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  1. Looking for headphones/mic for gaming.

    AD700X or AD900X (Ad900x for more bass)
  2. WH1000XM2 or M50Xish headphones

    I have to disagree with you here, the FiiO E10k is rated up to 150 ohms. It will be a bad pairing with the HD6xx, that is rated at 300 ohms.
  3. WH1000XM2 or M50Xish headphones

    M40x are bright headphones and they sound V shaped like the DT770s. Not sure about the M50x as I haven't heard them but they are received poorly everywhere haha. If you are looking for a warm, neutral laid back headphone then the HD598 is a great option. They are smooth sounding, the highs are rolled off like the HD6xx, but the HD6xx has more clarity and resolution.
  4. Better Gaming Headset than Cloud Alpha

    AD700X AD900X, K7XX, Game Zeroes from Sennheiser.
  5. i7-8700k or i5-8600k?

    If you can afford the higher priced i7 then always go for it as they tend to last longer than i5s. For gaming only, definitely go with the 8600k no doubt. Once the 8600k is overclocked to 5ghz it edges out the 8700k stock in a lot of games.
  6. Audio Technica ATH-M40x or M20x?

    I didn't use the angled HM5s so there's a possibility that an angled pad on an angled driver makes the difference. In my case with the regular shapes ones, I used both velour and pleather. I found that the velour had some sound leak and lacked a bit of depth. I would use these when playing Global Offensive and PUBG, and I felt like the stock pads were more aggressive, and in your ear type of feeling which is what I preferred.
  7. Audio Technica ATH-M40x or M20x?

    I think the default pads are the only way to hear the M40X, there's been reports of people changing to HM5 pads and while they find comfort, it sounds more far away, and as if it loses a bit of its detail because of how thick the pads are, it may not bother you at all but it was something people noticed, myself included.
  8. Audio Technica ATH-M40x or M20x?

    I had them with the HM5 Velour/Leather pads and while they were more comfortable, it sounded more distant than the default pads.
  9. Audio Technica ATH-M40x or M20x?

    I wouldn't go as far with them having fantastic soundstage. They sound very narrow, its as if the sound is coming from inside the front of your brain.
  10. What is this Worth?

    You can sell it on Ebay. You can sell them for $180-200 USD. That seems to the be the average according to the Ebay Sold Listings from this year.
  11. Which Jotenheim version to get

    Hi guys, so I have had the HD6XX for a bit now and I feel as if the Fulla 2 isn't enough for them. I have decided to get a DAC/AMP combo around the price of the HD650s and so I've settled with the Jotenheim. I'm not sure which one to get, Multibit DAC, Balanced DAC or Passive Phono? Thanks
  12. Under 200$ Wired Headphones

    Never used them but Phillips SHP 9500s are some of the most recommended open back headphones under $100.
  13. Razer Siren, VS Audio technica AT2020

    The razer siren has a mute button, something the at2020 needs.
  14. Gaming Headphone Misconceptions

    Very informative post, learnt a lot. For footsteps would you say the T50RP MK3 is in a league of its own in comparison to something like AD700,900X that has been regarded as a good fps headphone?
  15. How do you remove leds

    Hi, I have an issue with my keyboard where the leds are inverted and I've tried updating the firmware but no luck. How do I go around removing the actual LED from the keyboard if I have access to the PCB?