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  2. Time to enter 4k gaming... kinda. Just ordered a cheap but new Acer 4k60 freesync TN panel... only got a Vega56 to drive it so it will be interesting...

  3. image.png.78909547d7e279836d13ddf970f92e83.png


    Well, everything seems to check out nicely.

    Just a word of advice, Threadripper is very PICKY on how you insert the RAM.

    Not sure if it's due to the slots having only one locking mechanism, to save space, or just another quirk when it comes to Ryzen and memory.


    Anyway, it's going to be nice to have 32 GBs.  Gonna be much easier when dealing with large textures.


    ..wait a minute.. shit.


    1. Wolther


      Not even a good anime 

  5. So, as a little sidenote to my amazing story of my life. I decided that for my future, it may be better I get a laptop than keep my desktop. But I need something of at least equal power. (Graphics wise) unfortunately I cannot be away from my main desktop for long due to the lack of my other systems. I need help finding a laptop, mainly to trade (willing to do peripherals and such as well, except for the monitor likely) i have no real preference for laptops other than 1060+ and i7 7700hq+ and ideas? (I have the option of @M.Yurizaki but i cannot spend money, and thats a 960m..)

    1. Jtalk4456


      i have an i3 with no graphics, so i can't help you there, I've never been much of a laptop person

    2. Jtalk4456


      if you need scrap pieces, I have an old laptop that doesn't work, let me know if you need specifics and I'll let you know whats in mine

  6. When people are pissed at me for being intelligent and they put a funny reputation on my profile, do they get the idea it's benefiting them. The way I see it, it benefits you.

  7. People from Russia, Brazil, US have tried accessing my email account. Yahoo blocks it but it's so annoying, anyways im deleting the email.

    1. techstorm970


      @Being Delirious Well then, I guess you're world famous now in one of the crappiest ways possible! xD 

  8. Mmm... forums running slower than usual... just me maybe?

  9. Lots of spelling errors in the world today. Its interesting to see how people sound it out in there head, then try to type it out.

    1. Being Delirious

      Being Delirious

      wut dou yiou mian

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  11. you know in 1812 two big wars happened 


    In the US the war of 1812 were relatively new nation the USA was almost re-conquered by Britain 


    And the second was France Vs Russia two of the biggest empires at the time. and Napolean leading the french who had been pretty much undefeated invaded with the largest force ever assembled up to that point against the biggest country in the world where they steam rolled the nation then the largest battle to ever occur at the time atleast 70,000 dead being more bloody then Gettysburg with 40,000. and the defending of Moscow and even with that the French became the first and only foreign army to capture Moscow. However because of the stiff resistance and attempted military coup first Napoleon then his army began to retreat, and with over 500,000 french men and supporters of France and  200,000 horses and atleast 200,000 Russians and even more thousands of civilians dying of the war and starvation is unknown the total comes well above 1,000,000 human losses.


    But which one do they teach in the US and Canada ?

    1. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      I did undersell the war of 1812 however its total death count were a blink of an eye for future like the US civil war, WW1 and WW2

  12. Had to find a meme on google for a reply, found a whole bunch of good ones that I will now share here, let the meme show begin!

    Image result for well played sir

  13. New PC parts arriving tomorrow - can't wait..

  14. So yesterday I score a 1080p 24in Samsung monitor that's the same size, also "overclocks" to 75hz and has a nicer picture than my current monitor for.... 7 bucks at a Goodwill. Life is good. Just finished switching over to it and damn I'm happy. Now all I gotta do is buy a second monitor that matches my old one and use them both as side monitors then I'll finally have that triple 1080p setup. :D


    Also scored a 22 inch LG that's also 1080p for 5 bucks at the very same Goodwill.


  16. https://anandtech.com/show/12678/a-timely-discovery-examining-amd-2nd-gen-ryzen-results




    Anandtech figured out what was wrong with the 8700k tests, first link goes over it, second has the updated gaming tests. TLDR: Intel system had a setting off that hurt gaming test. (was also off in 8700k review) 8700k wins in games now but most games they are neck and neck at 1080p on a 1080. This means the 8700k only makes sense on 1080ti or better systems.

