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    MSI H97 PC Mate
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    16 GB hyperX ram
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    MSI GTX 1070 gaming
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    coolermaster k380
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    2X 1TB mechanical drive, 500GB Samsung 850 evo
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    cooler master B600
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    LG 34UM58
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    Pc gaming, retro gaming, building pc's, collecting retro hardware and videogames, drawing, photoediting
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    CPU: I5-4460 Mobo: Msi h97 PC mate GPU: Msi gtx 1070 Ram: Hyperx fury 16GB ddr3 PSU: Cooler master 700W Case: Cooler master k380
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    I work at a local coffee place where I serve coffee.

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  1. Random new drive after windows update

    I can't really do anything in the disk management window.
  2. Hey guys, I've seen at least one other post about this problem but there wasn't really a fix in the comments, sooooo After this recent windows 10 update I got there's a new drive shown in the file explorer. It's a 449 mb drive with only 43.9 mb of free space. I'm really damn sure it's a virtual drive, since I haven't added any drive. Do they even make usb sticks that size nowadays? How do I get rid of this annoying little fella? I get a notification every 2-3 minutes that "the drive is full". It's really annoying.
  3. New drive showing up after update

    I'm having the same issue here, and @Husky's comment didn't really help me Does anyone have a better explanation / fix?
  4. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    I'll take some more pics for you, kinda busy at the moment.
  5. windows live mail - thunderbird

    I'm very confused too. Thanks for your time. really appreciate it.
  6. windows live mail - thunderbird

    There's no Windows mail folder on the SSD, and also no local folders folder on the old install on the HDD.
  7. windows live mail - thunderbird

    that's how I found out in the first place. Only my files aren't .eml but .fol. Really, really weird. Thank god windows live won't be necesarry after this...
  8. Show off your old and retro computer parts

    this is an old phillips computer, msx based. I bought this powerbook for €3 on a yard sale while back Got this powermac G4 from a friend a while back and last but not least, my macintosh SE
  9. windows live mail - thunderbird

    Exactly. I can choose a format, the options are either microsoft exchange or microsoft windows live mail. I think exchange is the right format, but it won't let me choose it. It says there's no program linked to do so. It tells me to install another email proram. make a connection in default program's in the configuration center if any program is connected. Might be in other words, I translated it real quick from dutch :p.
  10. Can I crossfire an rx580 and an rx570

    I dont have a lot of experience with AMD GPU's but I'm pretty sure that you can bundle pretty much any amd gpu together. if you have both laying arround why not try?
  11. jokes aside, here's the thing; I'm trying to export my windows live mail histry to mozilla thunderbird. It seems like I can only export the files as .fol. Thunderbird accepts .eml files, but no .fol files. How can I get this to work? I've been working on this system for a couple of days now and would like to be done finally :D. I hope some of you can help me out! Cheers, Bas
  12. stressed out over boss' mail contacts

    @OfficialLament @NelizMastr @Abdul201588 I figured it out. I removed the SSD, which meant I could boot from the HDD. I used the export tool to export all contacts. thanks you guys!
  13. Boot old hdd / mail contacts lost

    I'll try disconnecting the ssd. I'll keep you updated okay? Thanks for your help so far.
  14. Boot old hdd / mail contacts lost

    I've told him he should start using thunderbird or outlook, but rathers stays at windows live mail. I'll try convincing him once more, but that's something for later. I found this website: https://sevenforums.com/browsers-mail/89411-where-windows-live-mail-address-book-contacts-folder-located.html they say contacts are stored in C:\Users\User name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Contacts\{36 characters folder name} but for me the folder is empty. They also said that you could only access the folder from that windows install, not the new one on the ssd. How can I boot to the hdd? How should the hdd be listed in the bios?
  15. stressed out over boss' mail contacts

    I cannot start windows live mail installed on the old drive. Nothing happens. maybe it's not clear enough. Let me explain it once again: There's two drives (SSD, HDD). He first used the HDD on his old pc. I installed all software again on the SSD without deleting anything from the old HDD. I copied all windows live mail data from the old hdd and put in in the windows live mail folder on the SSD. I can access (as far as I know) all files on the old HDD, but I cannot find the contacts in the given folder. The link you sent says that I should boot to the old HDD, open windows loive mail, export contacts from there to a usb, and then import them in the new windows install on the SSD. Wouldn't booting to the old HDD be necessary?