is cheaper but the people who have items that are worth more because of the color would feel ripped off. Especially now with everyone having a chance to buy it, the items have to be the same price but you can never know with some of these companies. As for Overwatch, it would take them less than a week to solve the problem. After every levelup you get 4 random items. After 3 arcade wins you get 4 random items. Instead of buying 50 crates you can buy 10,000 of the currency. Or instead of 4 random items just give currency for performance and levelups. For Rocket League this system can't really be implemented as it would ruin competitive, turn people into ball chasers, sitting in net all the time or instead of hitting an easy goal, go for an unneeded pass because they might get more "Currency" for getting an assist + shot rather than a goal + shot.
  22. I need help! I dont get fps by lowering res.

    I said little bit too much but in csgo every fps makes the game smoother but in fortnite 100 is fine and my screen is 75hz btw
  23. Time to enter 4k gaming... kinda. Just ordered a cheap but new Acer 4k60 freesync TN panel... only got a Vega56 to drive it so it will be interesting...

  24. What to do with an old phone

    I honestly didn't know that, I thought Android was it's own thing.
  25. Best Windows 7 Rig

    Wasnt it the 5820k that kind of hit the sweetspot? Especially when overclocked?
  26. 4k youtube bottleneck

    Wow, that's quite an old system for 4K. My 5th Gen i5 (integrated graphics, but it should be enough) only barely handles 4k, and that's only on a 1080p display.
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