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  1. Mac OS for work

    Thanks for the elaboration. Given he also stated he'll be just working with it, I didn't get your redundant perspective.
  2. Mac OS for work

    I'm sure anything you say feels very obvious to yourself, but when you bother to give someone else advice, you should have some reasoning behind what you say. I fail to imagine the aspect of Macs that'd waste time and be less effective compared to Windows, but you seem to have some insight since you made such a claim. Surely you wouldn't go around screaming things solely based on your personal brand specific assumptions? I also have no idea what you abbreviated to TS.
  3. Mac OS for work

    Could you elaborate? (Or confirm if you have ever touched a Mac?)
  4. People cant connect to my game server

    Sorry I bothered to reply.
  5. People cant connect to my game server

    Are people able to connect to your Killing Floor server? You should use a port checking site while troubleshooting so you can be sure the issue isn't at your friend's end. If your friend is using Avast, go ahead and tell him to ditch it in any case, it's garbage. What firewall are you using, if it's third party, have you disabled / also configured Windows' firewall? I'd also recommend using the default port which seems to be 25444, it helps to eliminate bugs with the server. I'm also confused why you need six ports for Unturned, do you have six separate instances running? Are you sure your friend is entering a port at all while trying to connect? (If not, the client most likely defaults to 25444.) What does your network setup look like, what's between your PC/server and the wall? Ports need to be forwarded accordingly in each box (if you have for example both a modem and a router, the modem needs to forward the ports to the router's IP, not to the IP your router assigns to your PC/server).

    I agree with @Comic_Sans_MS, 120GB is enough, but not ideal. Windows enjoys eating up space, and with major updates the backup really fills up the drive. With 250GB drive you'll have enough space to put programs etc to another partition, giving you a lot of flexibility and security if you ever need to reinstall Windows. It's really worth it for the small bumb in price.
  7. Mac OS for work

    If your company is paying for it, figure out how the deal works. If you end up owning the machine, you might want to go with a Macbook for the resell value alone. Time to upgrade will inevitably come, and being able to get likely even four digits for your old machine should easily make it worth dealing with adaptors and whatnot.
  8. Are you a Mac user yourself, and are you planning on keeping helping them out in the future? I'd advice against getting a Mac if you can't guide them through something over the phone. Microsoft Office is available on macOS, so that's a non-issue. In general I'd say macOS is far more straightforward and consistent than Windows, but I'm not really fond of the direction Macbooks have taken featurewise. A cheap Mac Mini could do the job if you can find one for justifiable price. If you setup Windows meticulously and tell them how to react to various prompts, I'm sure it wont be completely stuck each time something requiring your attention arises. If they are not savvy enough to take note when an error appears (instead they say "something came up, I clicked something and now the Earth stopped spinning"), for the love of god get them a Mac, or something with included technical support. For longevity I'd consider a protection plan, if they can afford one. They may also include technical support, making your life easier. I wouldn't really be worried about quality as long as you go with anything reputable. If you go the Windows route, my experience says you should take them to a large store and see if they have visual preference, it can be unbelievably important and end up nullifying all your efforts to find the perfect deal/hardware. "I don't want a black one." I'm dead serious.
  9. HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift

    This review sums things up pretty well, and comments have some good stuff too. I'll just leave it here for future reference. Welcome to the Rift club, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
  10. 4k on Xbox One S?

    The technical side of things has been explained, while you're looking at 4K result, it's based on at best 1080p, an unavoidable reality since BF1 isn't even One X Enhanced yet. It's apparently just really well upscaled, and your monitor might be in general vastly better than what you were using before? I'm really glad you're enjoying your game, it sounds like I should give it a try myself, I have been holding out in hopes for a patch.
  11. So instead of making new games they should just have kept adding DLC to GTA IV? Got it.
  12. So this thread exists because you feel like devs aren't currently optimising their games for the average system? I neglected to ask what you're specifically after, are you suggesting games should be made run at 4K ultra, or was the point actually to suggest that this average should be pressed into console concept and sold to the masses? Because like others before me, I'm pretty sure devs already aim their products to this market. I don't find the suggested concept very feasible either, what we have now works fine. I just wanted to clarify that the thread is not about turning PCs to consoles. I'm not much of a GTA fan so I might be wrong, but I'm presuming the GTA V goes further with plentiful resources. Optimisation isn't about forcing the game to be played at some pitiful level, it should be about enabling the game to be played as well as possible with as little as possible, while still having only the sky as a limit for the rest.
  13. Thread's not about distributing the same hardware to everyone and banning everything beyond that, it's about setting a baseline where games would be pushed to do their best. (Aye there's some talk about actually making that hardware too, but such communism is a bit far fetched, the idea of squeezing more out of a game is still the underlying realistic point we could focus on.)
  14. Isn't this just asking devs to optimise their games better? Contrary to the beliefs consoles receive a lot of badly optimised games too, a "standard" only means a point where the game needs to at least open, assuming the standard could even be enforced somehow. It's a neat idea that doesn't apply to the real world. Esport titles are already leading the way, making games that run even on potatoes made of once or twice eaten Play-Doh. This much RAM would defeat the purpose of the standard (optimisation). Rockstar somehow got GTA V running on 256 MB RAM in last gen consoles, that shows how much can be achieved with thorough optimisation. Your suggestion aligns with what could be considered as comfortable setup for us, although in all fairness so does the OPs setup.
  15. 4k on Xbox One S?

    Your 4K monitor is always 4K, the panel doesn't dynamically (magically) change depending on the received video. Instead the video is upscaled (or stretched) either on the monitor itself or already by the source. Quality of the result can vary a lot depending on who's handling the difference, a console that's purposely designed and marketed to upscale to 4K will naturally do a better job than a monitor that's expected to be properly utilised with a PC. Cheap modern TVs are usually the worst offenders. When you set your Xbox to 1440p, your console is rendering the game at most at 1080p, it then applies it's tricks to stretch it to 1440p before sending it off, and finally your monitor does the rest, giving you a picture that fills the screen.