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  1. Just hit my 2,000th post, and i had to ask some guy his specs. Bc he was stuttering in games

    1. Energycore


      I don't think i've ever been able to use any cool post number for anything significant. I wanted to one time, but ended up postponing what is now the PSU Tier List which was gonna be my 10kth post. Ended up around 10300

    2. TopHatProductions115


      I can tell you now - I'll probably never reach that...

  2. Lag spikes when gaming

  3. Why is piracy not being combated in the anime community ?

    C: the money one? Fuck i forgot i hate you colonel mortis
  4. Why is piracy not being combated in the anime community ?

    When the fuck am I gonna reach 2000 posts, Ive posted 3 different posts at 1999......
  5. Why is piracy not being combated in the anime community ?

    I just realized, my school doesnt block crunchyroll.
  6. Why is piracy not being combated in the anime community ?

    Preventing pirating isnt gonna make me realize: oh damn I should just pay for it! Because if I really enjoy it (media) that much then I will buy merch. Hint why i pirate everything first. Pirating products has little to no effect on sales, if it does its usually good, maybe not in animes case but, horrible subs for example, i like being able to easily download all the episodes via bittorrent so I can keep track of it easier. In the end; Piracy is good. (This is my opinion, and on how I take things. I will purchase the product or merchandise if I deem its good enough to spend money on.)

    Yes, although it would probably take a while.
  8. what is your R6 siege rank

    If youre still interested, I might be able to help.
  9. what is your R6 siege rank

    I played siege since beta? What was your username? I was recognizeable until i changed my name like 30 times and cleared my friendslist, esl, ccs, esa, etc. is fun, actually competitive, ranked players and comp players (me) play way differently.
  10. Who's your favorite player?

  11. Any story synopsis any of ya'll got? I feel like writing and im not sure. The only idea I have atm is a girl who has Bulimia or something of that sort that is suicidal that lives in a steampunk era type of fantasy world, along the lines of Patema Inverted, but the 'underground' bits.

    1. TopHatProductions115


      I guess I can count this as a story of sorts - the Tale of a Thousand Stories?

    2. Ashiella
    3. TopHatProductions115



      Sorry if it's too much...


  12. Microcenter Question

    They tell you. They tell you, yes. up to the company, some allow it, some dont.
  13. Fantasy Anime?

    Arslan Senki should fit the time period and setting and all that... I cant think of much off the top of my head though.
  14. I hate Cryptocurrency!

    ....okay? Thanks for sharing, i guess?
  15. Which GPU could I replace my GTX580 SOC with?

    Bought my hybrid 580 for 30$, i can resell for 60-150$