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    Intel Core i5 2500k
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    ASUS P8P67 Rev 3.1
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws-X 8gb (2x4gb)
  • GPU
    BFG 8800GTX OC
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    Some rubbish case that I haven't replaced yet
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    Generic 500gb mechanical drive (to be upgraded!!)
  • PSU
    Corsair CX600
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    Windows 7 Pro

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    Cornwall, UK
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    PC hardware, peripherals and modding. Web programming (HTML, CSS, PHP, JS, etc). Gadget projects (Raspberry Pi, etc).
  1. Nvidia Titan V Classic Unboxing

    It's totally a card for posers and those with more money than sense. When Linus compares the numbers between the Titan V and XP on Notepad++ (seriously does he not know you can compare documents side-by-side in NPP? Lol) the numbers are apparently negligible, and not much more than the 1080 achieves. Unless you have $3k burning a serious hole in your wallet and love the late 80s gold jewellery aesthetic then save your money! 😋
  2. Thermal compound lifespan?

    Thanks TheBeastPC. It just so happens I was looking a review of thermal compound performance and the Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra came out on top but reading into it a little bit there is concerns over it eating away at CPU heat spreaders. Would you say it was safe enough to delid my i5-2500k and use some of this Coolla stuff, or should I play it really safe and go for what you suggested - a decent cooler and Arctic Silver?
  3. Thermal compound lifespan?

    Hi folks, Does anyone know if there is a "lifespan" of thermal compounds applied to processors in a system? My gaming rig has been in storage for three years after around a year of constant use, and I believe now I'm seeing worse overall performance from the stock Intel cooler than I did when the system was new. I saw a thermal throttle in AIDA64 when running Cinebench at stock speeds! Surely this should happen? Could this be because the thermal compound has dried up or perished in some way, reducing it's efficacy? I plan to replace the stock cooler anyway, so will be applying fresh compound (recommendations please!) anyway but am wondering if this is why i'm seeing such poor thermals currently. Cheers Matt
  4. Teaching an old dog new tricks

    So going for a 10 series card will be okay then, from the point of view of PCI-E compatibility, etc? Certainly the more VRAM the better! I have found, through some benchmarking with Cinebench, that my CPU cooling solution is inadequate. I'm getting overheating and thermal throttling. So I am gonna have to get something better - perhaps an AIO cooler or something - to help with that.
  5. Teaching an old dog new tricks

    Oh hell, so before I go out of my way to get Windows 10 I should consider sticking with Windows 7? I mean I am more than okay with that, I just didnt realise that Sandybridge wasnt supported! I am not looking at replacing the core hardware anytime soon. Mobo and CPU will stay as is. Might consider more RAM, definitely a new GFX and absolutely critically an SSD. On the GFX front, is there any point in picking up a 10 Series GeForce card? Will the age of my system even allow me to run it let alone access all the spangly features? Would I be better off picking up a 980ti or something? Cheers.
  6. Teaching an old dog new tricks

    Thank you for the replies so far, and sorry for not following etiquette. I know it's generally the rule to post specs right away, I just figured the query was general enough to not necessarily need them... So, my system is: Mobo: Asus P8P67 PRO (REV 3.1) CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) G-Skill RipjawsX HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB (SATA-III 7200RPM 16MB Cache) GPU: BFG GeForce 8800GTX OC (768mb) PSU: Corsair TX 650W V2 OS: Windows 7 (Currently)
  7. So I fired up my aging gaming rig today, and much to my delight it still runs after being moved between three houses and being stuck in a dusty cat-haired loft for a couple of years. I'm now looking at tweaks and upgrades to get the most out of it, but kinda need a baseline to know how I'm progressing. What benchmarks and tools do you all suggest I use to take measurements of the system performance after each tweak so that I can see the improvements as I make them? Cheers Matt
  8. Organization Vlog Day 3 - THE FINALE!

    I'm sure i'm not alone in wanting a "redux" episode where all those loose ends Linus pointed out were tied up and we can see "a place for everything and everything in it's place".
  9. Organization Vlog Day 3 - THE FINALE!

    Am I the only one who feels like there should be a Part 4 to the vlog? I kinda hope there is, I really enjoy the videos about the building, studio, workshop and all that jazz. Seeing it all happening behind the scenes is cool