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  1. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    I don't know how it works... all I know that we did it
  2. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    They can't run Java Edition Minecraft. We may also get into Fortnite at some point. Update: We deployed the system today... and the kids love it!
  3. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Yes. Since we are a non profit, we pay no tax. The systems that we buy are usually about $800, so we save there.
  4. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Thunderbolr cards are next to impossible to buy, not to mention that no motherboard on earth has enough thunderbolt headers.
  5. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Why are we bickering about this? It works and that's all that matters. Keep in mind that I have NO experience with this type of stuff and I was just figuring it out myself.
  6. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    In console mode, the VMs can be booted up and used in their own window. They are VMs.
  7. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    You clearly don't understand how it works. Multipoint services runs in the background like unRAID does. You can boot the system into console or station mode. In console mode, only the Admin can log in and configure multipoint and the server. In station mode, the VMs start and can be logged in to.
  8. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    No, they are VMs. The system is running Windows Server 2016 Multipoint Services and Hyper-V.
  9. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Thanks The point was to make this easily expandable, as well as reducing maintenance. Kids can get clever and try to change passwords, etc. Since the VMs are all hosted under 1 Admin account, I can prevent them from uninstalling stuff, changing driver settings, etc. Not to mention we only have 1 computer to fix/maintain, instead of 4.
  10. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Minecraft, but we also tested Fortnite. These are 6-12 year olds and this is an educational environment.
  11. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    Multipoint detects individual keyboards and mice, so I can chain USB hubs. It also passes through single ports on a GPU.... so each GPU can run 4 VMs.
  12. 4 Gamers 1 CPU Success

    It's story time, folks! I work for a non-profit child care center, where education is focused around computers. We run Minecraft servers, CodeAcademy, etc. The kids learn how to code, write mods, and are even working on a full-feature LEGO stop motion film. The place is called ArtsROC (artsroc.net). Our computers are pretty old and nasty, not to mention that having over 30 computers takes up a LOT of space. We wanted to start replacing systems, while trying to bring the amount of space for towers down. Being an LTT fan, I knew there was only one solution - virtualization. To start, we decided on doing a 4 gamers 1 cpu build. After some Amazon shenanigans, all the parts arrived. We decided on the following parts: Core i7 7820X MSI X299 Pro Gaming Carbon AC Corsair H100i v2 4x8GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z RGB @ 3000MHz 5x Kingston A400 120GB SSDs Corsair RMx 1000W 2x GTX 1050 2x GT 710 Corsair Crystal Series 570X (love this case) The original plan was to basically copy the tutorial from LTT's "2 Gamers 1 CPU" build from a few years ago by using unRAID. The system POSTed fine, and all hardware was detected by unRAID. After following the guide exactly (using Windows 7 Professional ISOs), we could only get 1 VM working. Frustrated, we scrapped unRAID and decided to install Windows 10 Pro and use some janky "multi keyboard/mouse" software instead... but it sucked. Then the weekend came and went. This morning (monday), I was back at work and was determined to get this stupid thing working.... my job was on the line. First, I tried Windows Multipoint Server 2012... a virtualization tool based on Windows Server 2012 designed for this exact type of use. Unfortunately, it refused to create VM templates. Scrapped that idea. I went back to unRAID and tried using Windows 10 ISOs... this time, we couldn't get a single VM working... not to mention that the system kept auto restarting. It was clear that unRAID wasn't the way to go. Finally, I installed Windows Server 2016 and enabled Multipoint Services. @LinusTech himself said "it doesn't look like this will work very well". But I had to try. A couple hours later... IT WORKED. 4 VMs CREATED, INSTALLED NVIDIA DRIVERS, AND WE ARE GOOD TO GO! I was surprised how scalable that Multipoint Services is. It could be relatively easy to expand it. We need to replace all our systems by the summer, so we're thinking of doing a 16 or 20 gamers, 1 tower build... TAKE THAT LINUS. But for now, I am calm, and satisfied. It works, and I am beside myself. I have no experience in server management or IT, so I was kinda winging it this whole time. Bottom line: It works, and I still have my job. Here are some pics for your enjoyment... Hey Linus, if you wanna partner with ArtsROC and help roll out a 20 gamers 1 tower build, hit me up
  13. unRAID VMs not booting + other questions

    MASSIVE UPDATE: We abandoned unRAID and went with Windows Server 2016 Multipoint Services 4 VMs created, NVIDIA drivers installed. IT WORKS @LinusTech @Electronics Wizardy Vid-1.m4v
  14. unRAID VMs not booting + other questions

    Oh and this is for a non-profit child care center and the kids have been asking me for days when they can play Minecraft on it... (here's the place's site: artsroc.net)
  15. unRAID VMs not booting + other questions

    And considering we already bought the hardware and built the system, we kind of need this to work... or I'm so fired