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  1. i followed this to configure it https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/51163.windows-server-2016-nic-teaming-with-cisco-switch.aspx
  2. i just tried changing it to static teaming but still wont go past 1Gbps, its a little bit more consistent
  3. i have win server 2016 running with a dual port gigabit intel nic. First i tried it with nic teaming mode set to switch independent and load balancing mode set to dynamic, i was able to transfer files at at max of 1Gbps, even when i had two separate 1gb clients the server would max out at 1Gbps, even though its theoretical max is 2Gbps. I changed the nic teaming mode to LACP and load balancing mode to address hash, then got LACP set up on my cisco switch. it will start out at about 80 Mbps, then drop down and fluctuate a lot. i kept testing the speeds of transferring files and at one point it would go higher than 15 Mbps. Is there any way i can get close to the theoretical max of 2 Gbps, or at least a consistent 1 Gbps
  4. How to set up this workstation?

    i would run free nas if i were you
  5. the domain controller i have on xen is the main, i have a separate physical one as a backup yes
  6. i have it virtualized in xen server, and then a backup DC, that is physical. on the virtualized and physical i can remote into other machines
  7. they resolve ip addresses, and if i try to remote into my DC with the static ip it fails also
  8. i have allowed inbound and out bound rules for "%windir%\system32\mstsc.exe" with a gpo
  9. i have a gpo to allow remote connections, i can remote into some of my computer, but neither of my domain controllers, and a few desktops
  10. i unlinked my account from one drive so it would stop syncing and taking up local storage, and its still taking up storage. In windows settings - storage, one drive is still taking up the same amount of space
  11. so my ad tied in with freenas isn't working right now and i believe it might be because the time is off between my domain controller and it. Currently all my windows computers and domain controller are all about 2 minutes off. I have a gpo configured so they all use the same NTP server, but i don't know if its working, because freenas is using the same time server and is right, while all the windows computer are still 2 minutes behind. I also have enable windows NTP client GPO enable with this.
  12. Ok so for what ever reason it wouldn't let me put a pro key and upgrade it last time, it's working now
  13. I just run it unactivated, because the only downside is a water mark and a few personalization setting disabled
  14. I don't have one to put in I only have home keys but I need to install a edition other than home on all of my computer's so I can join them to a domain