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    Intel Core i5 4690
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    MSI B85-G43
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    Corsair 8GB Vengeance
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    MSI GeForce GTX 970
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    VenomRX Jaegers
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    120GB Kingston V300 and 1TB WD-Blue
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    Corsair CX500
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    HDTV 60Hz (name's complicated) it's Samsung
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    Logitech MK270 Wireless Combo
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    Logitech MK270 Wireless Combo
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    Windows 10 Pro

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    In your dream
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    IT Security
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    When you love cars so much that drug addiction is actually cheaper....
    RX-8 drifter.
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    Student, ICT, and Newbie Drifter

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  1. Search: Your BEST IT Joke

    I'm going to talk about UDP, it's going to be quick, but I don't think you'll get it though.
  2. Office Pc's (need a little help)

    What's your budget? I can see that you've purchased most of the parts. If you use it primarily for office (I assume you're not into editing and stuff), you shouldn't really bother with K series. In my opinion reliability is key in this case, you can actually go with cheaper CPU and I believe i3-8100 would be a wiser choice (if you don't have other choice). Overclocking is still possible for office use, but to be honest it might not be worth your time for office use.
  3. Went drifting recently, had a blast >_< Lucky me I didn't really devour the clutch, I got home safely and now I'm letting my car hibernating again. Don't mind the scratches (if you find any), it's not worth fixing. @Tech_Dreamer
  4. Life?

    Safety's first indeed, I just need a small bike for short trips. Take your time, it's a long term investment in my opinion.
  5. Life?

    Pretty cool, sadly I'm not allowed to ride a motorcycle though. I might when the time's right, might save me lots of money compared to maintaining a car.
  6. Life?

    2006 RX-8, the car actually needs a lot of work. But hey my patient was running out so.... I took it for a spin, I was willing to take the risk if something went wrong though. I had fun so, I guess it offset the "stress" I have to face now lol
  7. Life?

    Did some drifting last week, I had a blast >_< I won't forget that moment, I almost overheated my car, but it got sorted out. I thought I'd devoured my clutch, nope I got home with no issue. I might need some new tires soon, going to save more money for it. Took a lot of pics as well, I'm not a photography type of guy though, so I let my mate took the pics
  8. Had a blast last week, lucky me I could go home, I guess I didn't really devour the clutch.

    I might send some pics later, should I?

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      yes sure, tag me as well.

    2. DimasRMDO


      @Tech_Dreamer I might post it in the car enthusiast thread.

  9. Experiences with non-techies

    I'm still getting things mixed up when they say PC a "CPU". When they say: "Can you turn my CPU on?" I'll be like: "Huh? Ooh ok ok I'll turn it on." They really need to get used to say "PC" as computer instead of CPU.... I'd reply their CPUs were on their motherboards if they asked me.
  10. I might do some drifting in an empty factory, nothing special though (donuts, doing some 8s). Hopefully things will go as expected.

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    2. DimasRMDO


      Still fun nonetheless, I bought the car pretty cheap so I guess it's also my beater car.

      All cars can be fun to drive, just adjust your driving style.

    3. STRMfrmXMN


      I have a 1993 4 cylinder 4 speed auto


      It cannot be made fun


      I have tried



    4. DimasRMDO


      I own a Honda Jazz, FWD & Automatics.

      I can still enjoy it, even though it's way slower than my drift car. I play a nice music, roll down the windows and dang that feel :x

  11. Let's see about that, I'm neutral about it, I live in Asia.
  12. We don't have that here, its coverage is still very poor. Just saying Tesla hasn't established here yet, only few Teslas are imported so.... I guess I was lucky to be a guest to try the Tesla.
  13. Electric cars are fun and I've tried it (Tesla, don't know the model), but still a bit inconvenient. Refueling takes like a minute or two when this can take hours. Well I guess I'm still stuck in the 90s hehe.