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  • CPU
    i7 2600
  • Motherboard
    Asus h61 me
  • RAM
    8GB RAMAXEL ( yea u might havent heard it )
  • GPU
    Ati 5770
  • Case
    I cant even call it a case
  • Storage
    160+160 ( Sata I $ Sata II )
  • PSU
    Antec EA-500D
  • Display(s)
    17" CRT Sync Master 753s ( 9years old )
  • Cooling
    Apogee gt on CPU alpha cool answer III on GPU and a BONG
  • Keyboard
    acer ( Atleast 5 years OLD )
  • Mouse
    Gigabyte GM-M6800
  • Sound
    Realtek builtin
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 x64 PRO

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    DIY DIY DIY everything.
  1. NZXT S340 Elite Front Panel Mod

    No the pins are on the pillars. Though when removing front panel dont pull it from metal part, Pull it from the plastic pillar part once u have removed the middle plastic part. The whole story. I hope moderators wont mind that m sharing it for 1000 time https://youtube.com/watch?v=HZCA49s4yhc
  2. NZXT S340 Elite Front Panel Mod

    Here you go. Heres how i made a lil extra space in the front of my build. I later also made custom filters for this case which can be found in part 3. Sorry for the late reply. Next time quote or tag the person u are asking question from for fast replies.
  3. Suggestion forwarded to PC owner. Wouldn't have been possible without that strange looking Alphacool rad at the back Alphacool NexXxoS ST30
  4. A night with AMD hardware 1800X Vega 56 Asus Crosshair VI Hero #AMD #RYZEN #GIGABYTE #G-skill #Tridentz #NZXT #Corsair #EK #Barrow #ASUS System specs: AMD Ryzen 1800X, Asus Crosshair VI Hero, Gigabyte Vega 56 8 gb, G Skill Trident Z 16 gb 3200 Mhz, NZXT S340 Elite White, EVGA 1000 Watt Supernova, Corsair 140mm ML Pro, Corsair SP 120mm, EKWB Vardar 120mm, EKWB Supremacy CPU Block, Barrow Vega 56 Block,
  5. Carbon Fiber 3M Mod

    Except the main ICs and components u see heatsinks on Mobo. There are many other small ICs and component that get fairly warm and covering those will be a very bad idea. Like the RAM power area is a bit hot, your Ethernet controllers, Audio IC, and there are many other ICs and stuff i dont even know the name of, that get hot and if u cover those area with foam these things will get hot to death. If u want to go with Carbon fiber. I will suggest you to make a cover/mobo shroud from thin acrylic/design it and get it CNCed and then use carbon fiber vinyl on that. This will you will cover the mobo but at least it wont be like putting a blanket over the components.
  6. Phanteks evolv atx case mod

    black grey n white. reminds me of my NZXT build. Good luck and keep sharing
  7. Phanteks evolv atx case mod

    WOW just WOW. Ur whole system us just too damn neat nd good looking. man ! Superb. CNCed the cuts ????
  8. Applying vinyl takes a lot of patience. U dont need to take apart the whole case, u just need to remove the stand-offs. But the effort isnt worth it as with the mobo on it, it wont be visible at all if ur mobo covers the whole tray. Even i removed it and heres the rebuild of this build if u are interested
  9. 1960s PC

    To me it looks from some luxurious future <3 loved it
  10. Corsair A70 Mod | Gaming edition | Diy tech --------------------------------------------------- Just awesomized the appearance (I loved the end looksss) It will also help in directing the air through the cooler all the way from start of the fins to the end. Ambient temp: 30 c Max temp while rendering: 62c (hottest core) Cheap thermal paste: Having thermal conductivity of just 1.2 W/m-K --------------------------------------------------- Link to Custom homemade Sanddrum
  11. Mod Masters - Show us your Mod

    Its a Lipton Tea jar That green color is of green fountain pen ink. A good thing about ink it never clogs neverrrrrrrrrr
  12. Mod Masters - Show us your Mod

    I have been into this stuff for ever Got my first very own PC in 2010. Did a lot more but never got good camera to share it with others that much Found another OLD pic
  13. Mod Masters - Show us your Mod

    My last PC mod An h440 mod i did full acrylic window some CF vinyl and PSU shroud MOD Some touched on the Keyboards Fully restored keyboard ( old is gold ) My latest Custom RAD for PC water cooling A black n red theme (That fan controller was made by me too fully) My homemade water block Blacked VARDARS A very old cooler from 2006 brought to LGA 1155
  14. I have one more problem with this RAD that is the joints i used are of iron. So galvanic corrosion will occur in long use and i might have to change the top end once again to a better solution I should have gone with plastic joints in the first place BTW but i didnt find em here. Thanks alot for ur interest buddy