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    I have many hobbies, stacking bodies is my favorite.


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    Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Asus X370-Pro
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    2x8GB Corsair 3466 RGB
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    GTX1080ti FE on H115i AIO via NZXT G12 bracket
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    Phanteks P400S
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    512GB Crucial MX300
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    Seasonic 660
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    something massive @ 4k
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    BQ! PureRock
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    Masterkeys L
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    Logitec G602
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    Logitec 2.1
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    Wisconsin, U.S.A
  1. AC, DC Load Line?!? OC

    Load Line Calibration is additional voltage sent from the VRM to help keep voltage droop due to load on the CPU from falling too far. For instance if you set 1.2v vCore and hit the CPU with a heavy load, the voltage the CPU sees may actually be quite a bit lower than what you set. LLC remedies that. how much you need depends on how much droop you experience.
  2. Fry's attempted to screw my friend.

    well this is just a bad employee, not a reflection of Fry's as a whole.
  3. My teacher wants a laptop

    well he's not going to need $1000 for that. something with a 5020u would probably do him just fine.
  4. Is overclocking worth it?

    some people OC to get a year or two more out of their old system, some do it so that they can get more frames per second (eSports types), some people do it so that the transcoded video projects take a bit less time to render, some people do it to get world records... lots of reasons really. but for what you're doing (live streaming), you'll be quite content with the 1700 in stock form.
  5. Is overclocking worth it?

    no you do not need to overclock with what you are wanting to do. The 1700 in stock trim is wholly capable.
  6. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    I don't even like trigger safeties. Range/competetion gun... yeah... cuz RO needs teh feelz. but me? Personally:
  7. CPU Upgrade Adice needed

    if all you're after is [email protected] gaming, you've got a good system by today's standards. Hard to say what requirements will be like in 2 years time, they might jump exponentially, they might not. All we can do is buy the best we can with what we can afford and give homage to the PCMR Gods that they are merciful. However, if you ever decide one day that you want to stream or record your gameplay, you're gonna feel that pain.
  8. Smoking Barrels - LTT's Unnofficial Gun Club!

    i don't see single-stack being an outdated thing, personally. it certainly slims the grip down considerably compared to a double-stack, which is a great for people with linus hands or need concealment. I'm personally not a huge fan of active safeties on CC handguns. i like my CC firearms to be short, small, single-stack, and semi-cocked striker fired. My PF9 is a great example of a lightweight concealable 9mm that is every bit as safe as any glock, M&P, Sig, or SA. just about the only safeties i want in a handgun are drop-mitigation features, such as striker blocks. If you really think about it, the auto-loading handgun really hasn't come very far from the days of the M1911.
  9. correct. a router is literally a WAN port and a LAN port. it only is there to route traffic from the WAN port to the LAN.
  10. 2nd gen ryzen heat issues

    stability at low voltage is one of the improvements to Ryzen+.
  11. 2nd gen ryzen heat issues

    i agree, ryzen+ has been reviewed as a very cool running CPU.
  12. Possible AIO for my PC?

    well if you're looking for dead silence, if you can get one, a BeQuiet Silent Loop 240 would be very VERY quiet. as far as the others go (Corsair, NZXT) they can get VERY loud, but to be honest the also don't need to spin very fast to be effective. you could buy a Corsair unit and see if the fans are too loud for you. If they are, swap them out for Noctua industrials. that's actually what i did with my 280.
  13. They don't so much "get it for free" but rather as a way to accomplish the advertising you are giving them. If you aren't an advertiser (like LMG) and can't deliver advertising that would be beneficial to the company in terms of sales or interest, then you are going to get the silent treatment from said company.