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  1. Samsung UHD Tv Turns on by itself

    ^^^Agree with John. I suggest checking for a firmware update too.
  2. AVR buzz

    My bad. I missed the part that it was *not* coming from the speakers. If it's coming from the unit itself, it's likely from the linear power supply. The transformer may have the wingdings or the core coming loose. Sometimes the core can be re-tightened (if fixed together with screws), or damped. If it's not serviceable, the entire transformer can always be replaced.
  3. College laptop around 450$

    I think that's a pretty good choice. The SSD and RAM capacity would surely help make the most out of the weaker CPU. This one might be snappier: https://amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-LED-Backlit-Bluetooth-MaxxAudio/dp/B075631BY6
  4. Amplifier for playing loud

    Get a professional amp. They provide the most power per buck. You can adjust the bass through the DSP software. Plug your notebook in and you'd get near limitless adjustments. https://amazon.com/Behringer-NU6000DSP-BEHRINGER-iNUKE/dp/B005EHINIK
  5. Are you looking at used? I don't think they're still making Diamond 9.1s (unless you can find NOS units). Here's a potential option: https://richersounds.com/tv-home-cinema/av-receivers/yamaha-rxv381.html https://richersounds.com/hi-fi/standmount-speakers/mordaunt-short-speakers-per-pair.html If you're slowly building a 5.1 set, maybe consider a more recent speaker model (to allow you to complete the set later on). Example: https://richersounds.com/tv-home-cinema/standmount-speakers/q-acoustics-q3010-american-walnut.html
  6. AVR buzz

    Did you disconnect the subwoofer too? If it's happening with no other cables hooked up to the AVR, then better cables will not save you from the issue (since a good cable is not quieter than no cable).
  7. Oled vs Qled 4k vs Full HD........

    There are modern TVs that do accept 120Hz input, normally at a reduced resolution (say 1080p instead of the panel's native 2160p).
  8. Samsung 49MU6103 or 49MU6303 should fit within your budget. Check the OLX agents; they offer good discounts.
  9. Projector or tv

    I suggest trying to experience both (maybe in a showroom) before deciding on what to go for. If your budget is $4k or more and you're willing to do the changes to your room (controlling ambient light, wiring the projector, etc.), I'd prefer the projector. Otherwise, I'd likely favor a large flat panel TV.
  10. Help me find the best tv for $2000

    https://amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-UN75MU6290-75-Inch-Ultra/dp/B073R5BJD2 https://amazon.com/Samsung-Electronics-UN75MU6300-75-Inch-Ultra/dp/B06Y1KTT9D
  11. Help me find the best tv for $2000

    deleted duplicate post
  12. Yeah, much better than a phone's speaker for sure (unless you're after stereo separation).
  13. Best laptop under 500$

    Something like this would do: https://amazon.com/VivoBook-i5-8250U-NanoEdge-Fingerprint-F510UA-AH51/dp/B0762S8PYM If she can tolerate a low screen resolution, here are other options (these come with SSDs): https://amazon.com/Lenovo-Ideapad-15-6-Performance-Laptop/dp/B076B491C7 https://amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-LED-Backlit-Bluetooth-MaxxAudio/dp/B075631BY6 https://amazon.com/Lenovo-Premium-Flagship-Performance-Bluetooth/dp/B0769DQG4X
  14. Good Cheap 4k/HDR Player

    Name Brand below $100 (Atmos Capable): https://ebay.com/itm/LG-4K-Ultra-HD-Blu-Ray-Player-w-3D-Capability-UP870/322845886476
  15. AVR buzz

    Disconnect everything from the AVR aside from the speakers then turn the AVR on. If the buzz is no longer there, chances are it's a ground loop. Are you still using any analogue interconnect?