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  1. Not a good idea. if someone tries to request a refund it freezes your account if it is empty and cant cover the refund cost. Way too easy to mess with someones lively hood using paypal in that way.
  2. FCC Live Stream

    Australia, New Zealeand, and some asian countries also throttle connections and have you pay more for certain kinds of traffic. Canada is looking to allow similar throttling, and the EU (or at least he UK) may be losing certain protections. The first step is rescinding the in place legislation =/ and then enacting protections. This isn't a formal conversation and you well knew what I meant. But as you say"If you're going to defend your side, at least know the details."
  3. FCC Live Stream

    It's not about US Centered. its basically that if these laws can get passed in the US then other countries will follow suit to allow it as well.
  4. FCC Live Stream

    I don't condone violence. But he is pretty much setting a precedent for the entire world to not have net neutrality.
  5. What if they pressed the wrong version of the game onto all of the discs
  6. Microsoft launches ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops

    RT could not be upgraded to any full version of windows and thus is a paper weight. The apps for RT vs win S are also very different, now being built off their x86 counterparts. So no. Maybe the absolute baseline has a similar premise, but thats it and its reaching. and @LAwLz
  7. Microsoft launches ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops

    You can't call that windows RT since it runs full windows. @GoodBytes IMO title really needs to be changed since its extremely misleading/wrong. This thing can/does run a full version of windows minus x64 apps. That is nothing like windows RT at all. so RT is not back what so ever. That all being said, I'm rather interested in seeing if secureboot require is active on these since they come from 3rd parties now. If not then I expect to see dual booting android soon.
  8. US DHS: DJI drones being used to spy by China

    Is that not enough proof of them being up to something.
  9. Or they could install malicious software like a keylogger and easily get credentials for all you accounts from this forum to your bank. And you wouldn't ever know.
  10. Regarding the G613 Review: Ping Sound

    I do not hear anything out of the ordinary.
  11. apparently its a port still popular in korea.
  12. Whats wrong with that. Game prices used to vary based on the games budget and cost for physical media. If it cost 80 then it cost 80.
  13. RUMOR: Samsung getting in on the X phone market

    I think they literally mean that the phone can fold and not break? using that paper thin bendable oled screen
  14. Tesla Unveils - Semi Truck and next-gen Roadster

    You act like thats a lot of charging stations. Most of those locations have a handful of stations in them. If you believe that 1,200ish locations is even considered a decent number then im not sure what to tell you. In america that amounts to non-existent. Especially in urban areas with tens of millions in population. Not about to drive 15 or 20 miles to charge my car, and lord knows i cant store my car in an apartment to charge it. That map might look nice but zoom in and then lets see how plentiful the stations are. Dont forget here we can drive for 12 hours and still be in the same state. As for driving with semi trucks on the roads, in america that is normal. In the city it is normal. In the suburbs is normal. At the gas stations its normal. Most gas stations support both semi trucks and cars. There is limited real estate in urban areas. So this is a must. I dont understand why you think having semi truck and car chargers at one location is dumb. I again emplore you to think about this on a global scale, and at a scale of population as well.