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  1. "I believe in this thing called love" "HOW DARE YOU" Colin's Bear: Battle Arena
  2. where are you going to blend into? a cotton candy basin? o_o
  3. UniFi AP Install Video

    i'm on mobile now, but my best guess is their moving vlog or the server upgrade vlog i think o_o
  4. i would make a reply abusing the crap out of the wysiwyg editor, but alas I'm on mobile ._. (also when i get back i must make a bug report on the editor only exposing half the controls on ios mobile chrome, even on landscape ._.) I'm curious on Amazon Europe's return stats actually o_o
  5. hello sir/madam may I speak to you the good news that is our lord and savior the Impossible Burger?
  6. oh yeah that one I forgot where it was explained, but basically it's having to play tetris in delivery vans ._. if oversizing it means that it'll hold up its neighbours better it's somewhat safer/efficient
  7. yeah but i kinda want to find out if any of them are out there (either still on steam or cast out for low-effort reasons). at the moment it's like finding flowers after a nuclear explosion ._. also potential wishlist, LOL
  8. quick question: what other non-waifu and non-booby VNs are there on steam? and are any of those banned as well? o_o
  9. source: CNet https://cnet.com/google-amp/news/amazon-is-banning-shoppers-who-make-too-many-returns/ (wsj paywalled btw) so yeah. possible argument being "should you own the item after you received it, even when you dislike it". those return fraud comes to mind (e.g. returning a GTX 1070 with a 770 card inside) but this is not what those legitimately complaining is about personally i only returned once, because the forwarder refused to proxy over items with batteries (i expect a red mark over this ._.) other than that i usually suck up my curiosity buys, especially when they're under $20. I think this one wouldn't be fair though. unless a sizeable return volume happened over a week or two also of interest: Amazon's official response: also linked is this old account of the banishment (oh hey i didn't know ban is short for banishment): http://patheos.com/blogs/imortal/2015/05/06/exiled-from-the-everything-store/ which basically (to me) boils down to DON'T RENT WITH THE RETURN SYSTEM extra comment: yeah things like this is why I prefer to walk in, try and buy to be honest ._. at least the shopkeep and I know the item doesn't work firsthand
  10. Projector Based Artificial Sky Lights

    next season on LTT: THE POWA OF TEH SUN IN UR ROOM
  11. i'm not a professor in semiconductors, but would cell refresh be an issue? o_o like eventually having to rewrite something before bit rot happens. I imagine having a fraction of a tenth drive write per day would kill the SSD just by writing everything the second time do correct me if I'm mistaken though ._. I'm getting the feeling I'm not understanding cell referesh enough
  12. do magnet braclets mess with laptops nowadays

    just say yes to stop her from buying one ._. side note: all the biomagneto stuff in my area are sold by one MLM company who does this on the side ._.
  13. unfortunately (allegedly) to fix that Nvidia has to settle an old bill with apple over GPU issues with a certain year of MBPs ._.
  14. YubiKey NEO Finally Usable on iOS Devices

    anyone familiar with iOS/swift here? how hard is it to utilise NFC for something else (e.g. long transfers with another device) also I wonder if they're stored-value NFC fare card apps on iPhone ._.
  15. Apple still on sourpuss relationship with Nvidia for some reason ._.