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    lord of retardation
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    Ryzen 1700
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    Asus strix B350
  • RAM
    RGB trident Z ram 16gb
  • GPU
    Striz 1070
  • Case
    Corsair 460X RGB
  • Storage
    525 SSD and portable 2tb ( plan on getting 4tb Toshiba tho )
  • PSU
    550 watt gold
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    24 inch 144hz monitor
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    Logitech G810
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    Logitech prodigy wired 403
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    Audio technica and corsair stuffs
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    Windows 10
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    @Eduard_the_Weeb ( don't use often )
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    My dad uses it lol
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    Wut is this
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    THe hell this shit
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    Just no
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    leading the charge in the 17th galactic war.
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    Video games, Gaming/ editing pcs, photography, editing, and anime.
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    My name is Eduard I go to highschool and part of NHS class of 21,
    please don't disregard my opinion just for being a Teen.
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    I slowly turn you brain to mush and I go to school

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  1. New pc failed to start

    hm maybe just bad Mobo or PSU good luck thought
  2. New pc failed to start

    Is your psu on? did you test boot outside case did you put the CPU in and Align the triangle
  3. Speedup HDD

    yeah optane would be your best bet if you have a newer intel system if not then IDK sorry.
  4. Why are houses in the USA made of wood ?

    same thing beachs have it because of price and it is easy to replace.
  5. Speedup HDD

    If you have a newer intel board optane, or maybe making your SSD a boot and not a main
  6. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    yeah but it was created becuase ISP were abusing there power and now they will abuse the it to even greater lengths now.
  7. Porsche Made a LAPTOP?? – Book One Review

    This is a dumb buy imo because your paying 2500 dollars and you aren't even getting a discrete GPU, I can look pass the design flaws of the surface 2 compared to Porsche's laptop because it at least has one.
  8. Cars that you absolutely hate

    they are I am going off looks because I cannot get my learns for about 7 more months
  9. That feel when I probably just fucked myself and am probably not getting a computer.

    1. Ashiella
    2. Eduard the weeb

      Eduard the weeb

      Fucked up a test in a class I needed to get a 86 or above got a 62 and redoing it won't help because I need a 90 in science and my Final cannot bring up my grade up 8 points

    3. Ashiella



  10. Cars that you absolutely hate

    idk why but I hate modern beatles by Volkswagen for some reason.
  11. Steam is using up 505gb of storage on my 1tb hdd

    yeah if you need more storage add a SSD or HDD or a external
  12. Why are houses in the USA made of wood ?

    in the 1950's when america was building more housing they built almost every neighbor hood out of wood and it kinda stuck partly because it looks okay and partially because it cheap.
  13. When will net neutrailty repeal take affect

    Yeah have a feeling Dems will win in next cycle because if a party with full control cannot get there shit together and agree on something they are normally replaced with a shake down by the other party.