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  1. Skinflint.co.uk found this nice Dell P2217H for crazy low price of 40£.
  2. UDOO BOLT: Raising the maker world to the next level Specs: AMD is doing absolutely stunningly with Ryzen™ and at the moment of writing this, UDOO has managed to get this kickstarted at 100,206 US$ out of their $100,000 goal in just 4 hours!!!! . Who here is going to be getting this as an HTPC? While the price for the slower board with 4GB of DDR4-2400 and a PSU is 298$, just the faster board is available for early birds 279$. It's selling like hot cakes with 93 out of 125 sold so far. I hope this meets the guidelines.
  3. PC case power button lifespan

    With my old case, about 10 years maybe iirc. Got a replacement 5 pack from eBay for little over 1€.
  4. Cuisine Royale, GOTY candidate :D

  5. Rugged Computers Something like these?
  6. Mobo popped and smoked.

    Random guess, were all the PSU power cables changed when switching from the Seasonic to EVGA?
  7. AMD-Tuned DDR4-3200MHz CL14 64GB(4x16GB) G.Skill claims to have done it.
  8. Only thing I can think of is that there are some fans with a special dust removing phase where it goes in opposite direction for a moment. Could be the motherboard is doing something like that? Random guess...
  9. Customising/Painting SSDs

    You can just disassemble the drive and spray paint only the housing.
  10. I'm guessing since they say they're thinking of up to 3 different sizes of SCMD for ATX, mATX and mini-ITX cases. That could mean they would have versions of Prime Gold adapted for it. So if they adapt all their 5 different wattages, or maybe even more. So you would have 3 SCMDs and 5-6 PSUs that you could mix to some limit. Bigger SCMD could distribute more watts or something like that. Smallest SCMD could be limited to 550W and biggest to 1200W maybe...
  11. Lumix g7 SD card

    That is 100Megabits/second which is 12.5Megabytes/second. And the card is capable of 80Megabytes/second reads, writes are slower. That U1 logo on the card says that is capable of at least 10Megabytes/second writes. So try it, if it can write quick enough, it'll be fine. If you want a card "rated" for 4K, look for an U3 or V30 class SD card.
  12. Actually, seems to run from a specific PSU. I think the PSU just provides lots of 12V and Ground and the SCMD splits it and provides the other smaller rails.
  13. Bought the wrong MSATA SSD

    What laptop is it? Google&Wiki suggest that some laptops, like eeePC or Dell Mini actually implement mSATA over a non-standard mPCIe connector?
  14. Product comparison SG1005D - SG105 SG105 was released in 2012, SG1005 was released in 2015 and likely slightly updated. Get the newer one?
  15. Phone for the military

    How about Oukitel K10000 Max?
  16. The magical trick that seems to have fixed (so far) the weird random 1 second stuttering couple times a day I've been suffering for a while… reseat your RAM... ._.

  17. In that video is shown how while you might get high framerate, it's not everything. Whilst Ryzen gets lower FPS, viewers actually get a smoother stream. 6c/12t is better for streaming than 6c/6t and I would imagine that your 4c/4t CPU is affected even worse.
  18. HDD makes SSD boot slow

    Check Disk Management in Windows 7 to see that the 4TB drive doesn't have anything more than just basic disk or could it have a page file?
  19. But the cool wood grain case...
  20. I'm guessing price has everything to do with it. Atari early birds kit for 199$, UDOO BOLT cheapest tier with case, power and memory is 402$. Ryzen Embedded likely are as expensive as 2200G/2400G which are 99$ and 149$. Bristol Ridge on the other hand must be really cheap as AMD is more or less giving away old stock.
  21. Need suggestions for new phone

    Can't find that here so no idea.
  22. Need suggestions for new phone

    Cheapest phone with it seems to be Nokia 7 Plus which seems to start at 380-390€ everywhere.
  23. Need suggestions for new phone

    Nokia 6.1 (6 2018) or Motorola Moto G6 Plus?
  24. That's a quote from the Kickstarter page. I'm guessing they're meaning mobile 950 if anything, Vega 8 is closer to it.