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  1. I Need a gpu

    if you managed to get a working BIOS that can actually detect your Graphics Card on the laptop then the Mini PCIe slot on your laptop is gonna be used for that external graphics adapter, and by that usually the wi-fi card is the thing that occupies the slot so you have to compromise on that
  2. Future use PC

    yeah it is worth then if you aren't planning to game while you haven't got a Graphics Card or the 1070 are you fine with that long of a time to buy a 1070? I expect that you are not playing games in that long of a time
  3. Future use PC

    unless they drop in price! I mean the Volta GPUs will be coming out in those 6-8 months, so 1070 might drop because the demand is shifted to Volta because they are better. Performance, well 1070 is good on 1440p 60fps and high refresh rate 1080p and i am sure that performance is what makes the card appealing (well before mining...)
  4. and maybe improved compatibility on their NVMe RAID! also the XFR 2
  5. Man, i hope both of AMD and Intel aren't gonna do the Z490 and the Z390 thing because if they do that then the stability of the Chipset naming ecosystem wouldn't be as simple as before.


    I mean why tho? just extra PCIe lanes on AMD's Z490 and more USB 3.1 on intel's Z390? Childish chipsets.


    Now i know they might be appealing for enthusiast but why didn't they make it at the first place of this year?

    1. panther420


      I'm getting real sick of this chipset copycat bullshit AMD has been pulling. AMD is like that kid in 1st grade or whatever that would repeat everything you said just to annoy you and "stop" meant nothing to him. Gamers Nexus summed it up pretty nicely in their video:


  6. yea, maybe just storeMI support on the new chipset
  7. i hope it will be backwards compatible with X399 boards, even tho it might compromise some things
  8. Future use PC

    https://pcpartpicker.com/product/6hF48d/asus-prime-x470-pro-atx-am4-motherboard-prime-x470-pro just pick that one as an alternative
  9. Looking good keyboard till 70e for gaming

    this is 10 euros more but it is nice Romer-G keyboard, but no RGB which may give you 3-4 less kills in CS:GO or PUBG for example (just kidding), but does have backlit and programmable F keys
  10. Future use PC

    yea the X470 would have better compatibility because the BIOS is up to date with the Raven Ridge chips, and he gets the bonus of long time support of AM4
  11. Background music has got to go

    most of the time the background music doesn't bother me, and i have never experienced the background music being overpowered. Vocals is just as clear as before the new kitchen set era
  12. Future use PC

    get the i3 config, the i5 config wouldn't give you great performance until you have that GTX 1070
  13. love the pic

  14. need a new gaming keyboard

    https://pcpartpicker.com/product/QXyxFT/corsair-keyboard-ch9101024na Corsair K70 Rapidfire, well it has MX Speed switches so there is that
  15. Corsair h150i or noctua nhd15 or fractal c36

    Pros of AIO -It wouldn't interfere with your first PCIe slot and your RAM Heatsink -You can put more fan than the NH-D15 which it only fits 3 fans Pros of Air Cooler -It only has one point of failure, the fan only -It is currently the cheapest among them