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    I have many hobbies, stacking bodies is my favorite.


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    Ryzen 7 1700X
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    Asus X370-Pro
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    2x8GB Corsair 3466 RGB
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    GTX1080ti FE on H115i AIO via NZXT G12 bracket
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    Phanteks P400S
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    512GB Crucial MX300
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    Seasonic 660
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    something massive @ 4k
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    BQ! PureRock
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    Masterkeys L
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    Logitec G602
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    Logitec 2.1
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    Wisconsin, U.S.A
  1. Will this bottleneck? Pls Help

    depends on what framerate your target is.
  2. would welding a heatsink to an ihs improve its performace

    marginal, and it would be a permanent fixture as you would no longer be able to remove the CPU, unless its PGA (also suspect as the locking arm would likely impinge on the cooler)
  3. Founders Edition vs Aftermarket

    When you're talking about Pascal, aftermarket coolers tend to run cooler which leads to holding better clocks over time than FE blower styles. Pascal GPUs start to downclock around 40*C. the further north they go, the more severely they throttle.
  4. Ryzen 7 1700 not posting

    unless you changed it by selecting a RAM overclock profile that Ryzen doesn't support...
  5. well then select DOCP, it's the AMD equivilant to XMP. You're right it's memory based. however keep in mind that Ryzen doesn't have clock multis for every possible memory configuration, so you will need to choose a memory speed that Ryzen accepts. it might not be what your memory is rated at, but you should already know that based on the QVL from the motherboard manufacturer. if that doesn't unlock the rest of the overclock profile, then you will have no choice but to RMA the board with the manufacturer.
  6. what do you mean it's locked? I see the Ai Overclock Tuner is set to Auto, and custom core ratio is set to auto. That is a problem. are you on the latest BIOS?
  7. Ryzen 7 1700 not posting

    check to make sure you're using a RAM speed that's accepted by the Ryzen Memory controller.
  8. Ethernet cable not working but is working

    right click on the adapter in network and sharing window (from control panel) select properties highlight IPV4 in the list that pops up, click "properties" Click the radio button next to "Obtain IP Address Automatically" Click OK. close the window. enjoy.
  9. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    because only businesses and enterprise clients have a REAL use for VPN, so why not put them in THOSE tiers...? nothing unfair about that practice... nothing to see here... move along... My ISP does. 2-years @ $30/mo with equipment incuded locked contract rate. after 2 years, it's M2M at $40 and the equipment is yours. lots of ISPs have contracts for residential...
  10. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    At the penalty of an FTC review, i'm pretty sure that kept them from doing anything that would be unfair to a consumer because if they DIDN'T disclose it, it'd be a slam dunk for the FTC. Ubiquitous in industry as a whole. Generally called Pork and government waste. In this instance the FTC is the authority and the FCC is the regulatory. and now neither one has any power over ISPs because the FCC voted to remove their own powers to regulate them while at the same time granting them no requirement to disclose anything to the FTC, therefore, the FTC has nothing to charge them with. that's putting is extremely basic and probably requires more explanation than i have time for. bet me. Five years down the road, we'll all be wondering what broadband companies let me watch pewdiepie on youtube.
  11. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    and the FTC could get involved over unfair business practices if they did, because they were REQUIRED TO DISCLOSE IT. No longer is that the case with repeal. They could have done it then and face an FTC review, and they can do it now, WITHOUT review. how is that a good thing? i know you're not saying you like it, but how is it that look past the ethics of it all? NN could have been left in place and ISPs could have upgraded the living hell out of their networks with all the money Congress was throwing at them, but they didn't want NN, so they said "Well, we CAN'T upgrade our networks because we have to spend all this money on NOT DOING ANYTHING." effectively holding the country hostage by choking the network with network upgrade inaction. .GOV: NN is a thing, here's a shit ton of money to upgrade your networks. ISPs: We don't want NN. .GOV: too bad, take the money, build your networks up already. ISPs: No. We don't want NN. But we'll take your money, use it to lobby against NN until you change your mind. .GOV: So why wont you upgrade your networks so that consumers wont be effected? ISPs: because we don't want NN. repeal it and then send us more money. .GOV: If we repeal it, what guarantees do we have that you won't fuck the customers? ISPs: none. TRUST US to do the right thing. FFWD to 2017: .GOV: NN is gone, now do the right thing. ISPs: HA! You're no longer the lord of us, have a nice day! .GOV: ...fuck...
  12. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    and now you get that data at a variably regulated speed not based on network load, but because they don't like pewdiepie (or whatever horseshit reason they come up with, not that you will ever be told because now they don't have to disclose why they throttle). Is that the part you like?
  13. AIO for my new system

    There are more reasons to go AIO than just aesthetics. RAM clearance is a big one.
  14. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    with or without the quotes...? because the goal of NN was WITHOUT quotes.
  15. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    you have to look past the partisan lines. Establishment Republicans have more in common with Democrats on an ideological level than they do with grassroots conservative foundation they stand upon. Over 80% of congress doesn't want anything to do with what happens in the oval office. the days of R vs D are over. they are one and the same. the only thing that stand anything apart in government today is ideology: Conservative vs Liberal.