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  1. M.2 vs SSD

    One more question. I had heard that a 256GB Drive is better that a 250GB one... i don't remember the reason right now, but i wanted to know if that is a myth or a fact. @Princess Cadence @knightslugger @newcbomb
  2. M.2 vs SSD

    That's what i meant. I am too tired atm and my mind just shut off. I meant the 960 series vs the 850. Anyway, you answered my question, so i thank you (my MOBO is the Asus VIII Hero, which i believe does support NVME)
  3. M.2 vs SSD

    Hello LTT Community, Right now I am running a 850 Pro 128GB for my OS and 1 or 2 games, and a 2TB WD C.Black for everything else. Is it worth it buying a M.2 SSD and move my OS and the games I play the most over and keep my SSD for every other game, or will I not notice a big difference? I don't have problem with space, as I always uninstall and reinstall games I want to play from Steam. Thanks a lot Edit: I meant NVME... no idea why M.2 came to my mind... I'm just tired
  4. Overclocking Failed

    Hello LTT Community, in the past month i've been getting a lot of freezes (no BSOD) and I turn my pc off from the MOBO power button (my case came with a broken power button and I can't wait 2-3 weeks to RMA it since I use my PC daily) and when I turn it back on it says that OC has failed and I have to go into BIOS in order for my PC to start. I have no idea why this happens now... I've had my CPU for over a year now (6700K @4.7 now at 4.0) and I do not believe this should be happening. I have the H100i v.2 so temperatures are usually at 30oC since I live in Germany where it's cold pretty much 10/12 months in the year. Any recommendations on what i should do? RMA both CPU and case since I will go on vacation for X-Mas for 2 weeks? Thanks a lot!
  5. Hp laptop freezes and lags

    Update:I defraged, scanned for viruses and checked the disk and everything runs as smooth as can be right now Thanks!
  6. Hp laptop freezes and lags

    Im on it, it will just take quite a while. The model i posted above.
  7. Hp laptop freezes and lags

  8. Hp laptop freezes and lags

    Im restarting the piece of s... for now and then ill download adw and defrag. I really dont know what could be the reason for this
  9. Hp laptop freezes and lags

    So i have this hp laptop in front of me and it lags like hell, i have to wait minutes before being able to open any kind of app. It has 8GB of RAM, so it should not be acting like that. The drives are not nearly at max capacity. Trying to download malwarebytes and open control panel to see what came with it. Ut was purchased like 6 months ago. Any ideas on why this happens.
  10. PC randomly freezes

    Hello LTT community, about a week ago my PC started freezing at random times while i was either ingame (Black Desert Online) or while I was just surfing online (Opera). Windows throws a "program not responding" window, and i terminate it, but when it doesnt work and since i cant open task manager, I have to shut my PC down from the MOBO power button. Sometimes i get an overclocking failed message while entering BIOS (6700K at 4.7 at first, now 4,5) i even lowered the voltage I had to 1,3 so I dont believe that is the problem. I let my Antivirus scan my PC and no threats or problems have been found (Kasperky and Malwarebytres) Any ideas why this happens and what I can/ should do next time it happens? I appreciate every answer, thanks a lot
  11. Hi LTT Community, I built my PC 10 days ago and now i wanna OC (i7-6700k, Maximus VIII HERO, G2 750W). I set it to 4.5GHz at 1.35V for starters and went to download a stresstest. First i tried Aida 64 and then RealBench, but none seems to be downloading... why is that? I want the JUICE! Thanks
  12. 400E Laptop

    I'm in search of a Laptop for University. NO GAMING whatsoever. I don't have any specific demands, but it should be light (no more that 1,5kg) and about 13inches. Budget: 400E and location: Germany. Thanks
  13. YES! MY PLAN COMES ALONG! Now i'll just go to a retailer and ask them if i can have 3 970's for like 500euros and then just build some rigs and sell em for profit! MUAHAHAHA!
  14. Should my gf consider this?

    I'm afraid i was thinking the same thing...
  15. So... she was looking for a laptop to buy, since we start our freshman year. A friend of her father had this http://cnet.com/products/hp-elitebook-2760p/specs/, which was never used. It was a display piece, so i consider it open box. I don't know the price yet, but i am sceptical... is this any good with a 2nd gen processor? Sure, she won't be gaming (although ill try to get her ) but i don't think this thing will laste her 4-5years. Opinions? Thanks a lot LTT Forum Edit: She just told me it will be around 300-400e and will have an SSD instead of an HDD (unknown model or capacity )