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  1. 850 watt thermaltake Smart M

    Ok got something. An r9 fury with a -96mv pull about 213 watts so I'll play it safe and say 220 220+220=440 what I'm find for the 5820k vs that 4.3ghz full load pulls around 340 watts. I'll need to get a better power supply if i want to get a second fury
  2. I have an i7 5820k at 1.15v 4ghz. I plan on taking that up to 4.5 if I can but I won't go over 1.3v I also have an r9 fury at 1000mhz -96mv undervolt. I would like to crossfire another r9 fury but I'm not sure if my power supply can Handel it even if I undervolt. Looking up power calculators I'm finding that it just barely meets the requirements but they dont account for undervolting. Does anyone know what these cards pull with these settings as I don't have a mean of testing the power draw yet. This is for gaming and mining on The side. So I'll benefit from the second card even when I'm playing g a game that doesnt support crossfire since I can just have it mine while I game on the main card. 16 gigabytes of ram 3 hard drives 1 nvme ssd Those are the extras in the system Power supply is an 850 watt thermaltake smart m 80+ bronze
  3. R9 fury broken temperature sensor

    I'm not entirely sure. The actual temp is 72c, I think the software is just losing it.
  4. R9 fury broken temperature sensor

    I found this pretty interesting. The raedon settings monitor is showing 72c under current tempeature but the graph is stuck at 1418c.the software is acting weird, but it's not a big issue.
  5. Cpu power connectors

    I'm reading the motherboard manual right now. It says the eight pin required to boot and the extra 4 pin is recommended for higher overclocks
  6. Cpu power connectors

    It's semi modular
  7. Cpu power connectors

    Why would I split it over the two slots instead of just using the eight pin in one slot?
  8. Cpu power connectors

    I don't have the last 4 pin connector. My power supply only has the eight pin
  9. Cpu power connectors

    Thank you, that's really helpfull
  10. I just got an x99 motherboard and I have connectors at the top. My power supply is thernaltake smartpower 750w and only has two connectors. Will it be a problem to only use those two? It's an ASUS X99-E
  11. R9 Fury Repaste, Heatsink question

    That's why I went with arctic MX4. It's the only nonconductive thermal paste I had and I'm not a skilled enough applicator to not make a mess with that die setup. Yes I did put thermal paste on the hbm stacks as well.
  12. R9 Fury Repaste, Heatsink question

    I got a Sapphire R9 fury recently. I've been running tests and undervolted it, it peaks at 75c. I decided to do a repast, I was able to reuse the thermal pads. The paste that was there was practically a powder so I swapped it out with artic MX4. Now the temps are still the same, but fan speeds are lower. The heatsink itself is ALOT hotter than before after a furmark burn in though. Is that good or bad? This is just to the touch, it went from pretty warm, to mild burning sensation.
  13. Dell Insprion 15 7577 Upgrade

    I was able to find as compatible display but it's glossy with the same color quality. Maybe this will change in the future but thanks for the help
  14. Sexiest Graphics Card?

    Visually speaking I like the Corsair 1080ti Sea Hawk,
  15. I have a Dell Inspiron 7577 on its way here, it should be here by Wednesday. Now Seeing as I can't find much about it. I have found that the screen mount and battery are relatively easy to get to. I'm getting the 1920x1080 version mainly because I could get that variant with a 1060 6gb for 830 dollars after tax and shipping and just wasn't willing to pay around four hundred dollars more for the 4k panel. What I'm wondering about is a battery upgrade and/or display upgrade. Still at 1080p for the display but preferably better color. Any help/advice would be appreciated.