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  1. how about soundcloud then?
  2. Group policy prevents user from pausing updates.

    glad you found the answer. I think, however, that the group policy editor would be more effective than changing the update settings in the settings app. at least in 1607 there are a few policies that allow you to control a lot about how you receive updates or not receive them.
  3. Group policy prevents user from pausing updates.

    Google it this is a common issue. I think if you change the "send your device data to microsoft" option to "enhanced" that goes away. or just try all three. settings > Privacy > Feedback & diagnostics under Diagnostic and usage data
  4. My nephew purchased scrap mechanic from the website (not through steam). The game did not start to download after the purchase, and there was no code to redeem the game sent to the paypal email. Has anyone encountered this and how does he play the game? Thanks for any help!
  5. M.2 vs SSD

    only because there's no storage device that can transfer to the disk faster than 300 MB/s. if you had like a super fast usb 3.1 gen. 2 usb device that you were transferring your video game library from you would definitely notice a difference. or from one computer to another over a 10Gb network. a lot of things benefit from really fast sequential read and writes, plus NVMe drives are almost always way faster at random read and writes too.
  6. My cousin sent me on a new quest.

    if you send me 55 USD I will send you an optiplex with a e8500 and AMD HD 5570 or something.
  7. Star Wars Battlefront II or Call of Duty World War II?

    oh yeah i don't think he even knows there is a campaign
  8. Star Wars Battlefront II or Call of Duty World War II?

    Lol I've never seen him go on a shooting spree or pick up ladies. thanks I didn't think of that either.
  9. Star Wars Battlefront II or Call of Duty World War II?

    Does overwatch have any other game modes besides online multiplayer?
  10. Star Wars Battlefront II or Call of Duty World War II?

    Thanks, I didn't think about having to communicate with other people.
  11. Star Wars Battlefront II or Call of Duty World War II?

    Battlefront does seem like the better option however he's never played zombies before and he would probably love that and he's played GTA V and WWE games and he liked those so COD is probably safe
  12. MSI RX 580 Armor

    yikes, i just found an 8GB XFX one for $225 after MIR.
  13. Mostly for 8 year old nephew, his dad will probably play too. Nephew does like Star Wars. What game is least likely to get boring for $60? Thanks
  14. MSI RX 580 Armor

    I don't think you mean 580 USD that's like a 1080 ti.
  15. Just noticed all windows versions are N now.

    This was really helpful! You do have to choose the first option ("Windows 10") when using the media creation tool though.