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  1. largest agp video card?

    Thats not a large card... This is a large card 3DFX AGP 6000 (not officially released) Also for fun: the 3DFX 9000 video
  2. Cut cord on an CPU 8 Pin

    Do this with a crimp sleeve, much better then a crimp connector which will crush those tiny wires and may damage them. That small a diameter u usually do not crimp but solder
  3. Dont know the term for it but roughly translated it would be hand tight. As in how far you can tighten them with just your hands without much effort.
  4. Gtx 970? Like 1060?

    While a tad low it could be legit if its 2nd hand. If its new then its too good to be true. Is it local or from china? Performance wise its just a tad below a 1060.
  5. LED lighting for "Shelf"

    Another point is warmth, since they will be on the whole day they will start to heat up and become brittle quickly. This will also dramatically lower the livespan. Best thing we noticed is to put them in an aluminum strip which cools it and has the benefit of having a diffuser.
  6. HDMI 2.0 For 240Hz

    FYI thats a quirk with setting the resolution. As you can see that section is for HDTV's, you'll need to scroll down and select the PC resolutions. Those will have the higher refresh rates.
  7. HDMI 2.0 For 240Hz

    That would be the KG271 the KG271B is a 240Mhz screen. The display has a HDMI 1.4 input so it can only do 120Hz with that, you'll need the DP for 240Hz I do not have an Acer screen. But in the OSD you might have to put in that it uses DP 1.2 could be standard on 1.0
  8. Bridging LANs from ISP Fiber?

    The way you typed it out everyone should be able to see eachother. So i'm thinking the 2 routers have their firewall enabled and are blocking everything Simplest way to test this would be to disable both firewalls. Better yet, set both routers to bridge mode if possible.
  9. Recoding without using passthrough

    What u want is a HDMI splitter (not switch), you get them with 2 or more outputs.
  10. Price performance wise i would say Dahua. The camera's are pretty much plug and play and do not require a powersupply as that is done by the NVR itself. For outside the starlite camera's are amazing! They have push notification and works with p2p client so you do not have to to any forwarding crap.
  11. Am I doing this wrong?

    The 0.5 is more a rating number then actual draw. The adapter will be around 80% effective so if its on full load: 9*1.67 = 15.03W the the input would be ~18.8W
  12. Gta V

    If you installed it via Steam just right click the game in your library. Click "properties", select the tab "Local Files" and the last option there should be to move the install map.
  13. Not quite sure, but i believe it will only show new bad sectors, when they are already tagged they wont shup up again.
  14. Third 144Hz IPS monitor with backlight bleed...

    Tbh those pictures show an exaggerated image as the camera is trying to get in more light making it even look worse. My 2 cheapass monitors (VA i think) do not have that amount of bleeding 1ste picture is how the camera sees it, 2nd is how i see it.