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  1. Shopping around for AMP/DAC for phone

    USB OTG to basically any portable solution on the planet. Audioquest Dragonfly Black/Red if you want something USB stick sized, if you want something bigger something like an Oppo HA2, Fiio E17K or JDS C5D would work. The Schiit Fulla 2 would require an external USB source for power, so I don't recommend that personally.
  2. Burning through IE80 cables

    Pelican is pretty good, 1010 is probably good enough for just the headphones themselves + a few tips. Personally I'd go for a semi-hard unless you really need the waterproof. Campfire's semi-hards look pretty nice.
  3. Burning through IE80 cables

    A sweater pocket isnt terrible though, something else has to be up if OP is burning through the cables so quickly. Jeans pocket on the other hand.
  4. Sennheiser hd 558/559 or 598 or 600

    They should work out of mobo audio, though personally I’d get at least a Fulla 2.
  5. 1MORE Spearhead VR Gaming Headphone

    Given how I think everything 1More makes is absolute dogshit, I'm guessing this will be absolute dogshit as well.
  6. Looking for Water Proof/Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds

    The problem with earbuds is that it's extremely hard to make them water resistant, because lets face it earbuds need a large opening so that it can project sound into you ear without having to be in the ear canal, and it needs a fairly large bass port somewhere in the chassis. TL;DR, I think you'd be hard pressed to find half-decent (or frankly any) earbuds that are water resistant.
  7. Should i invest on DAP or Dac/Amp Combo?

    Nothing wrong with it, just saying that if a DAP would have any trouble it would be with something like an iSine.
  8. Should i invest on DAP or Dac/Amp Combo?

    A DAP will struggle with planars or low-sensitivity headphones like AKG stuff, but the vast majority of the time you won't be using a DAP with those, unless you're crazy and get an iSine. Yes, I am suggesting to get a worthwhile IEM before committing to a DAP. Unfortunately with IEMs, it's alot more muddy in terms of giving suggestions. For catch-all suggestions, personally I would say you can't go wrong with the V-Sonic GR07 or the Audio Technica IM02 (if thats out of stock, LS200 is just fine). This place always preaches, "get better headphones first, worry about source later". IEMs are super special in that unless your source is particularly terrible, you should be fine, especially if it's dynamic driver.
  9. Let's talk about the headphone jack for a minute

    OP is right, the biggest problem IMO is the lack of a proper standard of how to implement audio in the future. Wireless is never going to be the choice of millions and OEMs have to accommodate them. At the very least, Apple has given us a inexpensive, high-quality audio solution that comes free with all their phones. But not all OEMs have done the same, some don't even come with a dongle and require a separate purchase with dodgy audio hardware. It's such a shame because this was really the time to be like "yes, we can improve audio on phones by doing what computer audiophiles have done for a long time, removing the audio pathway from the source", but they haven't shone us any commitment to doing so.
  10. Should i invest on DAP or Dac/Amp Combo?

    Honestly even that budget is iffy for DAPs. IMO if you have only 200-300 to spend on a source, get better portables IEMs/headphones instead, you'd be surprised how many high-mid range IEMs can be perfectly fine running off a phone.
  11. [POLL] How do you consume your audio on the go?

    I use my phone or my AK70 on the go. Currently the ATH-LS200 are my IEM of choice, but I'm getting customs made right now.
  12. Bass is too heavy on the Sennheiser HD 598 Se

    But a double bass clearly plays in the sub bass region, and that seems to be OPs problem, not the midbass warmth.
  13. Bass is too heavy on the Sennheiser HD 598 Se

    Sounds like it tbh, I'd say go for something from AKG or Audio Technica's ADx line at this point. Sounds like you might like bright headphones better.
  14. Bass is too heavy on the Sennheiser HD 598 Se

    May I ask what are you directly comparing the 598 to? Makes alot of difference if we know what gear you're coming from.
  15. Bass is too heavy on the Sennheiser HD 598 Se

    It's the first time I've ever seen someone say a 598 has too much bass. They have quite a lot of bass rolloff past 100hz. What I do understand is the double bass sounding muddy since it has lots of distortion down low. Too loud is just weird to me.