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    Intel Core i7-7700 @ 3.6GHz quad core
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    ASUS Prime H270-PRO Mainboard
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    HyperX Fury Black DDR 4 2400MHz 8GB x2 Dual Channel
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    ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8GB DUAL Graphics Card
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    Stormforce Ventus
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    256GB NVME SSD + 3TB Western Digital 7,200RPM HDD
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    500 Watts
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    Samsung 1080p monitor
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    2 RGB fans on top and front, 1 RGB fan on back, Fan controller
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    Maxtek Gaming Keyboard
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    I-Rocks Gaming Mouse
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    Integrated - Razer Surround Pro + Turtle Beach PX22
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    Windows 10 64-Bit

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  1. Entry-Level 4k Monitor with FreeSync

    I will be playing games such as GTA 5, Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda. As well as less-demanding games such as Minecraft (with mods like shaders). I will also be developing games with unreal Engine 4, Blender, GIMP and watching Netflix. The extra screen space would help in unreal engine. I'm currently using an old DVI 1080p monitor. with a HDMI to DVI cable. It's a Samsung syncmaster s24b150
  2. Entry-Level 4k Monitor with FreeSync

    Hi, I'm looking at some 4k monitors for about £300/$414 and they come with AMD's FreeSync Technology. Would this be an issue with my current GTX 1070? Will the monitor not work at all and will I have to get one with G-Sync or without any adaptive refresh rate? I will be using the Display Port cable that comes with the monitor.
  3. Directx 11 crash

    On Sunday I updated my laptops drivers to 17.12.1 and ever since then every directX 11 program crashes with faulting module aticfx64.DLL. Every program that uses this on the dedicated gpu crashes instantly but runs fine on the apu. According to the description of the file itself, it is the AMD DirectX 11 driver. i have clean uninstalled the driver 4 times including through device manager and it still does not work. can someone help? The laptop is a Toshiba satellite l50d-b-13c
  4. My laptop finally got the Creators update yesterday, I installed it with no problems but windows 10 decided it was ok to reinstall my graphics drivers got to the desktop, programs such as origin and steam were just a black window and never loaded. I looked on dxdiag and windows decided to install from back in 2015. So I downloaded the latest drivers for my A8-6410 which also included the driver for my dedicated R5 M230 (17.9). After restarting apparently the drivers were corrupted and windows booted in 800x600 or whatever the default is and after I got to the desktop about 30 seconds in the screen went black with only a cursor I can move. The only thing I could do was press and hold the power button. Every time I turned on the laptop it would always boot to a black screen with a cursor. I could tell that it was on the login screen because the mouse would change to show I was over the password box. after many time of restarting and trying to get in to windows there was no hope. At this point I have been trying to fix it from 10pm to 2am. The next day (today) I managed to get in to safe mode by pressing F4 and uninstall the graphics drivers. and reboot. Hurray! finally got to the desktop! and found out that it has again reinstalled drivers and I'm now writing this. Windows has also informed me that I need to restart my laptop to install new drivers. if I do this it's probably going to break again! This took me another 2 hours this morning. Can someone help me get the latest drivers and make sure this doesn't happen again! It's sort of stable at the moment as long as I don't reboot. CPU: A8-6410 With Radeon R5 graphics GPU: AMD R5 M230 RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600Mhz Current graphics driver:
  5. Laptop no post

    It's a Toshiba satellite L50D-B
  6. Laptop no post

    It's working again for now, add plugging it into the TV via hdmi to that list
  7. Laptop no post

    Hi all, my laptop is not posting, the fans are spinning, I hear hard drive ticking and I don't know what's wrong with it. I press the power button the caps lock light turns on and then off then nothing, no UEFI logo, not even the back light turns on. Usually the num lock light turns on after the caps lock and stays on until it has fully booted. the laptop has occasionally done this before but not for this long. things that sometimes work: sometimes unplugging things such as external fans fixes it. opening the optical drive bay. pressing every key on the keyboard and then pressing the power button. tilting the laptop. closing and reopening the lid. Trying again later (untouched) i can can hear the hard drive ticking Randomly, it does get a bit hot next to the vents. I have tried just leaving it on for half an hour at a time and using a memory stick with either Linux or rescue tools. no mouse or keyboard are working. Also I can't get in to the UEFI or BIOS. the hard drive is making random ticking which sounds like it's either waking up from sleep or starting up. having to post this using my phone
  8. Php sending mail not being sent

    ah found the problem. It appears that i can only send emails to other accounts using the same domain. how would i fix this?
  9. Php sending mail not being sent

    the mail() i tried before doesn't work or i'm getting it wrong.
  10. Php sending mail not being sent

    yes i can access the settings of it in cpanel
  11. Php sending mail not being sent

    I have been trying all day to create a reset password script for my game and i cant get it to sent any mail. I ether get no email at all with no problems with php code or i get a mail failure email saying that there's no recipient. I am a beginner with PHP 5.4 and most of the time i have no idea what i'm doing. here's a snippet of the mail code: ... ... $to=$_GET['email']; $mail = Mail::factory('Mail'); $head['To'] = $to; $head['From'] = "MyEmail"; $head['Subject'] = "Test Mail"; $body = "This is a test!"; $sent = $mail->send($to, $head, $body); if($sent = 1){ echo "We have sent the password reset link to your email: <b>".$to."</b>"; } if ($sent = 0){ echo "There was a problem sending the email, Please contact support for help"; mail_error(); } ... ... I have checked and $to is the to email i want to send to
  12. Well, does this mean that my GPU is failing?

    last time i did, it worked. something to note: i have never been able access the bios at all with the dedicated gpu. It just freezes the computer. Also the last time i used the iGPU the pc did not beep and it booted faster. I have had the beeping and 7 mins of waiting, since day 1 with the new gpu.
  13. Well, does this mean that my GPU is failing?

    I don't think i can overclock my I3 2120 with a standard motherboard
  14. All week, i have been getting a blue screen everytime i turn on my pc. when i turn it on i usually get a dell splash screen followed by 3 short beeps. this lasts for about 7 mins and then windows loads. This is normal. This week it i have just been getting a blank screen that lasts 7 mins with 3 beeps and my monitor doesn't detect input until windows loads, i get to the login screen. After about 10 mins either logging into windows or on the login screen i get a BSOD saying "WHEA_UNCORECTABLE_ERROR". After it restarts it's fine like nothing has happened. According to the MS website "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" is a hardware error. Some other users on my windows 10 build have said they have sort of the same issue on the feedback app. I have had my PC since DEC 2012, it's a pre-built, it has been upgraded twice (increased RAM around 2014 to 8GB and updated GPU to 750 TI on OCT 2015 from a bad GT 620). Original OS was windows 7 Home but i upgraded to win 10 Home.
  15. Construct 2 and universal apps

    Hi, i'm in the middle of creating a online multiplayer game with the multiplayer object in construct 2. I have tried to run it as a windows universal app but it does not support webRTC. Is there a way around this? For example instead of using MS Edge for the engine is there a way to use another browser instead such as chrome or firefox?