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  1. Fuji and Xerox in "Active talks" about merger

    i thought they were already? Aren't they literally called Fuji Xerox? unless they mean it's just going to be Fuji and all of Xerox's assets will be transferred under the Fuji brand and Xerox will no longer exist. thats a lot of money to change not much
  2. while there are different brightnesses for HDR on phones vs TVs, this is mainly due to the size of the screen and doesn't matter what distance you are from it. light will always be the same brightness regardless if you are 1cm or 10 m from it all that changes is it's diffusion. the more variance between the darkest color a screen can display and the brightest it can be display is what determines the HDR values and standard. You will generally find that a phone will have a lower peak brightness but also a much darker black level, whereas TV's will have a higher peak birghtness (in some cases double a phone) but will also not have true black. It's still HDR but there is no reason for a phone to have a 1000nit screen since it would drain the battery soooo fast
  3. So that Linus vs Apple’s refusal to repair: post your picture/s

    because that's a good way to make Linus look good...people don't understand that when a fanbase does shit like this, it can actually hurt the reputation of the creator, you might think you're helping, but it's not going to make Apple change their mind. the people that will be going into the apple store and will see this are not going to know who Linus is wont care doesn't know the situation won't watch the video wont care
  4. Why does everyone hate Razer?

    generally yes, people do not like Razer here either. they don't believe in their own products, try to cover up flaws instead of fixing them, terrible customer service, way overpriced compared to the competition. i see no reason to get a razer product over anything else
  5. AMD Combat Crates

    just the GTX 1060 Armor OC if they do just swap it onto the other chips without modification for higher heat output, thats a terrible idea.
  6. AMD Combat Crates

    you say that. but mine has never gone over 62c in an ITX case. unless it's only shit on the RX cards
  7. wait, they did it at the funeral home? that's in bad taste. I dont care that they tried to do it, but where and when they did it is fucked up
  8. OneNote Desktop Win32 App gets EOL date

    there's a difference between office 365 and the UWP Office. Office 365 is just the subscription service instead of a once off payment for a single version of the software. Office 365 uses the UWP apps They are still releasing the stand alone "offline" versions of Office (like the upcoming Office 2019) just as they always have. Will still be the exact same apps just a different way of paying for it.
  9. any kind of VR, if that can be classed as "common".
  10. Apple Launches "Give Back" trade-in program

    i would much prefer this over trying to sell stuff myself even if i know I'm not going to get as much as selling it privately
  11. The same damage could have been incurred from a cat pushing it off a desk. should that consumer be told "nah, we're not fixing it, figure it out yourself, we don't have the parts or services in place to fix it"? Regardless of law, or Apple's own policies this is absolutely disgusting customer service and business practices, especially for a NEW product that costs $5,000.
  12. Experiences with non-techies

    or you can act like a normal person and just shut it down normally.
  13. I got scammed while buying a GTX 1060 6GB

    Working in a bank: Yes we do, we do it all the time. Request that they do a "Recall" on the funds, depending on the financial regulators of your country the recall may not be successful if they have already removed the money from the account, but it doesnt hurt to try and likely will not cost you anymore than a phone call or maybe a signature