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  1. Will do. I will also ask regarding the food colouring since most of the ones I have don't have natural sugars, carbs, or anything "dangerous" in them. While I do trust what you all are saying, I would want confirmation from EK before throwing $13/year at them for a colour I may or may not like.
  2. Thanks for that. The girlfriend says she likes the blue the best (although IMO it's way too light), so I guess I'll go with that from EK and hope for the best. I will definitely report any issues I can find in later threads. I'm happy to be a junior member (or soon to be junior member) of the water cooling community.
  3. I actually watched that exact video not too long before I started asking. I just don't like Mayhems because of the way they handled the bad PR around the fallout and colour shift when Jay was given the pastel fluid.
  4. Thank you for finally giving me an awesome answer! Everyone has helped but I am a huge "why" person.
  5. Okay. So if I use Meyhems dye, do I have to use their fluids.
  6. You don't have to say something for it to be assumed.
  7. Why does everyone advise against food colouring? Everyone says it, but no one is saying why!
  8. The kit comes with the EK CryoFuel which is supposed to have everything in it that I need, minus the water (1:9 mix)
  9. Firstly, I am not your son. Secondly, the point is you are belittling people for not having as much money as yourself to be able to afford such powerful components. The fact is as long as it works and crawls across the finish line, so long as you are having fun, you are a member of the PC community. Just because I don't have as much money as you doesn't make you more important or special.
  10. Also, the feeling to upgrade is not a NEED to upgrade. Just because you have $1k or how much ever in your pocket burning a hole in it, doesn't mean you NEED to upgrade. You can just turn settings down? The fact is that you conditioned yourself to want the best or nothing else, while us people who cannot afford the best (and started playing games at/around 12FPS) we don't see the differences because we are having fun. What people like nanosuits are doing is saying "you aren't allowed to have fun uless you are spending well over what is considered "sane"." It just doesn't work like that.
  11. The fury takes on blows with the 1070 so, yeah. It's a freaking beast. The X is a hair-length away from that of the 1070
  12. Yup. That's what you said. Yup this one is snarky and condesending as well. Hmm. Don't think i need to re-read anything.
  13. In all the promo videos for it the creators (including Linus) said that it was all-in-one (that comes with the loop). Also, happy to see another Ohioan, and thank you for your service.
  14. And I could do the same, but under the clause of disrespect. The point is you aren't following the golden rule because you feel the way you think is right. The point, that you failed to grasp, was that people can have many different opinions. That is okay, but by you shaming anyone who has less than you, that is not okay. That makes you cruel and a cyberbully. The fact is that by you saying, reacting, and doing what you have done simply makes you seem like a child. You do you, but don't tell other people how to do themselves.