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  1. coax to hdmi???

    Buy 50' Active (Redmere) HDMI cable Unscrew wall plate that has coax port in basement Disconnect coax cable from wall plate Bind coax cable to "Source" end of HDMI cable Unscrew wall plate that has coax port in living room Disconnect coax cable from wall plate and pull HDMI cable up to living room Connect "Source" end of HDMI cable to satellite receiver Connect "TV" end of HDMI cable to new TV Investigate options for replacing the wall plates for a tidy appearance
  2. I use a Pinnacle Dazzle brand video capture device that plugs in via USB to backup VHS movies. I haven't used it in a few years now but it's not exactly a one-button experience. You start recording, then play your source, stop recording when the source is over. You then need to clip the start and end of the video and possibly crop the video if the source had black bars or random crap in areas that would normally have been covered by the overscan of tube TVs. After all that you then will likely want to compress the video. The software the Dazzle comes with is supposed to automate most of that but I never found the automation useful.
  3. Ryzen 1600 or 1600x

    If you are not going to overclock then get the 1600X, it's only $20 more on Amazon. 3.6GHz base clock is more than enough for your GPU.
  4. Turn the computer off, pull the power cord, hold the power button for 5 seconds, plug the power cord back in and turn it on. If no luck then try a CMOS clear and full power cycle.
  5. This is normal, when the system powers on the power is delivered to the fan before the system has the chance to read temperature sensors, it's basically safeguarding the CPU from burning up before POST is compete.

    Clear CMOS and power on, let it sit for 2 minutes. You should hear the fans starting and stopping several times and then it will eventually POST. I thought something was wrong with my new build (MSI B350M Mortar Arctic) but I left it alone while it was going through that and it is working perfectly fine. There was no display until it finished all the fan power cycling also.
  7. M.2 or SSD?

    M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD if you're an enthusiast and can afford it, 2.5" SATA SSD for everyone else.
  8. SFX for lower noise. Flex PSU is likely to be 10+ higher decibels under the same load.
  9. Replacing HDD with SSD question

    Unless you are dealing with a computer joined to an Active Directory domain, then cloning with modern cloning software that handles 4K alignment won't be an issue. If you do clone a domain joined computer, you will simply need to remove it from the domain and re-join it to generate a new "domain SID" for it..
  10. Take a SpeedStep back son.
  11. Windows product key

    Try upgrading the Win8 system to Windows 10 first. I just upgraded a Windows 7 system last week for free, Microsoft hasn't cut off the free upgrades yet even though the period expired. Once it is activated with Windows 10, login with a Microsoft Account and associate the license with the account. Then turn that system off and try activating the new system with the same Microsoft Account. There is zero harm in trying to activate it, it may just take several hours to go through the whole process. Just make sure you are activating the same version, i.e. Home > Home, or Pro > Pro.
  12. I stopped buying games at Gamestop due to the Prime discount on Amazon. I've been in Gamestop a few times this year but only to sell stuff. I can't think of any reason I would go there any more to buy something unless they were the last place on Earth with something in stock.
  13. Looking for a micro atx case

    Full ATX support but smaller than many mATX cube cases: https://amazon.com/RIOTORO-Compartment-Support-Dedicated-CR1080/dp/B01D205IXS/ref=pd_ybh_a_22?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=DX66B8A1SM5C26VX4E8Q
  14. Will 750w damage a 1070 over time?

    AMD recommends a minimum of a 650W PSU for the Vega 56: http://products.amd.com/en-us/search/Desktop-Graphics/Radeon™-RX-Series/Radeon™-RX-Vega-Series/Radeon™-RX-Vega-56/92
  15. What mATX should I get ?

    I use the Thermaltake Core V21 myself, you can get it cheaper on Amazon with free shipping. One of the big upsides to the V21 is it can be reconfigured for several different orientations. Depending on where the case will sit, you can orient the motherboard to face you or stick with the default horizontal configuration. The front of the case can also be rotated so the USB ports are on the left, top, or right side. The only downside is I think this case is being discontinued for the X-series.