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    2x4GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz
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    EVGA GTX 980Ti SC
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    Game Max Onyx Tempered Glass
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    1x240GB SSD + 2x500GBHDD
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    Super Flower 750W Fully Modular 80+ GOLD
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    Asus ROG Swift PG279Q
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    SteelSeries Rival 300
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    10 Pro

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  1. neither but if I were to choose I'd go with 7100 + 1060
  2. S8 plus or oneplus5t??

    I might just recommend not to upgrade, at least not to S8. I previously had an S7 and upgraded to S8. Almost same camera, no battery improvement (same battery life), no difference in day to day use, very very very very bad fingerprint sensor placement. So, aside from really nice design there's nothing to upgrade for. Unless you go for 5T just because you can or you want a different experience. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Troubles with Corsair H115i

    Sorry if I look confused. You might be surprised how efficient SpeedFan could be. I was in similar situation and SpeedFan was the only one to help. You just need to configure it properly - youtube - jayz2dollars :))
  4. Troubles with Corsair H115i

    Yeah, the thing is, those adaptors work with case fans connectors. The GPU ones have different connectors. Have you tried SpeedFan software? Might work and manage to slow them a little bit.
  5. Troubles with Corsair H115i

    Sorry, I misread when you said that the sound comes from the GPU and not from the AIO fans, and recommended those thing for AIO fans.
  6. Rate my cable management skills

    Thank you for appreciation. I wouldn't call myself a 10 out of 10 - nor 11 :)). But quite happy and still improving. This one is nice as well, considering the MINI ITX case
  7. Will the MSI 1080 Ti Trio fit in the Meshify C?

    Have a look at this one - Aerocool P7C0 Black Pro Midi Case - fits GPUs up to 389mm and has good airflow if you populate all 3x120mm slots in the front (I attached a google picture and a picture with a build I did with an MSI 980Ti Sea Hawk) LE: Or go for normal variant, not PRO one and add your own fans
  8. As the title says, I would like to know your opinion about my skills with cable management judging by the pictures attached. P.S I am a cable management freak
  9. Fully Evlov'd Shift

    Aaaaand it's time for an upgrade. Not wanted to be honest as i wanted to keep my personal build as cheap as possible but considering I paid only £300 for the Asus GTX 1080 Strix Gaming, why not Will install the graphics card tomorrow when hopefully I'll receive the 2x30cm white LED strips and install them together.
  10. Reheated GPU

    I know that...just making a joke...a bad, unrealistic, unfounded, unscientific one looks like
  11. Reheated GPU

    Furmark looks like a baby now after the guy reheated the graphics card in an "industrial tool" and still working :))))))))))))) Fiurmark cannot heat that graphics card in such a way :)))))
  12. 4k Or 1440p ( Again ) Help! Gsync is a must

    1440p powah :)) sweet spot IMO
  13. Fully Evlov'd Shift

    Thank you for appreciation. I couldn't do it without the hair dryer Now the 980 Ti Hybrid is back in the build I took it from
  14. No worries. I was about to tell him the same thing, but then I checked the main page. Also found weird that is only 120mm wide, so no 140mm fan would fit.