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  1. Broadwell-e or kabylake?

    alright cool!
  2. Broadwell-e or kabylake?

    yeah lol i got 1150 mixed up with the 2011 socket and was like wait....... i messed that up
  3. Broadwell-e or kabylake?

    Wait!!! yes i mean LGA 2011 too
  4. Broadwell-e or kabylake?

    so then LGA 1150 for Broadwell-e is the way for me to go then? The only thing is a want a socket that will be staying for a long time. is that stupid? i feel like 1151 will be around longer than 1150.
  5. Broadwell-e or kabylake?

    Exactly. I have the cash to buy either cpu but only one. I just wanna get the input of what you all think. I wanna get a CPU that is great for overclocking and can do gaming plus good video editing.
  6. Which cpu line-up are you gonna get? and why? I'm currently using skylake cpu's but am considering getting LGA 1150 instead of LGA1151. i want a good cpu for gaming and video editing which is best to you?
  7. GTX zotac amp omega 970 Intel liquid cooler Asrock z170 oc formula 8gbs of ddr 4 by team 1 tb hdd
  8. should i upgrade from i5 6400 to i7 6700k? or should i wait for kaby lake or more soon to come Intel cpus? I personally get what i want from my current cpu though. i get great fps with it turbo boosted but I do wanna get the i7 a lot for overclocking. This a tough choice for me.
  9. Waiting for pascual?

    that's what i thought too, just wait right? how well do you think pascal will outperform maxwell?
  10. Waiting for pascual?

    i have answered it already. i just really wanna see what the thoughts of others are on this topic. maybe somone will change my idea.
  11. Waiting for pascual?

    ok maybe i see how it depends @Oshino Shinobu
  12. Waiting for pascual?

    i dont see how it depends on my gpu i feel like its a very simple question. get a 980 ti or wait for pascal's version of the 980 ti........ hmmmm
  13. Waiting for pascual?

    GTX 970 Amp omega edition
  14. Waiting for pascual?

    First off I spelled the title like that on purpose. I know it is spelled pascal. So the question i have is should I buy a Zotac 980 ti? Or Wait for the new pascal gpu line up?