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    MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon
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    32GB Gskill
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    EVGA 1080Ti SC2 Hybrid
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    Phanteks P400
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    WD 1TB HDD, Crucial MX500 500GB, Seagate Barracuda 4TB, Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (boot drive)
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    Seasonic FOCUS GOLD 650w
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    LG 34UM69G-B, Dell S2716DG
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    Corsair H115i Pro
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    Corsair Strafe
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    Logitech G502
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    AKG 7XX, Schiit Magni, Schiit Modi
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. mATX case with 280mm rad support?

    Anyways, thanks for the suggestions. Most of them, I had already been looking at but I was hoping there would be a hidden gem I didn't know about. I'll most likely end up working with a Meshify Mini C.
  2. mATX case with 280mm rad support?

    I've done a Mini C build in the past and I loved it. Issue being that the cooling setup would have to be identical to what I have. My main concern, is getting fresh cool air to the fan on the GPU. As it stands right now, the most direct airflow it gets is from the bottom intake fan of the front radiator. I'm using the SC2 Hybrid version of the 1080Ti. Temps on the power delivery get toasty during gaming, would like them to be down a bit more. Kind of mad about the Meshify C, as I would have bought and built in that when I did this setup...lol
  3. mATX case with 280mm rad support?

    I refuse to buy the NZXT cases until they release the same ones without the "smart hub". They cost entirely too much and are pointless imo. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. Trying to find this, preferably with the radiator at the top. I'm running two AIO's, 120mm rad and 280mm rad. Current case is Phanteks P400 and I like it but want something smaller(it sits on my desk). Ultimately comes down to getting better thermals in a smaller package, I know thats a hard thing to find with a 280mm rad but I figured I would ask for suggestions as my search has been fruitless. Would like 120mm rad at back for exhaust, 280mm up top on exhaust and front as intake. Current config is 280mm at front and 120mm at rear, 2 120mm intake from top.
  5. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    If you read his review, his scores are based on performance. He gets very in depth with the performance reviews. OP wasn't asking about noise, so that is irrelevant.
  6. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    Yup, JohnnyGURU reviewed the 550, 750 and 850 FOCUS PLUS gold psu's. 550 and 850 received a 9.8 and the 750 a 9.6 on his rating scale. The 550w version of that Seasonic PSU would be fine for OP's build and from the review, its a really good piece of hardware. Everything Stefan was writing just stunk of personal opinion without showing any factual information to go along with his claims...
  7. 1440p and High Refresh Rate

    I snagged a Dell S2716DG up on CL for $300. Works well and I like it.
  8. amp dac headphone microphone

    Look up the K7XX's on Massdrop. They are similar to the K702's but without the comfort issues and I enjoy them quite a bit.
  9. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    I would really like to know where you get your information from, I know plenty of companies using Seasonic PSU's. Sounds like you're just hating on the brand. The advice and information you've provided is pretty garbage.
  10. PSU For MSI GTX 1070TI 8GB

    I'm pretty sure that Linus built a system with a 7700k and 2 1080's in SLI, if I remember correctly, it only pulled 500 watts from the wall. I rarely see it posted but look at the Seasonic lineup. They are an OEM(they make the PSU's for Corsair and others) usually have fantastic warranties and comparable prices. JohnnyGURU review the Seasonic FOCUS PLUS 550w last year and rated them very high. They have a hybrid switch and a 10 year warranty. Can't go wrong with them. I have the 650w version. Why are non-modular power supplies still a thing?
  11. Power Supply for GTX 1080 & i5-8400?

    I can't believe, in 2018, with 500gb SSD's under $125 (Crucial MX500) that someone would even consider building a system without one. The difference is night and day. Especially when loading in games that are stored on them. 2-3 more years and consumers will be able to afford high capacity SSD's so we can remove HDD's for good.
  12. Not enough power?

    OP's build supposedly puts out more than mine. https://outervision.com/b/XDNFFr I really hope people aren't buying their suggestions...
  13. Base clocks when idle. 1080ti.

    Fixed. Max performance in the Nvidia control panel was on, turned it to "adaptive" and it replicated the previous card.
  14. Base clocks when idle. 1080ti.

    I actually prefer the Afterburner software but Ive heard in the past that it doesnt recognize both fans. Its what I was using with the 1070, I am very familiar with afterburner.