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    gskill 2x8gb 3600
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    Evga sc black gtx 1080ti sli with 650ti
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    MM gold digger custom top
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    3x benq xl2420z 2x samsung ex2220
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    h100i v2
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    2x genovation 682,
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    g602, g502,
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  1. I still want to know when renaming a project got them out of possible legal commitment especially given their well documented progress Id even except movies, tv shows, etc as an example
  2. Didn't amazon license cry engine 3 But cry engine is on 5?
  3. GTX 1070 sli? or 1080ti?

    Reddit And GeForce forums have few more games listed yes few but still makes the point On phone atm so i can't link crappy lol But think one was serious Sam
  4. But they would have to make sure it doesn't contain code that isn't covered by Amazon's license and is solely cryteks That's can be alot of work considering many old employees of crytek is on this This is why i talked about silicon knights vs epic
  5. i'm not so knowledgeable on prices over there but I'd look into r5 1600, mobo, and 8gb ram
  6. budget?
  7. GTX 1070 sli? or 1080ti?

    then why are many people reporting games(not many of them though) on geforce forums and reddit and heres this believe its still up to the developer/engine https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/vrsli
  8. GTX 1070 sli? or 1080ti?

    thought it does support it, isnt it just up to the developer?
  9. GTX 1070 sli? or 1080ti?

    just curious what tv do you have?
  10. Hybrid Physx Revisited

    could always try the multi monitor method or with vga monitor dummy plug buy on amazon and if cant find a way to get it to work could always return said card along with monitor/plug
  11. Hybrid Physx Revisited

    well I find it legitimate to ask, I do have a physx card myself but for the main purpose of driving more monitors but I have seen software manipulation to get it done on many articles and seen a vga monitor dummy on nvidia card before to get it to work but that was years ago so i'm not sure now days
  12. Hybrid Physx Revisited

    what games do you play that require physx?
  13. have you looked at the silicone knights vs epic case? closest thing I can find similar to this my guess is this will be settled out of court and crytek will be working with them on finishing the game for small percentage
  14. Exactly the contract is key here Lets not forget about silicon knights vs epic here