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  1. Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

    I Understand the higher your pool the more accurate the results become, What I'm saying is that the game purposely penalises Floaters because they technically don't have a main. So on what I call my Main characters Reinhardt & Lucio I will get average SR gain/Lose per game due to me being a floater they won't be recognised as mains due to the fact that I also float between other Healers, Tanks, DPS etc depending on the teams needs, So my mains only actually have like 3hrs+ on the rest of the floaters I would pick. If I pick the other floaters that are 3hrs behind my two mains the get penalised harshly because they won't be commonly picked. So it agitates me when I play a floater preform above average for that character and we end up loosing due to reasons (Spanning from anything really) and I get punished by 100sr + drop. I have actually played a game as a floater in competitive and got a sr lose equivalent to me just leaving the match and not joining back which I would call BS. In my personal opinion the SR system should be flipped Fixed gain/lose of 25SR till Diamond then gain/lose depending on your character play skill which won't be judged by time you played but judge by your regions average for said character. So people who main will still be able to get the SR the deserver if they play above average but it would also rewards floaters that play above average we decent SR gain/lose. Like my biggest annoyance is people saying this game isn't affected by your teammates when it is. The Game was Designed to be a TEAM Competitive game which is why teams that work together well end up winning. So ya 'It's my teamsfault we lost' is a shitty thing to say but in some occasion that can be true because of people trickling in or not combining Ults when they are able to. Players can solo team kill IF the Setup has been made, People can Push and capture points If the setup has been made, People can out play other Tanks IF the setup has been made. The game is based to purely be team work. 1 person can only do so much without aid from a teammate.
  2. Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

    I Have done this a couple times and it has actually helped. you get a 5 man team that you performed well with you can continue to do well until you hit that wall that said team cannot pass unless they improve or learn to adapt.
  3. Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

    But your still gonna be dropping if your team doesn't perform sub par, I Know the SR system removes less depending on your performance but it also penalises good floaters because they don't use their main. And I am not basing this on statistics, I am basing this on personal experience with myself and a friend who does this regularly, One season he was playing his main while I played floater with characters I don't commonly pick (Played above average for the characters majority of the matches) Since he was playing is Main through Placements while I floated. our SR was DRASTICALLY different. He ended in High Plat around the 2900 so very close to Diamond, while mine was placed Low Plat borderline Gold around 2560 mark. Next season we swapped, I stayed my mains (Reinhardt & Lucio) while he floated between what the team needed when placements finished the results where reversed I was at the 2890 mark while due to him floating he fell 2 ranks into Gold (Last season he ended Mid diamond) and not borderline gold/Plat it was borderline Silver/Gold around the 2200 mark. So it does annoy me when people say Statistically both teams have a chance of getting trolls but your team has less of a chance, I'm sorry get that BS reasoning out here because statistics are a lot different to real life scenarios of this happening. And before I get people saying 'oh your ignoring the stats because you can't admit your bad' Fuck off I know I ain't a great player I know if I want to be in GM I'm gonna need to play this game religiously and go into more depth on a lot of the other characters. But for how my game play is majority of my matches that my team does well or realises what I am to them my character play style is above average. And when I mean 'or realises what I am to them' I'm talking about the fact I usually play defender class Reinhardt so when they realise I am there to protect them and not to be a thing to just run pass it goes smoothly (Majority of the time).
  4. Overwatch's depth and complexity is underrated

    Soo i really wanna know why people think if you are a good player you well be able to climb the ranks without worries. The good players makes it slightly easier but you still have the RNG of your team being on par/ in sync with ya or not and causing the whole match to be an uphill battle. The Games competitive is purely done around your teamwork. Which is why you tend to get penalised no matter how well you play and lose.
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    @Rupe the remastered maps annoy me due to the fact that to me seems like lazy development depending on the situation. The map reskins is what annoys me Where they bring a old map and modify it and then retexture it. And its like why not make a new map.
  6. LTT forum "banning" game

    Banned for Not having a Kawaii Car
  7. Ugh I would love to voice my opinion but it kinda breaks the CS of the forum so I can really only say this, Why do people have to make mountains out of mole hills, Like seriously this Genre of games have been on Steam for Ages!!! and only now they are going hey lets get rid of them due to a company whining at us. In my personal opinion Steam technically have very little to do with who access those games as their is a portal gateway that asks for Age verification (you can lie on it obviously) but that is their to confirm you are supposedly the right age to vie this content and thus removing Steam from being responsible for what said consumer does after said gateway. As you have token responsibility that you are 18+ and able to be 'mature' and make your own decisions on what you should n shouldn't do. On top of this really, I generally don't like people who go by "if I don't like it then it's wrong". I have many friends that use Smoke/E-Cigs and most I tell them is you may want to stop using them but ultimately it is their decision, I Respect their answer and they respect my despise for them, so usually if I'm around them they either won't smoke or they will stand where it isn't blowing my direction. So yay
  8. Nyaaaaa~

  9. Rawr x3

  10. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    Which would be games that didn't do too well. Infinity warfare was one of their flops where people didn't agree with the game.
  11. Fortnite Ban

    @BrandonKHarris Did you verify your account and secondly did you contact epic games about this because they should have provided a reasoning for banning ya
  12. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    @GoldenLag, More in general to GGO, as tbh having people know where people are can have people. Sorta shows the people that are balls to the walls and the ones who want to hide.
  13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    Well in that regards Titanfall's "Campaign" is different to BO 4's as BO 4's is more just delving into the background of your characters if I recall correctly. I Don't know how you play cod but unless it is different from the generic play style of camping in a corner and waiting for people. I would see it enjoyable. On that note the BR mode can go VERY differently. It can go as somewhat the way Fortnite is where it is somewhat aggressive and fast pace or can go PUBG's way of being tactical and engaging enemies when best suited. If neither and somehow people decide to use cod tactics of hiding in a corner it is gonna be lacking but only time will tell. It would be interesting to have a BR That doesn't have a shrinking zone but a scan every 10 mins to show where other teams are. And then later one force people towards an area.
  14. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    Didn't say anything negative about them removing the campaign as I know they focused mainly on the MP area of their games. I was more stating the starting area of where some of their games didn't do too well, As in all honesty BO 3 wasn't bad in sense of MP after I stopped giving a sh***. I know loads of games bring back old maps but not in the base game, Some have released them later in the time of the game which is fine, But to do it from the get go does show running out of map ideas, Nuketown is an exception because the first time it was brought back it was late into said games release and they decided to bring it back for launches or Pre-orders as people found it a great map. Like you can't exactly base sales on how much people enjoy the game as people could and have bought the game and not enjoyed it and sold it on which still means they have made money from the copy, On top of that the fact they have hoped on to the Battle royale bus Kinda shows what struggle they think they are in.
  15. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4... Battle Royale !!!

    Secondly I Think they did the Battle Royale a bit late because that could be only relevant till the end of this year or at worst the end of this summer for the battle Royale Hype. I Say this as there has been people getting bored of PUBG and Fortnite because it has came and could possibly be dying off soon. This is just an assumption on the battle royale mode as the hype could last longer.