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  1. Pc running slow

    I went to run and typed in services.msc and disabled a program called superfetch and then restarted my pc
  2. Pc running slow

    I think I just fixed it. I am using about 40% rn. I watched this video and it helped a lot. Thanks for offering help though guys!
  3. Pc running slow

    Google chrome, discord, Antimalware service executable, cortana, nividia container. The antimalware service executable thing is always taking up a lot. I tried to look up videos to fix it bit all it did was help with it eating up my cpu and disk usage. I dont have any other antivirus software either so I do not want to disable it even if I could.
  4. Pc running slow

    Yeah I am aware of that and that is how I know how much memory is being taken up. Disk is normally at 0-10 percent at idol, CPU is at 0-20 percent at idol while memory (RAM) is at 80-90 percent while idol. Not sure what is going on and why. Also I have 8gb ddr3 ram.
  5. Hello, My pc has been running very slow recently and have been told many times to get a ssd. The thing is that the problem is not in disk usage it is in memory usage. Do I need more ram or an ssd? Thanks, Dylan
  6. RAM

  7. RAM

    I just always see them in bundles and it seems like it would be cheaper to buy them separate.
  8. RAM

    Hello, I feel like I should know this but can you buy 4 of the same 8 gb ram sticks from the same company and still plug them all in and have them work or do you have to buy them in a bundle?
  9. Nope I dont have any other anti virus software installed.
  10. Hello, The Antimalware Service Executable was taking up a lot of CPU, memory and disk usage so then I went on YouTube for help. I went to time scheduler and disabled all the things in windows defender in the conditions tab like a bunch of people on YouTube said. It fixed my CPU and disk usage but my memory was still taken up. I even tried to disable windows defender and I could not. Please help. Thanks, Dylan
  11. Nvidia Container and corrupted file

    Oh sorry did not see your comment till now. Yes it worked thanks!
  12. Nvidia Container and corrupted file

    ok thanks!
  13. Nvidia Container and corrupted file

    are you sure that is safe?
  14. Hello, I have a old video on my pc taking up 117gb an would like to get rid of it but every time I try to I get an error message. The error message reads "This action can't be completed because this file is open in nvidia container". Is there anything you guys know of that could help be get rid of this? Thanks, Dylan