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    4x8gb Corsair DDR3
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    AMD RX 480 4gb
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    NZXT Apollo
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    256gb SSD, 1tb HDD, 150gb hdd, 250gb hdd
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    550w 80+ Gold
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  1. Seasonic Prime 600W Fanless PSU finalised

    £199.99 (Not sure on USD or CAD)
  2. Wow it was already there.
  3. Seems Safari and Edge support it at least. (Sauce)
  4. Ohh the amount of confusion that US gov sites bring. I'll just stick to calling it a Constitutional republic with an indirect-democracy (Well with how the system works, it might not even have an ounce of Democracy in many cases )
  5. Wow that like/dislike ratio Edit: Wait, he's laughing at the end again ?!?!?
  6. Considering how Amazon and Netflix (Among others) have been getting licensing rights for the US (Maybe other countries too, not sure on how far they went), I wouldn't be surprised if Disney followed suit to either a) buy the streaming rights for a country, or b) buy the name/franchise and make their own season/sequel/movie/spinoff/American-Animation of them.
  7. Considering the US is marked as Pervasive by the OpenNet Initiative. (Sauce) This is more than just paying for the amount of usage, its also on having to pay ISPs an additional amount for another service (Completely unrelated to how much you use it.). Say I want to watch a 4k movie on Netflix even just once a month, I could have to pay an additional amount to not be throttled.
  8. Hot Deals of 14/12/2017

    What am I supposed to do with my life now ?!?!
  9. Those are base clocks, which they will rarely be running at. One thing to note is that the first laptop is a quad core while the second is a dual core. The first one runs at a higher single core speed than the second one. Also the GPU is stronger.
  10. FCC Live Stream

    Captions: Speaking Foreign Language Great... guess we will wait on the translator
  11. Mobile data saving

    Like @mikatsuggested, I would use a browser that supports disabling picture loading (Vivaldi on Desktop does a good job, or Firefox on mobile), that or use a browser that compresses pages before they arrive (I think Opera has the option, but I can't say for sure as I don't use it)
  12. Youtube asks you to rewind the video after watching

    I pity the fool that starts rewinding all of their videos...
  13. 1060 6GB SSC (because integrated...)

    Well if you're playing at 1080p, a GTX 1060 is really good for this resolution (Unless you are a 144Hz gamer, then a 1070/1080 would be better).