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  1. External HDD won't work with back panel USBs

    Ahhh gotcha, do you have the 3.0 cable plugged into the motherboard to make the slots available?
  2. External HDD won't work with back panel USBs

    Probably no correlation, but are you plugging it into 3.0 slots?
  3. Fans spin up but no post

    The battery looks like this.
  4. Fans spin up but no post

    You have a CMOS battery that keeps the bios information. The memory needs constant voltage or the information is lost. If the battery is dead, you will need to replace it.
  5. I need help

    I believe the upgrade is free if you have windows 8.1 not sure if they changed it or not, but you can head over to their website and just install the media creation tool. It will upgrade windows for you.
  6. GTX 960 temps to high?

    I knew someone with this exact same issue, their computer would constantly crash due to getting in the 90's. This was because of their computers tight spaced design, making air harder to circulate. How I fixed it was, I downloaded (MSIAfterBurner), and set a custom graphics card fan profile, where you can set the percentage of a fan when the temps reach a certain degree. Good luck hope you fix it!
  7. how to set rolling mac address

    That doesn't change your MAC Address.
  8. Help with Partitions!

    Yeahhhh 120 GB is pretty much just a boot up drive / main program drive. I wouldn't put many applications on it.
  9. If they want to promote their product more than others on THEIR website then they should be able too.... Screw these greedy corporations wanting more moniez
  10. RIP Amazon Unlimited Cloud storage ;-;

    Try looking into block chain technology used for storage.
  11. Tips for lasting longer in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

    Thank you! It's my first one, so I really appreciate the feedback.
  12. Tips for lasting longer in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds By PacketAtlas - 4/11/2017 First of all, I would like to make clear that I am by no means a professional. I am sharing what I have done to help me advance in the game. Enjoy the article, please let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions! What is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds? It’s a Battle Royale type game that hit early access March 23. The objective of the game is to explore houses, and buildings to acquire guns, ammo, and equipment. You first spawn on an airplane that fly’s directly across the map. After a few seconds of spawning on the plane it will give you the option to press f, and exit. Once landed on the ground you’ll be able to run around and collect equipment to fight off enemy players. A timer will appear on the screen defining how long you have until a huge wall will spawn surrounding a certain area of the map in a circle, oh yeah, and that circle slowly shrinks every few minutes. Your goal is to stay in that circle, if you’re not in the safe zone your life will slowly deplete. The damage starts to become more intense the longer the game goes by. Meanwhile red zones will spawn randomly around the map dropping bombs from the sky. Kind of hectic huh? No worries, it’s easy to get the hang of with a couple of tricks. Setting up your game before you queue up First of all, make sure you turn Foliage, and Shadows to very low this will make the game so much easier to see by taking out most of the grass, and brighten everything up, also uncheck motion blur, you’re not going to need that. You might also want to turn your brightness up just a little bit, buildings can get quite dark at times. Before you start also make sure you have your key binds set. I like to make sure I have first-aid, med-kit, and bandages set to an easy to reach button. Now you’re ready to join a game! Where you land is one of the most important things that determines the outcome of a match. You want to land somewhere that you can get loot, and won’t get raided by ten players at once. Tip: Stay away from major cities, sure they have a whole bunch of loot, but they also have a whole bunch of people. When you’re in the air make sure to take advantage of the free look feature, by holding alt, and looking around. Make sure you inspect where everyone around you is landing. Finding equipment, and setting up for the game Right when you land, try to find a gun as fast as you can! Even if it’s only a pistol, take the first gun you see. You’re more than likely going to land near someone, so always be prepared. If you spot the player make it your priority to kill them, before they kill you. Either sneak up on them, and wait for them to come out of the building, or sit tight until they push you. Make sure you always close the doors behind you for two reasons, you can hear when someone opens it, and so the enemy believes that no one has entered the house. Make sure you prioritize Don’t pick up loot that you don’t need. Having a whole bunch of 12-gauge ammo, and not even having a shot gun is incredibly unproductive, and should be avoided. Also, you don’t need a million bandages, just pick up around 20-30. Helmets, Backpacks, and Vests have levels (lvl 1 – lvl 3) The higher the level will give you higher armor, and or loot space. It’s always good to make sure you take the higher-level item. Vehicles in Battlegrounds Cars in this game tend to be incredibly loud, and you can’t jump out at full speed like H1Z1, you’ll take a lot of damage. Vehicles aren’t useful late game, they give away your position easily. I would ditch it around 50 players remaining if you can. Weapons, and attachments Make sure you have at least one gun for ranged fights. The map in Battlegrounds can be very open around some areas. Having a gun with a 4x, or even better, an 8x scope will help tremendously. Be aware of your gun’s firing mode, and prioritize between auto, and semi fire. Keep it on automatic at short ranges, and single for picking someone off. Grenades, smoke canisters, and flash bangs can be incredibly useful. I wouldn’t stock up on them, but definitely make sure you have a couple to get you out of sticky situations. Awareness Sure, everyone has heard it a million times, but it really is THAT important. Be aware of your surroundings! When I play, I am constantly checking every location around me for enemies. Be careful when entering houses, always be prepared to empty a mag in someone’s head! Moving with the wall Late game if you aren’t in the dead center of the surrounding circle you’re probably just trying to keep up. Which can be good. If you’re already on the outskirts of the penalty area delaying until near the end of the timer to move can be a viable choice. If you stay on the outskirts you’ll be able to have the advantage of all the people trying to get into the safe zone, so your back should be mostly safe. Just peak behind you every now and again to make sure someone’s not running up on you. Another good reason to delay is because you can play passive and let the other players kill each other first. You’ll also have the advantage of surprise. By playing more passive you’re less likely to give your position away by shooting. Building camping After you find a point of advantage on the map, and get gear, going into a building to hold up until the circle shrinks is a good idea. Try to find a building with windows that has a view of your surroundings. Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this article make sure to leave feedback. If you have any questions you can send me an email at [email protected] or visit my website at http://packetatlas.com. Follow @PacketAtlas
  13. Yeah we totally couldn't use that money elsewhere.
  14. Hummm for some reason everytime I click sign-up it redirects me to the "about" page.