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  1. Snapchat stock value plummets

    maybe Kim and Kanye west naming there kid Chicago West
  2. Snapchat stock value plummets

    they try to stay relevant and they have been successful from things like when Kylie gave birth a few weeks ago.
  3. LTT forum "banning" game

    banned for not understanding music is subjective
  4. Snapchat stock value plummets

    probably instagram because it has more features and it does " stories " better then snapchat.
  5. if were being honest here, I just waiting till the nuclear winter to being slaughtering all the kids at my school who disrespected me, because thinking you can violate my personal space, harass me, etc without punishment you will be proven wrong lol.




    But seriously it will be survival of the fittest, and I don't intend to lose.

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    2. Mr.Meerkat


      @PCGuy_5960 Then you find out how severe bullying and workplace harassment is in Japan ;) 

    3. Ashiella
    4. PCGuy_5960


      @Mr.Meerkat Forgot to add a /meme

  6. Snapchat stock value plummets

    does tumblr have ads ?
  7. Snapchat stock value plummets

    I 100% agree, in class people will just use it, and I doubt that a bad update would make them hate it or stop using it, like the 5 kids around me in the past 20 mins atleast 4 of them have used it, and tbh I think if one of the rappers they listen to told them to do something they would most likely do it. Oh I just fucking love my generation.
  8. Would anarchy work in today's world? (small assignment question)

    wall may services governments provide are essential for us like High ways or Public schooling, I think we could survive in anarchy, the truth is for majority of are existent as a species we haven't needed these things and even as we have I think the best example of this happening in the modern day is what happens after a nuclear war ? like lets say we got into a nuclear winter were famine and drought would be aplenty alot if not all the existing governments would fall into anarchy, and wall humanity would for sure survive the winter, how we would survive is debatable.
  9. FCC orders net neutrality repeal

    Personally I just hate the idea of giving a ISP so much power and controlling whether or not serves I pay for EX netflix, spotify, steam, LTT could be blocked just because AT&T wants ________ competitor to beat them sucks, and also its not like AT&T is doing that great either the FIBER we pay for doesn't work, we have network drops, they have been super rude to us, etc it kinda just sucks ass
  10. What GPU can run on 200 watts PSU?

    tbh not much maybe a IGPU or APU or super low not god level cards like a GT 1030 or maybe RX 550 ?
  11. How do you consume floatplane content

    well it just shows the which video was most recently posted on so if I went to a video from 2016 and typed idk something like " Beep Beep Lettuce" wall it wouldn't really be relevant it would show that was the most recent post, It honestly doesn't really bother me its like a waste of like 4-5 seconds at most, and forum loading times are longer then that sometimes so yeah.
  12. FCC orders net neutrality repeal

    yeah most likely congress will win more seats this year because the Party in power always lose seats, and also with younger Americans becoming more liberal if the Democrats can get people out to vote in mid terms which they have been bad at in the past, they will win.
  13. FCC orders net neutrality repeal

    First off that is correct, but when NN was put in place, those type of practices were being to happen, but the point is that majority of Americans are stuck with 1 or 2 ISP so when there ISP decided they wanna fuck you sideways your other option could be doing the same thing or be non-existent . also for some context the guy who created the internet hates the idea of a repeal so keep that in mind.
  14. Snapchat stock value plummets

    the new update it self sucked actual ass supposedly ( been almost 2 years sense I last used it ), it wasn't that one person that said they didn't like it.
  15. Twitter purge backfires...

    I loved when they went to war