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  1. What mouse can you recommend?

    Okay I think I will try find one in a shop here in Denmark and try hold one so I can get the feeling about one. Thanks for your help
  2. What mouse can you recommend?

    I also have a colleague there say the same. Can you tell med @Rupe is it hard to know what botton line you are on with a Corsair Scimitar. My teammate says that the Logitech mouse have V shaped bottens on the side. And thats pretty good for what I shall use the mouse for But on corsair mouse there bottens looks like the one line is rough. @Rupe do you have problems with that you can't feel what botton line your are on? - JimmiLarsen
  3. What mouse can you recommend?

    My budget has no matter here I just want a RPG/MOBA mouse. But sorry that mouse you recommend do not have 12 bottens on the side I need the Mouse because my team mate say that he cast spells in MOBA faster then smart cast becasue he use his mouse for skills too. So thats why it shall be a MMO mouse like Razer Naga, Corsair scimitar and Logitech G600
  4. What mouse can you recommend?

    Hello graftonarealivearts Im looking for a new gaming mouse and hoped that you could help me Im looking for a MMO/MOBA mouse Just like Razer Naga but forget recommend a Razer mouse for me I always have a Razer naga 2013 mouse and it sucks because the mouse stops for 1 sec and when I lift it up again we have the same problem again. I have looked for a Cosair Scimitar and being recommended a Logitech G600 Mouse so here is my request What mouse of them can you recommend me or do you know other mouses there are better. Im living in Denmark just saying so also im also looking for one there are easy trasfored - JimmiLarsen