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    lord of retardation
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    I ain't getting zucked fam
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    you mean discord 1.0?
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    Wut is this
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    Logitech master race
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    THe hell this shit
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    Just no
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    I forgot
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    why you stalking me this hard if you made it down here ? Just talk to me lol

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    leading the charge in the 17th galactic war.
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    Video games, Gaming/ editing pcs, photography, editing, and anime.
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    my name eduard
    I my personality will disappoint you as much as your a disappointment to your parents :D
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    I slowly turn you brain to mush and I go to school

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About Me

The name is Eduard Karpoev ( please don't right name in your death note ) I am a student how is in Highschool in a suburb of Atlanta Georgia.

 and avid anime fan having even gone to a convention or 2.  


I hope I can answer your questions or just be funny so yeah good day lol...




Also lord of stealing your shitty memes xD