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  1. yea this is something were OP has much room for improvement, with the power bill he talked about and the electricity price where he lives they probably use about 5000kWh a year, maybe a little more.
  2. Synology DS1815+ Not working

    well first of all make sure the cable is not broken and the outlet you plug into has power. if absolutely nothing happens it could be that maybe the power button is broken which i think is unlikely or the powersupply is broken.
  3. Remote Audio Switch

    are we talking about analog audio signals or digital? digital should be easy to work with, for analog im not sure if your audio source does not have a voltage on the line even when no signal is present but you could use an equalizer IC to detect when there are changes and switch over using a relay or something.
  4. Hey LMG! Audiophile bank breakers, Right here!

    yes and this is exactly where audiophiles argue over higher sampling rates because they argue you need the higher rates because you are creating an analog signal from digital audio files so you need both a file thats sampled at a given rate and an amp that is using all the data it gets. there are sampling rates over 300kHz in the high end market which absolutely makes no sense at all and is sold as oversampling to make it sounds cool.
  5. yea if you want to build a big system thats one thing to consider but on the flip side most other surveillance systems only offer you X amount of cameras and if you need more you need to buy another system. i guess its more worth it when you need a NAS anyways or already got one but its still a good easy to use and cost effective solution especially if you want to save the files for a while.
  6. Linus Watch on Video?

    i had a smartwatch for years now and while i was happy with it for the first year or so it became rather annoying after a while, the main function beside telling me the time was setting a timer for my tea or when i cooked noodles.
  7. then depending on how much of the video you want to record and how long you want to save it i would recommend a synology system and what ever kind of network camera you want and fits your budget. here you can calculate how much storage you will need for a given amount of camera and some other parameters. https://synology.com/de-de/support/nvr_selector?cameraNumber=4&storeDays=7&fps=25&codec=H.264&resolution=1280
  8. Building a custom robotic arm

    im not really surprised people tell you you cant do things, you come here to ask for help, get valid answers with follow up questions that completely reasonably question the viability of what you want to do. you ask for details on the robotics part which is the absolute easiest part compared to everything else you want to do here and as already stated what exactly you need to control this depends entirely on what kind of motors you are using and the power requirements you have so before this is not planned to the smallest detail you will not know what control circuits you will need. Also you contradict yourself here by first saying you want to do EVERYTHING on you own to save costs and then basically say the price doesnt matter and even over 10k would be no problem. Instead of simply telling us how you want to solve the problems that were already brought up you throw a tantrum and think everyone here works against you, go read your own comments again and think if this is an answer that makes sense for the replies you got. Even if you would manage to get something like this done, which is highly doubt the cost will exceed 10k easily, even 2.5 tons of raw aluminium already costs 10k let alone the machines you need to build this robot arm, if you want to do it the right way and with proper precision you will need a giant multi axis CNC mill to machine the parts, a mill that size, power and precision easily costs a few hundred k.
  9. 4ms IPS 144hz Panel vs 1ms TN 165hz panel (Both at 1440p)

    ok guys pack it up, we dont need expensive testing equipment anymore, we found the guy that can see the difference between 1ms pixel response times and 6ms at the same refresh rate.
  10. 4ms IPS 144hz Panel vs 1ms TN 165hz panel (Both at 1440p)

    its exactly the same, new frame comes in, 1ms passes new frame is displayed (+input lag obviously) now this frame is displayed for another 5ms as a static image before the next frame comes in. at 6ms the new frame comes in, it takes 6ms to react to the new image (again + input lag which typically is far higher anyways) now the frame is displayed while the new frame comes in and the pixels need another 6ms to react. for the user its exactly the same thing, you see the same refresh rate with the only difference being that the very first frame is there 5ms later than the other one, after that the they refresh in the same interval.
  11. Building a custom robotic arm

    no, horsepower measures the rate at which work is done and was introduced to be able to compare the power of steam engines to the ones of a horse because that was the only thing people could compare with. HP was replaced by watt a long time ago and this is also how you describe the power of a motor today combined with other things like newton meters and many more. building your own motor is not really an option for what you want to do and since the price is not an issue anyways its better to just buy them. if you want something like kira then 10000 buck is probably still way too little, also that thing weighs about 2.5tons its not exactly made for home use. you should probably start very very small and either buy a robotics kit or get a 3d printer and some servos to build your own robot arm, then you will realiez that this arm is totally useless because it doesnt do anything for you that you couldnt do faster on your own. So you dont really have a use for it and you dont want to build it for the learning experience also because as it seems here you dont want to learn, you want to be told how to do things.
  12. Loudest Coolers Available?

    This! also make sure you have enough power on the port you plug it into, these fans can easily draw over 2A on startup.
  13. NZXT leaks on 1080ti DEATH

    if you already have a new cooler you are out of luck as im sure NZXT will want to have the broken one back to inspect where the leak came from.
  14. you will probably never need to replace it, by the time you would get to that point the hardware will be so outdated you will buy a new computer.
  15. NZXT leaks on 1080ti DEATH

    alternate will probably replace the cooler but for the GPU they will forward you to NZXT, i would try to contact both at once.