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  1. Hello, So I got an corner table, like this but different color: I noticed that with time there is just too much cables under table/ two monitors/speakers/mouse/keyboard/lamp/ ps4. So I need to organize that. But before I want to place my monitors on mounts. Please suggest how is it better to place monitors. One of which is 32" second one is 24"(will be upgraded to 27" as it is dying little by little :D). So I though to place monitors smth like this: The bigger on the top with possibility to turn it like 90 degree~ to my bed, and smaller one under it for regular gameplay using (big one mostly would be used as PS4 monitor after I upgrade to 27" 144Hz monitor fro mine 24"). So please suggest a good mount for this purpose it can be double mount but better if it is single one as one of the monitors will be changed and not sure what mount size it will have. Also would be nice to get few tips for cable management from those who did it as clean as no cables
  2. Opinions on AOC LED IPS monitor P270SH?

    its ok. dont bother with pixels you need to have an ideal vision to see pixels on 27" 1080p. So go ahead. Im using an AOC 4k 32" screen and Im more than happy with its quality.
  3. Monitor table/wall mount

    Hello, Please suggest good monitor mounts. One for AOC 32" 4k monitor. Second one for BenQ 24" Gl2460(not sure smth like that) second one would be good with few mounting holes so could be able to attache to 27" monitor later on. Priority for now is the big monitor to be mounted. Can be wall mount too be need long grip and rotation at least some degrees.
  4. Cable management under table

    nice yeah I was thinking to get similar one, found in my country shops. Also fought of smth like sticky like these: https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LY09I61/ref=sspa_dk_detail_2?psc=1 and mby add smth like https://amazon.co.uk/dp/B06XZPYP7Y/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1 for heavy cables like monitor etc. what do u think?
  5. Hi all, Please suggest a few tips like what you used to manage all cable under the table like what u used (links if possible) and tips for it. Want to make clean cable management under table but not sure what to use.
  6. Help picking out a monitor

    with delivery to Lithuania its always around 70-100+$ for delivery so the price is the same as in here. And I have already sacrificed widescreen this time and ordered 4k monitor 32".
  7. Some help in my monitor wars

    nah impossible cant even find one monitor with 1440p and 144Hz. Im from Lithuania btw. shop Im using (almsot cheapest but fastest delivery) is skytech.lt Also now Im looking on cheaper thing its not widescreen but its 4k display for 390 eur, 32" amva
  8. Which 1440p G-Sync Ultrawide to buy?

    I think that depends on a person coz, yes design is important but not a thing to look after when u picking a monitor coz most of it willbe never visible in front is barely smth other from display so quality comes first.
  9. Which 1440p G-Sync Ultrawide to buy?

    No logic, sorry no offend but what aesthetic got for the monitor quality it self, as for me it can be in a cartoon box if it shows a good quality of picture. P.S. and price would have been much lover :DDD
  10. Help picking out a monitor

    Same story here same rig, ? I was going for same thing 1080p widesscreen with 144Hz unfortunately nothing for my price range is selling so I think will go for 1440p but 60 hz
  11. Some help in my monitor wars

    Hello, So after ton of help from this forum (btw thanks all for the help) I sticked with qhd widescreen monitor 1080p but with 144hz, but unfortunately last one was sold out and in others shops around price for it like 70-80 eurs higher its not worth it. So the question what about 1440p qhd widescreen but 60Hz (mby 75Hz if OC but I wont bother with it) its model from LG costs arround 570-630 eur here. I cant afford to pay more better if less.
  12. Searching for a FullHD IPs Monitor 24 inch

    I can suggest mine monitor using it for several years now cant say its best of the best but for the price of about 100eur its doing a very great job, its BenQ GL2460 u wont regret it.
  13. What do you think of widescreen 1440p monitors

    Im using 24" for a few years and its fine for me, my friend got 1080 on 27" still fine for me so I think it depends on person.
  14. What do you think of widescreen 1440p monitors

    the problem is selection in my country is jsut awful this one is far cheaper than any other second one is starting from 630 eur+ but really why would u suggest 1440p 60Hz over 1080p BUT 144Hz ?
  15. What do you think of widescreen 1440p monitors

    I definitely told at the post what monitors Im lookin atm so by checking those u can find out what is my budget? but ok will put it.