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    i7 2600
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    Asus h61 me
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    8GB RAMAXEL ( yea u might havent heard it )
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    Ati 5770
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    I cant even call it a case
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    160+160 ( Sata I $ Sata II )
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    Antec EA-500D
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    17" CRT Sync Master 753s ( 9years old )
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    Apogee gt on CPU alpha cool answer III on GPU and a BONG
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    acer ( Atleast 5 years OLD )
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    Gigabyte GM-M6800
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    Realtek builtin
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    Windows 10 x64 PRO

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    DIY DIY DIY everything.
  1. it has been 17 days and mouse is working perfectly fine. As told before i was not using this method for the first time and it really works thats why i shared. Dont forget to share urresults so people had a lil faith then
  2. I m not so sure if the thing i baked was GPU or something alive thats burning for nothing
  3. Its no magic. Its as simple as cleaning spark plug. You are looking at WD-40 as a lube i used it as a contact cleaner Spark plug will get dirty over time no matter how optimum your carb/electronic adjustments are. In the same way the copper in these button will get oxidize no matter what. I have worked on gaming mice from budget ones to enthusiasts one. Apart from broken wires i found this oxidation thing to be pretty common. Initially the copper is coated with some protective layer i guess thats why the first oxidation takes a lot of time after that mice require treatment every six month. But i dont think that a 10min treatment is hard or difficult or un doable for an enthusiast or DIY man. I have been using the very same mouse for 6 freaking years with the very same thing i did in the video i cant give a better proof than that. But i have no doubt that replacing the switch is a better and long lasting treatment. Especially if one has a good gaming mouse and doesnt like the surgeries.
  4. First of all i apologize for such a late update. Was very busy in JOB n bike repairs n family. Shifted my PC to a bigger room. So cleaned most of my stuff and on the way gave this mouse some treatment. Mouse clicks skipping or multiple clicks on a single click is a pretty common problem as the mouse gets old. I was facing this issue for pretty much a month now but didnt have time to treat the problem. What cause this issue? Mice buttons have a very thin copper shim in it, the actual thing that clicks. With passage of time it gets oxidize and this cause weak contact between the two copper parts (switch/button/click) which results in either multiple clicks or no click at all. Its a v v annoying thing but this happens to pretty much every expensive or inexpensive mouse over time. In this video i showed how simple it is to get rid of this issue 99.9% . You can give it a complete clean by opening up that button but i dont recommend it as its much risky as compare to this method.
  5. Dope Dell XPS 630i Case MOD

  6. Dope Dell XPS 630i Case MOD

  7. Dope Dell XPS 630i Case MOD

    Do share the progress and ideas Good luck to u n me
  8. I have never completed a case MOD before for my very own PC. Being a budget gamer whenever i had a lil extra money i was putting it into performance upgrade. Now m pretty done with gaming so now it’s time to finally mod a case for myself. M not a professional Modder i mean i have limited experience and tools. But i love the process. Among all the cases i have ever seen or worked on i found the Dell XPS 710,730, 630 and 630i to be perfect for my taste appearance wise. These are not that expensive and are very very solid beasts. A lil hard to find and shipping costs a lot due to their weight. After years and years of searching in my local city i finally got it shipped from a different city.( Money was the main issue here :P) Present This video is just an overview of what we are starting with. Some minor scratches a few lil broken parts but no dents. Future Part 2 The tear down: Everything apart Part 3 The orientation: Making it right hand drive and non inverted. (I mean corrected the orientation, if i can of motherboard and stuff inside) Part 4 The electronics: Making the RGB work with my mobo or some other way. Maybe a custom fan controller too Part 5 The finalizing: Polishing and color theme. Now the part 2 is the real deal over here. Can’t move forward without it. The inverted MOBO and window on right side is a no go. You HELP required. Any idea how to install Alien FX lite on a non DELL/alien mobo. I have a gigabyte one. Its basically a software to control LEDs on the 630i. That i cant install it gives error that u need a del system Update 2/6/2018 Dell XPS 630i Case MOD P2 : Taking Everything apart Soooooooo many rivets & soooooooo many zip ties. But it was fun. The video is pretty detailed. So you might find it a bit boring but it will surely help in dismantling if u have one Dont forget to like and share your thoughts. Update 18 Feb 2018 Dell XPS 630i Case MOD P3-half Half of the work of part 3 is done. So sharing that on request Part 3 is all about correcting motherboard tray orientation. But its not as simple as it sounds. The next part of part 3 will be uploaded ASAP
  9. S340 elite airflow mod

    I was in the same boat once.
  10. NZXT S340 Elite Front Panel Mod

    No the pins are on the pillars. Though when removing front panel dont pull it from metal part, Pull it from the plastic pillar part once u have removed the middle plastic part. The whole story. I hope moderators wont mind that m sharing it for 1000 time https://youtube.com/watch?v=HZCA49s4yhc
  11. NZXT S340 Elite Front Panel Mod

    Here you go. Heres how i made a lil extra space in the front of my build. I later also made custom filters for this case which can be found in part 3. Sorry for the late reply. Next time quote or tag the person u are asking question from for fast replies.
  12. Suggestion forwarded to PC owner. Wouldn't have been possible without that strange looking Alphacool rad at the back Alphacool NexXxoS ST30
  13. A night with AMD hardware 1800X Vega 56 Asus Crosshair VI Hero #AMD #RYZEN #GIGABYTE #G-skill #Tridentz #NZXT #Corsair #EK #Barrow #ASUS System specs: AMD Ryzen 1800X, Asus Crosshair VI Hero, Gigabyte Vega 56 8 gb, G Skill Trident Z 16 gb 3200 Mhz, NZXT S340 Elite White, EVGA 1000 Watt Supernova, Corsair 140mm ML Pro, Corsair SP 120mm, EKWB Vardar 120mm, EKWB Supremacy CPU Block, Barrow Vega 56 Block,
  14. Carbon Fiber 3M Mod

    Except the main ICs and components u see heatsinks on Mobo. There are many other small ICs and component that get fairly warm and covering those will be a very bad idea. Like the RAM power area is a bit hot, your Ethernet controllers, Audio IC, and there are many other ICs and stuff i dont even know the name of, that get hot and if u cover those area with foam these things will get hot to death. If u want to go with Carbon fiber. I will suggest you to make a cover/mobo shroud from thin acrylic/design it and get it CNCed and then use carbon fiber vinyl on that. This will you will cover the mobo but at least it wont be like putting a blanket over the components.