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  1. Why is my Rig under preforming?

    Try updating your motherboard bios. Did a quick test on my, no OC, stock settings.
  2. Why is my Rig under preforming?

    Are you sure they're running at the same settings? Try running at stock clocks first to get a base score.
  3. The way the forum works

    It's annoying when OP post a question, gets a bunch of replies and OP never responds. The other annoyance is OP might respond and then it's a cliff hanger cause they disappear into the abyss and never to be heard of again. 3rd is extremely slow response time, instead of responding back in minutes, it takes hours, weeks, or months. When someone takes that long to respond, it means what they're asking isn't that important. Provide the links to your topics, that you need help on.
  4. The way the forum works

    Did you respond in a timely manner? If not, maybe that's why.
  5. Do you know some decent MoBos?

    6700K is a unlock cpu so yet it will maintain their value. It's not the same for locked cpus. And that's a office PC, get Kaby Lake Pentium or 8th gen Core i3. Asus B250
  6. The way the forum works

    Cause that thread is consider solved?
  7. The way the forum works

    What I've experience is replies are almost instant and most members here don't have retarded strict standards when it comes to picking computer components.
  8. 34 pin pci card?

    To store his password and important documents.
  9. Who wants to build one of these for me?

    I'm pretty positive op meant winter and not printer. And no one made that watch.
  10. A unknown AMD APU with 1,792SP

    The dragon and phoenix, see them mostly in fancy Chinese restaurants
  11. Who wants to build one of these for me?

    What is 3D winter?
  12. A unknown AMD APU with 1,792SP

    Maybe that AMD engineer name is Feng Huang.
  13. eVGA old video card trade in contest

    I purposely put this here for a reason. If I don't see it as important, then I would have placed this in the deals sections. And hell is it with your setup You name your computer CPU? A i7 4790 mobo, Z97-A ram, MSI GTX1060 PSU. What you got 3 coolers, Evo 840 120gb, MX100 256gb, WD Blue 1TB?! Hyper Evo 212 case? FinalMouse Keyboard, K70 RGB OS. Did you buy your stuffs from a legit site?
  14. Most board makers will try their best to test every module kits out there, but sometimes they might skip a set or 2 and even thought it's not on their QVL, it should still work. I've used rams not in their QVL and they all worked fine.
  15. A unknown AMD APU has made its way onto SisSoft Sandra's database. The apu contains 1,792 stream processors, 2GB of vram with a 555MHz core clock, and 28 compute units. It's able to churn out 182.15GB/s of memory bandwidth. Code name for this apu is AMD Fenghuang Raven, no other info is available at this time. It does say server/workstation, so maybe this is one of AMD's workstation APUs? https://techpowerup.com/239683/mystery-amd-apu-with-1-792-sp-shows-up-on-sandra-database