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  1. My stream gets blurry when moving....

    If that was the case I'd imagine the video quality going to absolute garbage than simply being "blurry," whatever that means.
  2. Does anyone play Final Fantasy XIV?

    You could try using AutoHotkey. I haven't used it though so you're on your own with that.
  3. My stream gets blurry when moving....

    Getting blurry in high action scenes sounds like you're hitting a bitrate issue. You can try increasing the bitrate but that may not be feasible. Here's a video explaining the whole thing
  4. Windows XP Embbeded upgrade to Win 10 embbeded ?

    I don't think there was an upgrade path to begin with.
  5. Planes planes, and more planes


  6. what language would you learn

    Things like What basic data types are, like integers, floating point numbers (especially their limitations), and characters What an array or similar is Functions, how to define them, how to pass in parameters, etc Control flow like if-statements and loops What "scope" is A few design patterns and paradigms
  7. what language would you learn

    In addition to figuring out what sort of application you want to do, if you’re fresh to programming, you should learn the concepts and get a handle on the basics. Stuff that’s independent of languages.
  8. Case reviews are poor & incomplete

    While that's fine and all, it doesn't answer the question of why some cases cause hardware to have higher temperature than others. And I would rather have a look at the variable that causes the why to happen rather than an indirect consequence of it. And looking at GN's testing methodology, it only looks like what they were discussing in their NZXT H500 review was the things they performed and how they measured. It still doesn't really answer the question of why the temperatures are the way they are. Something like this is a step closer to what I would prefer: https://bit-tech.net/reviews/tech/the-big-cooling-investigation/10/
  9. Case reviews are poor & incomplete

    AnandTech switched up the way they benchmark coolers. They got rid of the hardware altogether and attached the cooler to a plate that is heated electrically. This way they're only measuring what the cooler is supposed to do: how well can it transfer heat from the source to the environment. Anyway, I did mention that I would've been fine with smoke tests because yes I do realize the certain absurdity of measuring airflow (which by the way doesn't require anything hugely spectacular, there are plenty of handheld airflow devices and all I was interested in is how much the mounting obstructs the airflow from the fan), and there are cases that have no fan mounts at all, like Silverstone's RVZ-02 and the Dan Case A4-SFX. Which is why I mentioned Silverstone's smoke test: But the other problem I find with measuring temperature is the same reason AnandTech switch their methods: there's still too many variables beyond the control of the operator and some tests aren't considered realistic or practical. They're good for data points, but that's about it.
  10. Case reviews are poor & incomplete

    If this is saying that the site sticks with the same hardware configuration, then sure. But if you're asking the computer hardware journalism community for a standardized set of tests, then no, that's not going to happen. What I mean is the fan not mounted vs. mounted. Then why bother with measuring temperature at all? Let's get rid of the hardware inside of the case and just measure how much air flow exists in the case. You say that standardized configurations will keep variables to a minimum, but they are still variables. Getting rid of them is better.
  11. Case reviews are poor & incomplete

    I don't feel that temperature comparisons are really that useful, especially considering the myriad of other factors, such as what video card cooler type is installed, what the fan configuration is, which slot the video card is installed on etc. that can play a part of the hardware's cooling. I would rather see a measurement of airflow of the fans when mounted vs. unobstructed. That would be more useful information that how hot the hardware gets. EDIT: Actually, it doesn't have to be airflow counts. A smoke test would be fine too like what Silverstone did to make a case for recommending a positive pressure system.
  12. Trying to find the perfect laptop.

    Note that I said the biggest battery I've seen. I don't pay attention to Razer's products because quite frankly I think they're the MacBook of PCs. Just keep in mind that performance in some cases will either be frame rate capped (GeForce Experience limits frame rates to 30) or absolute performance capped. So if you're getting say 100 FPS on a game, running on a battery may cut this down to 50 FPS no matter how hard you try and want it to do otherwise. Most batteries cannot safely discharge enough current to fully power the hardware. Better heat transfer just means the cooling material will heat up faster. The CPU's overall temperature may drop, but that also means the affected areas is likely to rise or spread out.
  13. Should every drive have a page file?

    It used to be that putting the page file on the non-system drive would supposedly speed up performance because typically the system drive was the one that was used more often. So if you could offload the paging stuff, it would in theory make the system perform better. However, I don't think this had any real practical effect. Otherwise, these days I recommend leaving it under the default settings (system managed on the system partition) unless you're seriously strapped for space on the system partition. Also don't completely remove the page file from the system. Removing the page file from the system may cause a situation where apps complain there's no more memory available even though the actual usage isn't 100% (this is just a quirk with how memory is allocated in operating systems these days).
  14. Windows XP Embbeded upgrade to Win 10 embbeded ?

    Windows IoT Enterprise is the current one targeted for thin clients in a business organization setting.
  15. Trying to find the perfect laptop.

    Some comments You're not going to find this at all unless you don't mind reduced performance. Looking at what Notebookcheck got for my laptop (a Dell Inspiron 15 7577), they measured about 85W running The Witcher 3. The largest battery capacity I've seen on a laptop so far is 84 W-Hr, though I'm sure there are larger combined capacities. This means that my laptop, if it was running at full speed, can drain that capacity in an hour. Though my laptop actually has a 54 W-Hr battery so it would be less. So not only would you need at least a 170 W-Hr battery to have this sort of battery life with full performance, you wouldn't be able to travel by air with it. The maximum capacity allowed on carry-on luggage in airplanes is 100 W-Hr. And as far as I know, you must carry on your batteries. With reduced performance, you might be able to get away with 2 hours. What's "Good temperatures"? If you consider it to mean not-throttling, then a lot of non-ultrabook style gaming laptops do the job just fine. Though a special consideration should be given to the keyboard area under load. Some gaming laptops can have issues where the keyboard gets uncomfortably warm (anything past 45C is uncomfortably warm) during extended sessions.