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  1. Alright. So I'm trying to use 3CX with my Google Voice phone number with the Simonics SIP gateway to convert it into a sip trunk. I have the sip trunk set up, and it worked for a moment, however whenever I try to call out or in now, it just goes to the GV voicemail. Instead of playing a million questions I have considered just buying an ATA like an OBi to switch out the signal. But my question is, how can I connect it to an IPPBX system so I can use a call routing system for my business. I know the simple (and most likely less expensive) solution would be to use a paid, hosted PBX like Grasshopper, but for the amount of extensions and IVR menus I need, I would be paying around $90/mo. If there is another way to trunk my free GV number, I would be more than happy if you could extend your wisdom to me! Thanks!
  2. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Coolio. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Coolio. Should I install With or Without Recommends?
  4. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Which is the smallest possible and the absolute most simple that even a rock could use it? I don't need sudo, I just want to make sure it runs and I don't need to teach my mother how to use a new OS more than I have to.
  5. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    CLI should work fine as long as it will boot and launch kodi. I don't really care about a GUI until I get into the interface. I can live with commands, just want my mom to have an easy-to-use media center It's not gonna be for banking or anything and I plan to have it DMZ'ed at the router, unless you have a script I could follow which would auto login (on boot) and then auto-launch from terminal to Kodi under user Kodi with SUDO privs. and password "password" And yes. I have no cares in the world about if this gets attacked because I have the rest of the network patched up well.
  6. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    In addition could I run kodi in the startup Crontab for Root?
  7. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Ubi = Ubuntu. Sorry. Lots of people shorten it to Ubi.
  8. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Alright. Assume I don't really care about the smoothness of the quality. Is there a guide you can quickly show me towards so i can get the scripts set up. As far as barebones goes, would Ubi Server work fine, in your opinion?
  9. Alternatives to Kodi for i386

    Unfortunately for that you need money which I don't have ATM.
  10. Hello. Had/getting rid of a crappy Roku 2 X-D and am trying to Install Kodi, LibreELEC, or something similar however I run into the massive issue of "It's all no longer supported because 32-bit is too old". Well call me old fashioned and wanting to use my hardware laying around instead of just letting it catch the dust bunnies. I have an HP Thin Client with a 1-core atom x86 processor with 4GB of RAM. I'd really like to put it on a stick because I don't have any adapters for my hard drives laying about, nor IDE SSD's. I know I could just throw something like Lubuntu or PuppyLinux on it, but I would prefer something with super ease of use as this will go in the living room for my mom. Having plugins/add-ons to expand it like Kodi would also be a massive bonus. Thanks in advanced for any help. PS: I don't want to use the older 5.x versions of LibreELEC or Kodi because the plugins wouldn't work.
  11. Will do. I will also ask regarding the food colouring since most of the ones I have don't have natural sugars, carbs, or anything "dangerous" in them. While I do trust what you all are saying, I would want confirmation from EK before throwing $13/year at them for a colour I may or may not like.
  12. Thanks for that. The girlfriend says she likes the blue the best (although IMO it's way too light), so I guess I'll go with that from EK and hope for the best. I will definitely report any issues I can find in later threads. I'm happy to be a junior member (or soon to be junior member) of the water cooling community.
  13. I actually watched that exact video not too long before I started asking. I just don't like Mayhems because of the way they handled the bad PR around the fallout and colour shift when Jay was given the pastel fluid.
  14. Thank you for finally giving me an awesome answer! Everyone has helped but I am a huge "why" person.
  15. Okay. So if I use Meyhems dye, do I have to use their fluids.