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    Asus Z170-E
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    G.Skill Aegis 2400MHz 2x8GB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte G1 GTX 1070
  • Case
    NZXT S340
  • Storage
    SSD 120GB + HDD 2x2TB
  • PSU
    AeroCool KCAS 800W Bronze
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    BenQ XL2730 1440p 144Hz
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    Cooler Master 212
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    NewSkill Hanshi Brown switches
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    Corsair M65 Pro RGB
  • Sound
    Philips SPA5300/10
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    Windows 10 + Linux Mint 18
  1. Is it Android bug or phones ?

    Which music player do you use? just try with 3/4 players and different modes
  2. Is This Celluar Plan Even Real??

    Well, if their coverage range is good, then it's worth it If their coverage range is shit, then it's not worth it, why? because I used to have a plan with a company that "paid another big, big company to use their network" and man... Company B got the best coverage in my country, and Company A got the worst! So take a look at people' reviews about their coverage range, you won't love being 24 months with almost no coverage or disconnecting from 4G every single time...
  3. Help me check my network

    Yep, as @itzzkolt said, try using Wireshark, you can leave your PC sniffing traffic during afternoon-night and then filter the captures (snapchat servers, for example) Then look when did the kid connect to Snapchat and, if he keeps doing it, go into his room and ask him for his smartphone. Or you could just search for snapchat servers and block them in your router?
  4. Normal color or white German Shepherd

    ...a rescue one? I don't know, it might sound stupid but, a rescue one? since you said you are both "paying" for it...
  5. 1440p Monitor

    size? g-sync/freesync? height?
  6. Cubot good brand?

    Well, if you are okay with a laggy phone, my gf used to have a cubot, X15 maybe...? It was okay, but imo I would spend A BIT more on a phone, like 150/200 to get a Xiaomi/Motorola But you could get one of those cubot and make a review hehe
  7. If you want to play better, then pick Reinhardt, so you learn how to protect your team mates; pick Ana/Mercy/Lucio/Brigitte... so you learn when your team mates need you If you plan on playing main dps, you will keep losing, I've played a lot and I'm tired of 4-dps-plus-sniper-team in defense mode, no one picks tank to defend the point, no one picks healer to keep your team mates alive, just looking for the kills and the potg. I'm a healer main myself, I always pick the best choice because I want to win, that means: if there are 2 tanks, I play Mercy to keep them alive; if there are 3 dps, I play Lucio/Moira to heal them at the same time; if there are 4-5 dps, I pick some shitty character I'm bad with so I learn how to play it If there are already 2 healers, I pick Mei, Bastion, Reinhardt, Orisa, Pharah, Torbjorn, DVa... whatever the team needs (but not the team mates, they just want assistance to kill even more) tl;dr -> keep playing mainly dps (as most players do) and you will lose a lot, start playing healer/tank and you'll learn awesome characters, you'll help your team, you'll win and you'll become a pretty good player; but if your team don't push (lack of dps, hard enemy tanks, awesome enemy healers...) pick something to PUSH Sincerely, someone who watched dps being shit and spamming X every single second
  8. Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC?

    Dear Granular, You don't have to watch LTT videos if you don't like them. Sincerely, DieegoPeri
  9. Laptop FASTER than your Gaming PC?

    if you consider potato pcs, then I guess maybe
  10. VirtualBox from external SSD

    Hello there, so I'm a computer engineering student and I do often use VirtualBox to run some vms. I have a desktop and a laptop and it's a pain in the ass when I have to configure AGAIN one of those after spending so much time configuring Eclipse, SQL*Developer, blablabla so I was thinking of buying some m.2 SSD, getting one of those m.2 cases with type c and plug it on my computers so I run the vms from there. Is it a good idea? I tried booting from USB and it was slooooooooooooooooooow, I would run Windows 7 and some Ubuntu/Linux Mint vms on Windows 10 machines. Thank you!
  11. Is this real or a scam (750Ti)

    Pay with PayPal, eBay has the ebay money back guarantee I wouldn't say it's a "scam" but... certainly, there are a lot of fake GPUs out there from chinese sellers, they flash it so it is listed as the legit GPU in the BIOS, Windows...
  12. But the wrap windshield isn't something new, I mean, my dad have been working in the train industry for almost 30 years and I've seen a lot of different trains, the first thing that comes to my mind when I see their windshield is: I think they both get the idea from trains/planes/whatever, and the fuselage too, so Nikola should shut up at least with the windshield and fuselage... It's okay if they sue Tesla because of the "mid-entry door" but man, let's just don't be that idiot, Nikola...
  13. Well, then Tesla should sue Nikola for 4 billion because Tesla was founded in 2003 and Nikola in 2014, they should say "They stole our idea for the company name" Because you know... Ideas like that are crazy
  14. What phone do you own or have owned?

    A few old Nokias when I was 10 years old to call my parents if needed (I used to switch phones when I was bored) Sony Ericsson K750i when I was 13 (dead) Sony Ericsson Vivaz when I was 15 (dead screen after 3 months with no use) Samsung Ace when I was 17 (it was a gift, wish it was dead, the worst smartphone in the whole world, almost couldn't use it) Sony Xperia Z1 when I was 18 (screen defective, warranty didn't cover it) Samsung S5 when I was 19 (battery dead, then changed the battery and it kept turning off) Huawei Mate 10 now, I'm 22
  15. You will be fine... Disney won't make any closed universe so every kid can watch the movie he wants to and not get lost...!