  17. Right now are school is holding elections, To me atleast this is really dumb because in the like 5 years I've had to vote in school elections, they have never been able to follow there with anything and the one time they did was because a bunch of kids wanted to protest ( march 14 gun violence one ) and the administration had parents threatening to sue if there kids didn't have the right to protest. The titles seem more ceremonial then anything else. If anything at this point and all it does is for a week have you getting yelled at to vote for some person and are hallways are covered in dead memes and trying to incorporate them into voting for them.

    1. PCGuy_5960



      hallways are covered in dead memes


    2. Ross Scarlet

      Ross Scarlet

      yeah this aint anime, my dudes

    3. OJTheAviator


      That's unfortunate, having mock positions of office that actually have some purpose or power seems like a cool idea for school.

  18. Anandtech has published their findings on why their Ryzen 2 results showed it beating Intel. And, it seems, Ryzen 2 is not quite ahead of Intel yet.




    Instead, it is because of wonky stuff with the timer in Windows. At default, Intel wins. But if you enable the High Performance Event Timer, Intel takes a large blow when it comes to performance. It's not the patches, this is the reason.


    I hope that clarifies stuff. And it also means that Ryzen still doesn't beat Intel in gaming performance, at least not yet...

    1. PCGuy_5960


      Well.................................... :P

    2. FloRolf


      I was legitimately only looking at Anand results and freaked out why it literally ate Intel for breakfast. Gr8 b8 m8. 

  19. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pdwcTB


    So small, so interesting. I want!

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    2. FloRolf


      A $50 placeholder doesn't seem like a good deal tbh :P

      Also, a 960evo isn't that much more but much nicer! 

    3. TheSLSAMG


      I just mean a placeholder in the list, I'm going to do more research before I buy :P

      As for the 960 EVO, it's about an $80 difference. It's a much better drive but I could also save the $80. I'll have to think about it.

    4. Droidbot


      NVMe doesn't accelerate anything but stuff requiring heavy sequentials (working with hbr 4k videos and 100MB+ RAWs, mostly). 


      1s faster boot time for $80? For most consumers they'd rather spend it somewhere that'll actually make a difference. 

  20. Okay, I understand what people mean by loosing credits in high(er) tier matches. Comparing my Edinburgh credit-earning to Neptune's, Nep is a lot harder to stay positive...


    (Both matches with zero plane kills, no cap or def ribbons, no first blood ect.)

    Edinburgh: 50K damage, 1 Kill, loss... +50K credits.

    Neptune: 90K damage, 1 Kill, loss... -80K credits. 


    Ummm...one tier difference and although I've done more damage, I'm loosing (quite a lot) of credits. I guess I'll need to farm Akizuki and Harekaze games then...

    1. 2FA


      Yeah there can be a loss pretty easily, especially with RN CLs since you likely won't be gaining xp/credits from things other than damage. I've been playing Baltimore a lot recently but I've managed to stay positive on credit gain due spotting from radar and getting lots of defended ribbons etc.

    2. Mr.Meerkat


      Eh, I'm one those incredibly aggressive RN CL players so I have plenty of matches where I've had multiple assist cap and solo caps. After all, you have hydro to flush DDs out (or kill em as they'll be point blank) and smoke so once you've flushed the DDs out, you can cap :P 

  21. @germgoatz is the MVP for getting me to 1k rep xD. Whooo I made it lel. Now what




    1. PCGuy_5960


      Now you have to get to 2.5K, to become idolized. :P

    2. Silentprototipe


      Oh boy, Thats a long ass way away man xD



    3. PCGuy_5960


      Some motivation


  22. I question my existance now 


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    2. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      one of your followers is hiding there following you wonder who lol

    3. themctipers


      0 warning points



    4. Silentprototipe
  23. @Streetguru is very helpful, always comes up with honest helps and always replies back. ;)



  24. At the moment I got 5,569 subscribers and 3,018,164 views on my YouTube channel.

  25. Not buying or recommending Nvidia products until GPP is dead


    1. ARikozuM


      Here are the totally bada$$ scores the 1180 Ti achieved! In conclusion, you should definitely buy a 580 8GB!

    2. DrMacintosh


      I mean, Vega exists, but a 580 is really all the performance I personally need. 

  26. made a reply recently with the intent as some semiobnoxious joke on how the text was presented

    OP took it in negatively and furiously replied

    at first hindsight I felt bad for not imagining others complexly


    now said OP went on a selfbanning raid and got what he wanted instead of asking nicely for his user to be deactivated

    to be honest I feel confused about my initial feelings, but I most definitely feel half as bad now



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