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  1. Nintendo Switch Homebrew

    Right now the Switch homebrew scene is too new to know what Nintendo will do. I would head over to gbatemp.net and read up on it.
  2. Glad to help, update this thread if it is fixed so others can use it :).
  3. Try holding the Apple Key + R when it is powered on. This will hopefully put it in recovery mode. You should be able to boot into the installer. THIS WILL BE A LONG PROCESS ONCE STARTED, DO NOT PANIC. Okay. Good luck.
  4. Trouble with new modem?

    I would try and get to the firmware without your modem connected. See what firmware you have, and then use your phone or the computer to download the latest. Then connect directly to the router and run the updates. If no updates, do a factory restore.
  5. Original Xbox Won't Start

    If money is no cost then I would try buying another original xbox, soft mod it, connect your hard drive and see if you can transfer over your save data.
  6. Dell Inspiron 7567 vs Dell 7577

    I just mean that we dont have good amounts of them in the wild to gauge how well they will work / thermals / etc. Yes the new processors will have advantages that the old ones dont, but they might also have disadvantages due to those higher clocks, extra cores, etc. I needed a new laptop now, they are not readily available, seemed like the right call. Back to the original posters question: If you need something now and the 7577 is available. I recommend. If you can wait for reviews, then look at the new model.
  7. Dell Inspiron 7567 vs Dell 7577

    My 7577 was delivered days after the G7 news broke. I decided to keep it because 8th gen in laptops is new territory and we dont have any idea how they will work yet.
  8. Dell Inspiron 7567 vs Dell 7577

    Well the thunderbolt 3 adds expand-ability in the future (egpu) but if you are not using it for gaming that wouldn't matter. The finger print reader on my 7577 is super convenient though.
  9. Best Wireless Earbuds for Swimming?

    Also very interested. I would love to be able to just leave my phone on a chair with my towel and swim laps.
  10. E3 Predictions 2018

    That would be super great.
  11. E3 Predictions 2018

    I predict video games and no new consoles.
  12. Original Xbox Won't Start

    try popping the hard drive out and punting it into another system.
  13. Original Xbox Won't Start

    Well then good luck.
  14. VPN Proxy over USB tethering Android

    Some websites wont work through a VPN at all. Also a network admin can block VPN IPs so that you cant do exactly what you want.