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  1. Well, another not so great news for Apple's usually-above-and-beyond support. When you buy a computer that's $5000+ and is part of a "Pro" line that has historically received top-tier support from AppleCare and Genius Bar representatives, you'd expect top-tier support from Apple like the Mac Pro, right? Well, apparently not. According to Quinn Nelson, of Snazzy Labs, after using the VESA mount that Apple sells, when attempting to remove it from his iMac Pro and putting the stand back on, one of the screws broke off relatively easily despite not being overtightened. Obviously, first thing he did was phone AppleCare, which to his surprise, the rep told him that the VESA mount was not an Apple-made product and was actually an OEM and should have repairs done by said OEM, although he did not give the relevant number for it, despite the manual for the VESA mount having Apple's support hotline number. No issue, right? Just take it to the Genius Bar and all will be solved. Well, sorta. Despite initially going to plan, the repairs took longer than expected and it was at that point where Quinn was notified that despite the iMac Pro being out in the market for 6 months, little people have had training for it. Now, I get it. It's not reasonable to have everyone trained for an iMac Pro repair but some specialists would definitely have been nice. Quite a while later, when Nelson finally got his machine back, he noticed that the stand itself was broken. However, the Genius, when notified, ordered a new stand, so crisis sorta averted. However, when examining his iMac and attempting to get the VESA mount off to fit the stand, one of the screws easily sheared off again, putting it back to square one. There were also heavy scratches around the area. I don't know what else to say, but this level of support is honestly really appalling for a machine aimed towards professionals, ones who probably want a quick turnaround time and their machines handed back without extra damage. This was completely different from Linus' case as this was a result of a set of flawed VESA mount screws, not an unauthorized disassembly. Apple needs to buck it up because they used to be the gold standard years ago. In fact, this quote from Nelson says everything.
  2. Dell G3 3579 (15.6") review

    It sorta does. Also, the GE62 was just really mediocre
  3. Well, this hasn't gone well. It's been reported that despite initially being approved, the Steam Link app has been rejected by Apple for distribution on the App Store, citing "business conflicts". Source: https://pcgamer.com/apple-rejects-steam-link-app-for-ios/ Personally, I can't help but feel something is up. The Steam Link app in essence is basically mirroring what's displaying on your PC and streams it over a local network to a device that has the app installed or a dedicated Steam Link system. And if Apple cites that it rejected it due to business conflicts, why is Splashtop, an app that mirrors the display of a PC running Windows or macOS and then streaming it onto a device, on the store for a long time already?
  4. Dell G3 3579 (15.6") review

    Not entirely The Dell G7, which itself is an updated 7577, is actually pretty good. Doesn't exactly have the same insane battery as the 7567, but it's quite beefy and actually looks sedate
  5. Totally upgraded my mic 


    Out with the G430's included mic, in goes a cardioid one


  6. That probably sums up most corporate companies. Probably just me because for some reason, I get good luck with tech support It's funny though. I just got off the discussion with someone and it went a little like this. Big corporations generally do good customer support to get your loyalty and once it is earned, you guess what happens next
  7. It's slowly becoming the norm for the Apple we know today if this keeps up. I remember when Apple would actually treat you alright, regardless of what you had. Still remember that iPod repair
  8. Well, funnily enough, the sides of my Note8 is actually part of one of the phone’s midframes, of which the glass is actually a part of
  9. Basically, Quinn’s review sums it all
  10. Here’s my question. If it really was an OEM mount but had Apple’s branding and support number on it, why was the AppleCare rep seriously unhelpful for Quinn?
  11. You don’t need to gut the entire thing to remove the stand or VESA mount. Remove the screws holding the stand/VESA mount in place and then put the replacement on and screw it back. The problem lies with the screws. The supplied screws are zinc ones, which are weak and can shear off quite easily. Had stainless steel screws been supplied, this would have been a total non issue
  12. Doesn't make it any different in how the VESA adapter is poorly designed. It doesn't matter how many people use it. It's an $80 accessory for a $5000 computer. It should be designed to the best of what Apple can do and use quality components. Sorry, but a screw that easily shears even while it is barely tightened is just bad. You can't defend this. This is a bad repair and design job, especially when former Genius reps have pointed it out. For a company like Apple, this is not something that should be the norm
  13. The VESA mount? He managed to drill the stuck screw out without damaging the machine the first time out.
  14. I think stock Android has a more limited feature. But whenever I tried to move from an Android phone to another from a different manufacturer, I had to start from scratch
  15. Can I uninstall geforce experience?

    Just uninstall it. It doesn't do anything to your system by itself. It just acts as a program that automatically adjusts game settings based on your system and downloads drivers.
  16. Well, if you used Smart Switch, that's exactly what I mentioned. It's for Samsung phones. It won't work the same on other Androids. I've always asked for a truly universal backup and restore feature. To date, only Titanium Backup has actually succeeded, but it's been around for years
  17. Well well, what do we have here? 


    @ZM Fong


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      The G7 was really good BTW. It's sturdy and looks understated 


      Most of the laptops in the store had the same problem unfortunately. Poor things 

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      ZM Fong

      When is your next break? Where are you currently studying at?

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      Same place as I mentioned earlier. Next break isn't announced yet though 

  18. This is correct, actually When my sister bought her iPhone 8 Plus and gave it to me in order to set it up, all I needed to do was get her old 5s, back it up to my system via iTunes and then restore that backup into the 8 Plus. When done, the 8 Plus was at that exact spot where she had left her 5s behind. Yes, iTunes is a pile of crap, but it's still pretty painless, with the only painful part being my slow as molasses network connection to download a critical iOS patch Android is a mess in that regard, even within itself since it's a fragmented mess of different pieces of software that only work for some devices
  19. Come to think of it, don't companies like Dell and HP have a separate support line for enterprise products?
  20. While I hope they'd address this, humans tend to be forgetful. Unless it keeps happening regularly, whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, it's just going to sell regardless of what earlier controversy erupted. I just want Apple to go back to what they used to be in terms of support. Make customers feel like an asset and not like consumers
  21. It's depressing because they used to go above and beyond. Now even when you buy their top-of-the-line products, you're apparently treated like the guy who bought the base model
  22. Doesn't the S6 have reinforcing done inside? My Note8 feels extremely sturdy